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4th Quarter 2010

President's Review

(Bill Neighbors, President & CEO)

s we head into fourth quarter, the year-end finale is going to be wild. Currently, Tank Connection is adding additional shifts and people to accommodate client expedited schedule requirements. We have been watching our service markets start to "turn the corner" since early in the year, but current trends for TC products and field services will set a new record this quarter. What we continue to see in the industry is that our message resonates with our client base. We are going to build storage tanks the right way utilizing the best designs, best coatings, best construction processes and support our efforts with the best experienced team of industry experts in storage applications. Our clients want the best storage containment products available... and that is what we design and build every day. On an installed basis, the best storage containment systems cost no more than lesser quality storage products. As we look forward to 2011, we have some very good news to report. Since we provide storage products and services across a broad range of dry bulk and liquid products, our business is considered a good barometer in the industry for associated capital equipment. What we continue to see is an unbelievable future project list that is growing at an unprecedented level. Let's just say it's BIG and we know from tracking past similar trends that the market is poised to rebound for capital equipment in a very positive manner. continued on next page...


Inside this issue:

· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · President's Review We Don't Care! Desk of Vince Horton News From Quasar ISO 9001... Is Right Around the Corner We Excel in BIG TANKS! The Best in Storage Containment Applications Connect with Tank Connection! Truck & Rail Loadout Facilities Don't Have to be Complicated! Advanced Coating Formulations Outdate Competitor Products! Expedited Delivery News from Laidig Update from TC Affiliate - ATEC Steel & TARSCO "Get Tanked with Tasman" Want to be Featured in our Newsletter? Sign Off

Highlights to report: · · · · · · · The domestic integrated storage system business has rebounded with sustained vigor. International storage tank shipments remain "off the charts". TC's bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) storage tanks are being specified and recognized as the top bolted storage tank product available worldwide. TC's liquid digester designs are being recognized in the industry as the best design available (more information on this topic enclosed). TC's... Boss Tank shop-welded tank construction is recognized in the industry for advanced engineering, robust design and unmatched quality. TC's field construction jacking process is being requested worldwide. Tank Connection started building our own jacks over 5 years ago and we have never stopped. SIT (system in a can) business remains extremely strong and will be under allocation in the near future.

We Don't Care!

Painted green for the forest or blue for the sky . . . field-weld, bolted or hybrid construction? We don't care which type of tank construction is selected because we design and manufacture all types of steel storage tanks. What we do care about is advising our clients on the best available options and associated pricing for each. We prescribe to a simple notion that our clients should get exactly what they want and then we deliver.

Field Weld Construction

Bolted RTP Construction

Desk of Vince Horton (VP Sales)


CAG recently completed our corporate strategy meetings and we are excited to cap off a "slow start" year with a great finish. All facets of our organization were discussed and it is very clear that we continue to build the requisite infrastructure as we move towards our goal as the #1 storage system choice in the world. Incoming sales levels have been strong for the last two quarters and continue to build steam as we head into 2011. Next year is shaping up to be a very exciting year indeed! Our message to the marketplace is unchanged and our commitment to our clients is always front and center in our day to day business. TCAG remains the talk of the industry and our recent show experiences at WEFTEC, IFAT and others only strengthens our resolve. Customers and industry experts alike acknowledge our commitment to excellence and I truly understand that this does not happen by accident. Thanks to all of our employees, representatives and dealers around the globe for taking our message to the marketplace! Happy Selling!

News From Quasar

quasar energy group is proud to partner with Kurtz Bros., Inc. and the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO) to construct this renewable energy project in Columbus. The system will process biosolids from the City of Columbus, regional food waste and FOG (fats, oils and grease) to generate 1MWh of electricity each hour. quasar's Columbus system will annually generate 8,322 MW of electricity. That's enough electricity to power 725 homes each year. In addition, the system will produce valuable byproducts that will be sold regionally by Kurtz Bros., Inc. "We are pleased to work with Tank Connection on the design, fabrication and installation of our Tanks in Columbus as well as our other projects in Ohio and across the country," said quasar President Mel Kurtz. "Tank Connection's customer service has been outstanding and the product is reliable and consistent." quasar energy group is a Cleveland, Ohio based waste-to-energy company. Our complete mix anaerobic digestion systems process biomass waste to produce clean, renewable energy and valuable byproducts.

ISO 9001 . . . Is Right Around the Corner


(Desk of Matt Hamilton - QC Manager)

I am excited to write this newsletter as we enter the 4th Quarter of 2010. There is a sense of anticipation at Tank Connection. As you might have guessed, we are making great strides in the Quality Department to support our Quality system as we continue to grow. To develop that thought further, here at TC we have embarked on a new journey by targeting the implementation of an ISO 9001-2008 certification as early as the end of the 1st Quarter of 2011. This is coming soon, and it will accelerate the already fast pace of continuous improvement found everywhere in our facilities. Continuous improvement is the heartbeat of today's successful business, and it begins to take on a dynamic all its own as one thing leads to another, which makes work (yes work) exhilarating. An exciting time I am very excited about the direction being taken throughout TC. From the improvements made in our Powder Line in the Parsons bolted tank facility, to the improvements that have been made all over the Oswego shop welded tank facility, to changes daily in the main office, many things have been changing, and changing for the better. Everywhere you look things are changing fast. That means that each of us has an opportunity to be a catalyst that can provide a bright future right here, right now, right where we live. I believe work is about people. It is about families, and it is about a future for many of our friends and neighbors. We all get to make a difference in the lives of many people, while each of us is participating in providing world class containment solutions for people around the world. That is exciting! I realize that I am passionate about my work. It is easy to be passionate about work because I work in a dynamic company, which is full of professional people who cooperate to bring the best solutions to the table. An exciting future By the time this gets printed, TCAG will have completed our annual Strategy Meeting. Right now I am anticipating the time spent listening to the excellent, enlightening, and often brilliant and witty presentations from my peers during the meetings. The presentations will highlight what the various areas of the business have been focused on, and more importantly, they will map out where we are going in the coming year. I get excited about the possibilities in front of us. I am convinced that the dynamic of this talented group of people is capable of doing amazing things. This year, I want to bring my own sense of anticipation. I am looking forward to giving my own presentation to outline some of the accomplishments that we have made in the Quality Department, and the ISO 9001-2008 certification that is coming soon. As you might have already noticed, I think this is about more than work, and it is about more than a business; it is about making a difference in your community, in your generation, in your country and in your world by taking that next step of improvement.

We Excel in Big Tanks! (From the desk of Sharon Banning ­ Dry Bulk Sales Director)

Tank Connection excels in big tanks and big "dry bulk" projects. In coal storage, we have built the largest Tivar lined hopper silos in North America. In lime storage, we have built the largest hopper bottom storage silos on the planet. In many cases our design and build contracts involve extended timelines in the field. It is not unusual for some of these projects through the design and PM stages to run over 1 to 2 years with field construction schedules that extend another 6 to 12 months. With the best construction processes and best safety record in the industry, TC Construction Services and our affiliate Alliance Constructors are the premier tank builders in the industry today. Our compliments to our crews in the field that make us great!

The Best In Storage Containment Applications Connect with Tank Connection!

Application: Anaerobic Digesters Location: Barcelona Spain Product: LIQ Fusion 7000 FBETM

Truck & Rail Loadout Facilities Don't Have To Be Complicated! Select & Specify:

Single Truck or Rail Loadout Dual Truck or Rail Loadout Fluidized Dustless Unloading Passive Discharge Unloading Active Discharge Unloading Mechanical Unloading Available Flow Designs · Mass Flow Designs · Expanded Flow Designs · Funnel Flow Designs Available Tank Construction · Bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) · Hybrid Tank Construction · Field Weld Tank Construction The best truck and rail loadout facilities are simplistic and are designed for long life and low maintenance requirements. At Tank Connection, we specialize in dry bulk integrated storage systems. We are the only tank manufacturer worldwide that provides bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel), field-weld, shop-weld and hybrid storage tank construction. Contact us and we will provide you with the right answers for your bulk storage applications. We are glad to assist our clients with tank selection, layout configurations and auxiliary equipment requirements for a complete integrated storage system that is unmatched in field performance.

Dual Drive-Through Under Construction

Advanced Coating Formulations Outdate Competitor Products!

LIQ Fusion 7000 FBETM (interior coating system) EXT Fusion 5000 FBETM (exterior coating system) EXT Fusion SDPTM (exterior topcoat system)

LIQ Fusion 7000 FBETM is the ultimate fusion coating system ever developed for bolted storage tanks storing liquids. This coating system was developed by Akzo Nobel, the largest powder coat supplier worldwide. It is offered exclusively through Tank Connection, a global leader in bolted storage systems. LIQ Fusion 7000 FBETM performance exceeds all powder coatings, liquid coatings and glass/vitreous enamel coatings offered today in bolted tank construction. Tank Connection's fusion powder coating systems are formulated from thermosetting resins, binder, pigments and additives to meet today's storage requirements of durability, chemical resistance, chip resistance, flexibility, heat resistance and UV protection. Tank Connection's fusion powder coating formulations are created by blending the various components and processing them through an extruder into a continuous mass with a completely uniform composition. This homogenous mass is then cooled and broken down into small chips, which are then ground into a fine powder. Each particle of powder contains within it the necessary components for reforming into the finished coating after fusion application and oven baking. LIQ Fusion 7000 FBETM, EXT Fusion 5000 FBETM and EXT Fusion SDPTM powder coating systems are electrostatic applied from an automated state-of-the-art, fusion powder coating line. (Reference TC flowchart document detailing over 20 step fusion coating process.) Tank Connection maintains the only fusion powder coat line "certified" to apply these coating systems to bolted steel panels for liquid storage applications. The pre-stages of LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE application are critical to provide the best substrate surface and anchor profile. All bolted steel panels are chemically washed and blasted to an SSPC-SP10 near white finish. LIQ fusion powder is fed pneumatically from a reservoir into automated spray guns where a low amperage, high voltage charge is imparted to the particles. The bolted panels to be coated are grounded, so that the charged particles will seek the opposite charged metal surfaces. By utilizing the latest in today's technology, this coating process can produce a uniform, monolithic, fusionbonded surface with superior edge and bolt-hole coverage. (In comparison, this coating system is a stronger system than vitreous enamel/glass in liquid storage applications. It addresses all deficiencies in glass coated bolted panels. Additionally, a bolted storage tank coated with LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE can be recoated in the future, increasing the expected service life by up to 1.5 to 2 times over glass coated tanks. LIQ Fusion 7000 FBETM is today's premier coating technology.) The proprietary fusion powder coating systems offered by Tank Connection are thermoset powders that utilize low-molecular-weight solids that go through a fusion and chemical reaction to form higher-molecular-weight polymers. Once the powder is applied, the bolted steel panels enter an oven where the resins, pigments and other reactive agents crosslink to produce a high molecular weight binder system, resulting with a tough, durable coating system designed for high chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, flexibility, chip resistance, weatherability and UV protection. The BEST Interior Coating System - For water and wastewater storage applications, LIQ Fusion 7000 FBETM is the best internal coating system available worldwide. It is exclusively offered for bolted storage tanks through one company, Tank Connection LLC. The BEST Exterior Coating System ­ EXT Fusion 5000 FBETM + EXT Fusion SDPTM (super durable polyester hybrid powder that demonstrates an excellent mixture of flexibility with impact, chemical and UV resistance). The advanced chemistry of this system has proven to be the best bolted steel tank exterior coating system available worldwide. Tank Connection's thermoset processes are irreversible. Once curing and crosslink takes place, the powder coating cannot be returned to its original form by any means. Testing data by Akzo Nobel clearly shows that LIQ Fusion performance is unmatched in liquid storage applications. Get the Facts & Get Connected with the Industry Leader in Liquid Storage, Tank Connection! Related Definitions: · Electrostatic spray: A deposition method of spraying and charging a coating so that it is deposited on a grounded substrate surface. A spray application process in which the coating and part to be coated are oppositely charged; process provides excellent "wrap" of coating around the part, even on sides opposite the spray guns. Fusion: The melting and flowing of heated polymer particles to form a continuous film. Edge coverage: A coating's ability to flow over, build and adhere to sharp corners, angles and edges. Gel Time: The interval required at a given temperature for a powder to be transformed from a dry solid to a gel. Crosslinking: Quality of thermosetting plastic resins in which polymer chains combine during the curing process. In general, the greater the crosslinking, the tougher and more chemically resistant the coating. Powder coatings: Finely divided particles of organic polymers, pigments and additives alloyed to form a coating. Thermoset resin: A resin designed to undergo an irreversible chemical and physical change during a heat-cure schedule.

· · · · · ·

Expedited Delivery

At Tank Connection, we execute design, fabrication and field installation of integrated storage systems masterfully! When a client needed two large storage tanks for storage of a mineral component they called Tank Connection, the industry leader in dry bulk storage. Tank construction was narrowed to field-weld and bolted RTP construction. RTP (rolled, tapered panel) bolted tank construction by TC is the #1 bulk storage tank design available in the industry today. The schedule was critical and would require two large 38' diameter x 130' height hopper tanks constructed simultaneously in the field. A snapshot of expedited scheduling: 9/22: Site photo of work area, storage tanks to be located in grass area 10/1: TC has anchor bolts and templates on site 10/3: Foundation work commences 10/12: The overhead conveyor and A-frame are removed 10/13: 1st 38' tank foundation poured, dirt work completed for 2nd 38' tank 10/20: Foundation crew finishing while TC tank erection crews arrive on site and begin construction 10/22: Site photo mid-afternoon 10/22: Two crews to work expedited work schedule until completion. Tanks to be completely jacked from grade level. (TC's field construction is the safest and highest quality tank field construction available in the industry today.) AT TANK CONNECTION ... WE DELIVER!





News from Laidig (From the president of Laidig Systems, Inc.)

The team at Laidig is excited about our new relationship with Tank Connection. There is a unique synergy that comes from the integration of two like-minded companies bringing compatible product lines together. The result is a more-efficient, higher-quality package for the customer, providing increased performance and longevity. In the end, it simply means we can offer our customers a better investment. We are particularly excited about the integration of Laidig's innovative cone-bottom reclaimers with TC's tanks. These systems offer easy service of all major components from outside the silo. With increasing restrictions regarding confined-space entry, and growing concerns over health, safety and associated liability, Laidig's cone-bottom design provides cost-effective solutions without compromise to performance. Laidig and TC have teamed together to push the envelope with regard to the engineering of these cone-bottom systems. With increased silo diameters of up to 45 feet, and cone angles now as low as 30°, we can offer customers more-efficient storage than ever before. Laidig's newest and largest cone-bottom reclaimer is the 9300 Series. The system provides the ultimate solution to bridging and hang-up problems, and boasts the highest delivery rate and greatest storage capacity of all Laidig's cone-bottom systems. The 9300 Series is ideal for extreme-duty applications in materials with poor flow characteristics or where safety regulations require full maintenance from outside the silo. This cone bottom silo reclaimer is engineered for 24/7 operation. The rugged sweep auger rotates 360° around the bin, helping to create mass flow, and can be designed to provide delivery that closely approximates first-in-first-out (FIFO) inventory control. The Model 9300 can be customized to handle a wide variety of materials, including grain meals, powders, chemicals, wood chips, saw dust, and re-cycled materials. Fabrication is also available in stainless steel, and can be finish-polished, if required, for special applications such as the handling of food grade materials. In addition to a complete line of cone-bottom reclaim systems, Laidig offers an entire family of heavy-duty flat-bottom reclaimers in both cantilever and trackdriven designs. Laidig reclaimer systems are typically integrated with new TC tanks specifically designed for Laidig reclaimers, however, in many cases they can also be retrofitted into existing silos. Laidig's custom-engineered material-handling systems that are known throughout the industry for their quality and durability. We have pioneered the development of automated storage and reclaim since 1961, and are extremely proud of our heritage which has always been built upon innovation combined with quality, honesty and integrity. As president, my goal is simple. I'm committed to providing the highest-quality storage and reclaim systems and the very-best customer service. I believe without a doubt that our growing relationship with TC helps us meet this goal. Wyn Laidig, President Laidig Systems, Inc. Recent installation of Laidig / TC tank located in Iowa.

Laidig Model 5330 cone-bottom reclaimer in Laidig / TC tank.

Laidig's 9300 Series ­ the newest and largest cone-bottom reclaim system.

Update From TC Affiliate ­ ATEC STEEL & TARSCO (From the Desk of Noel Garrett - President ATEC STEEL)

Capital spending for field weld API 650 tank construction continues to be slow compared to capital spending in the service markets for Tank Connection. Field-welded, dry bulk hopper tank applications remain active, but spending in ATEC's stronghold markets (i.e., refineries, power, etc.) continue at a tortoise pace with pockets of hot projects surfacing. One of the projects we currently have in fabrication is depicted below in a drawing rendition. Located just outside the Panama Canal, the refueling terminal will service future planned Canal expansions. Project shown was awarded to TARSCO and ATEC STEEL. The turnkey scope of supply approximated $48 million U.S. dollars. Field construction is scheduled to commence by January 2011. More information and a special new release will be forthcoming.

Storage Terminals by TARSCO & ATEC Steel ... Ships by Others

"Get Tanked With Tasman"

This is Tasman's motto and they have the koozies to back it up. Tasman Tank is Tank Connection's dealer in Austrailia and New Zealand. Our buds from down under in Australia have been inundated with business. Tanks installed in the outback routinely utilize trough deck designs, web trusses and occasional liners. Check out the Bluetongue and RosehillCamellia project data sheets at the website under TCAG Flyers!

Sign Off

As we move into 2011, we have at least one joint venture that will be unveiled at the appropriate time. Positioning our companies and JV operations to lead the storage industry is strategic. Delivering the highest quality storage containment products and field services available in the industry remains our core mission and goal. Tank Connection Affiliate Group products and services are not common, but rather represent unique product differentiation in storage containment applications. Where as other suppliers of storage tank products make claims that cannot be substantiated, Tank Connection can prove under review that our storage containment products are unmatched in product quality, field performance, low maintenance and cost efficiency. We can also prove that our products lead the industry in every category rating. While competitors "square off" to compare their products to Tank Connection, our product offering stands alone and way ahead.

Premier Aluminum Dome Construction

Compare our beam extrusion, batten bar design, node attachment, aluminum gusset cover and flashing to any dome supplier. What you will find is a superior dome design!

Want To Be Featured In Our Newletter? ( Desk of Kenton Jarman ­ Marketing Director)

Send us your pictures and stories and we will include them in our next newsletter. This newsletter is designed for all TCAG Employees, TCAG Reps, TCAG Dealers, House Accounts, TCAG Clients and Specifying Engineers. It is our intent to keep you informed on the latest happenings at TC. Our people are motivated and our storage products are at the forefront of the industry. We are excited to lead the storage industry and we are excited when you provide us with information that depicts our tanks interfaced with your system. It is our intent to provide exposure for your companies. Our newsletter has a global readership and as you already know our web network is unmatched.

So...send us your information. This newsletter is released quarterly. The next release is scheduled for early January. As always... our best to the BEST!

Tank Connection Affiliate Group PH: 620-423-3010 FAX: 620-423-3999


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