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JLPT N2 Vocab List

This is not a cumulative list. (It doesn't contain the vocab needed by JLPT N3 and below).

Kanji Hiragana

/ (=)


as ever,as usual,the same idea vague,ambiguous to meet,to encounter (undesirable nuance) to fan,to flap pale,pallid baby room,time to spare,emptiness to be amazed,to be shocked accent yawn to the end,to the last,stubbornly dawn to lift,to fry to raise,to fly to do for


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to long for,to yearn after,to admire footprints to taste,to savor,to relish to keep in custody,to receive on deposit,to take charge of to warm up,to get warm to warm,to heat usual,common,ordinary

here and there impudent,shameless,brazen compression,condensation,pressure address,direction to be applicable,to come under (a category),to fulfill to apply,to adapt to act violently,to rage,to struggle,to be riotous fat,tallow,lard to scorch to flood,to overflow,to brim over sliding storm door to pamper,to spoil


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to remain,to be left over,to be in excess,to be too many knitting,web to knit dangerous,critical,grave suspicious,dubious,doubtful rough,rude,wild coarse,rough outline,summary to dispute,to argue,to be at variance,to compete another time,again,over again,anew,formally to change,to alter,to reform,to revise to write,to publish grateful,thankful,welcome,appreciated,evoking gratitude to live,to be one thing or another,this and that,this or that busy,hurried,confused,flurried to become confused easy-going unexpectedly antenna


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to start talking,to speak,to tell,to propose,to suggest,to break the ice to tell,to tell on (someone),to order meaning,significance vividly,lively (uk) abruptly,suddenly,all of a sudden,without warning childcare,nursing,upbringing somewhat (1) flower arrangement after this,from now on,hereafter,thereafter on and after,hereafter,thereafter equal brave,valiant,gallant,courageous necessities of life (food, clothing, etc.) malicious,ill-tempered,unkind one by one,separately once,tentatively,in outline,for the time being greater,more,further,still more first class,top grade,foremost,top-notch be lost,peace,hide,mistake,beautiful,in turn day before yesterday


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year before last simultaneous,all at once once,for a moment,one morning,temporarily fixed,settled,definite

before one knows,unnoticed,unawares moving,transfer,demise water well latitude (nav.) cousin (female) to be proud,to swagger to hate,to dislike more and more,all the more,increasingly,at last,beyond doubt to parch,to fry



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ink interview gravity woman wool waitress garden shrubs,trees,potted plant to starve to float,to rise to surface,to come to mind to float,to express,to look (sad, glad) to float,to become merry,to become loose (hum) to hear,to be told,to know receipt to take (be in) charge of dim,gloomy to dilute,to water down business meeting,previous arrangement,appointment to deny,to negate,to contradict to attack,to avenge carelessly,thoughtlessly,inadvertently


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to project,to reflect,to cast (shadow) to be photographed,to be projected to be reflected,to harmonize with,to come out (photo) noodles (Japanese) yes or no,existence,flag indicator (comp),presence or absence marker to bury,to fill up,to fill (a seat, a vacant position) to show respect,to honour to turn inside out,to turn (something) over backdoor,rear entrance to forecast,to predict resentment to curse,to feel bitter envious,enviable to envy amount sold,proceeds sold-out to be sold out sales loiteringly,aimless wandering canal,waterway


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a great deal,very much sentence in English English-Japanese (e.g. dictionary) let me see,well,er.... liquid,fluid etiquette colors,paints apron great,celebrated,eminent,terrible,awful,famous,remark able,excellent party,banquet horticulture,gardening play (theatrical) circumference trip,hike,picnic extension,elongation,prolongation,lengthening chimney to chase or run after someone,to run down,to pursue to pass (e.g. car),to outdistance,to outstrip oil,engine oil,kerosene aid,assistance,help,reinforcement


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princess to answer,to respond,to meet,to satisfy,to accept reception receiving,dealing with (col) round trip,coming and going,return ticket Europe and America,the West application,put to practical use orchestra rough (not precise),broad,sketchy main street automation

about,roughly,as a rule,approximately return,welcome

Thanks to god,thanks to you side dish,accompaniment for rice dishes to worship,to beg,to make a supplication second helping,another cup to compensate for


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to neglect,to be off guard,to be feeling better to stop,to restrain,to seize,to repress,to suppress,to press down before,ahead,previously to obtain,to reap,to pay,to supply,to accept (1) to govern,to manage,(2) to subdue regrettable,disappointing,precious bow middle-aged gentleman,uncle middle-aged gentleman,uncle middle-aged gentleman,uncle smartly dressed,someone smartly dressed,fashionconscious Excuse me for disturbing you to be taught Take care of yourself outdoors (hon) wife,your wife,madam part of word written in kana


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to calm down,to settle down font of purifying water placed at entrance of shrine

maid to threaten,to coerce lost property day before yesterday year before last obedient,docile,quiet to surprise,to frighten,to create a stir please each,every,either,respectively,severally (hon) aunt (1) aunt,(2) middle-aged lady (abbr) Good morning worship,shrine visit Sorry to have kept you waiting Please wait a moment Sorry to have kept you waiting


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happy event,matter for congratulation,auspicious event,pregnancy unexpected,casual to be under impression that,to be convinced that

to think of,to hit upon heavy,massive,serious (1) holiday,absence,rest,(2) (exp) Good night (1) between meal snack,afternoon refreshment thumb organ to sell wholesale,grated (vegetables) grace,favor,blessing,benefit greenhouse spa,hot spring,onsen temperate zone and Company,Messrs. woman mosquito (1) curve,(2) curve ball (baseball)


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shell,shellfish opening of a meeting meeting hall,assembly hall examination of tickets breakup,dissolution sea bathing,seawater bath number of times,frequency book of tickets revision,amendment,alteration good weather explanation,commentary (1) remodeling,(2) modding (comp) opening,open rotation,revolution,turning answer,solution reply,answer the outside,external release,liberation,emancipation open,throw open,liberalization ocean


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intro,outline,general remarks to send back on the contrary,rather,all the more,instead to exchange,to interchange,to substitute,to replace to warp,to be warped,to curve house,building to concern oneself in,to have to do with,to affect,to influence,to stick to (opinions) writing down,putting on record,recording,making a note of,registration (of mail) dictation hedge to scratch,to perspire to sniff,to smell aerial,overhead,fiction,fanciful individual,each expansion science,learning,scholarship every place,various places expansion,extension,enlargement,escape (ESC) angle


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year in school,grade in school department of a university,undergraduate exceptional probability scholarship,knowledge,literary ability multiplication approval,adoption (e.g. motion, bill),passage a burner,origin of a fire downward,descent,fall,drop,subsidence to be piled up,lie on top of one another,overlap each other to pile up,to put something on another,to heap up,to add,to repeat decoration volcano certainly! lending,loaning error,blunder,accident fruit,nut,berry. room to let house for rent


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passage,place,point,part excess,overto chew,to bite (at),to gnaw,to nibble taxation underline,underscore cassette (tape) acceleration acceleration stubborn,firm (not viscous or easily moved) hard (esp. wood),steadfast,honorable,stuffy writing katakana to put in order,to dispose of,to solve lump,mass,clod,cluster to harden,to solidify,to become firm,to become certain one-way (trip) to incline toward,to slant,to lurch to be one-sided,to incline,to be partial study subject,course of study scientific society,academic meeting musical instrument


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grade in school to shoulder,to carry on shoulder parenthesis,brackets printing type activity vitality,energy assumption,supposition,hypothesis process course,curriculum (n) alias,pseudonym,pen name kana orthography,syllabary spelling bell,chime heating to hold (position),to serve,to be unable cover (ex. book) majority to cover (with something) iron pot,kettle wastepaper god


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razor chewing gum cargo,freight itchy,itching song,ballad shell,husk,hull,chaff collar,color,colour to ridicule,to tease,to banter with,to make fun of empty,vacant,hollow (n) playing cards (pt: carta) to wither,to die (plant),to be blasted (plant) calorie to love,to be affectionate to dry (clothes, etc.),to desiccate to be thirsty money order,exchange roof tile (v5r,vi) to take the place of,to relieve,to be substituted for space,interval,SPC ventilation


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deep emotion,impression,inspiration

appreciation to feel,to sense indirection,indirectness dry,arid,insipid,dehydrated impressions,thoughts observation frigid zone government office,authorities misunderstanding,wrong guess packing (in cans),canning,canned goods,tin can dry cell,battery eastern half of Japan, including Tokyo (1) idea,notion,conception,(2) sense (e.g. of duty) toast (drink) sign,signboard,doorplate,poster nursing (a patient) crown,diadem,first,best Chinese Character-Japanese (e.g. dictionary)


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atmospheric pressure instrument changing clothes,change of clothes locomotive,engine famine utensil term,period symbol,code to mince,to carve,to engrave ceremony,rite,ritual,service standard,basis,criteria,norm standard,basis,criteria,norm rising,getting out of bed to put on clothes foundation,basis vapour,gas base chance,start,cue,excuse tightly,fully foundation,basis


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guest seating parlor,guest room gang campus closed (e.g. store),business suspended,shutdown,holiday lecture cancelled rest,relief,relaxation allowance,grant,supply rest,break,recreation clear,pure,noble strengthen,intensify,reinforce,solidify boundary event,function shame,very kind of you,sorry to trouble culture,education,refinement,cultivation (1) line,procession,(2) matrix (math) fishing (industry) curve order,rules,law (v5r) to behead,to murder


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to be careful,to pay attention,to take care goldfish limits,boundary,domain,zone,sphere,territory even number daydream,fantasy,fancy,vision sky,air cooler,air conditioner nail to punctuate,to cut off,to mark off,to stop,to put an end to comb sneeze complaint,troubles,objection pain,trouble waste,scrap to destroy,to pull down,to make change (money) ring finger to collapse,to crumble to break,to smash to break,to be broken to get tired,to wear out


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good-for-nothing,stupid,trivial,worthless to get down,to descend lips lipstick to adhere to,to keep close to to attach verbose,importunate,heavy (taste) punctuation marks to distribute,to deliver labourer,worker division,section,classification combination to assemble,to set up,to construct (1) to draw (water),to dip,to scoop,to pump to serve sake regrettable,mortifying,vexing to mourn cleaning,dry cleaning,laundry service to be engulfed in,to be enveloped by,to wrap up repeatedly,sincerely,earnestly


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country,district practice,training,study honorific,term of respect fluorescent lamp,person who is slow to react form,formality,format,math expression continuation knitting wool longitude system,family line,geological formation public entertainment,accomplishments,attainments horse racing defense,guard,policing,security true adjective adjectival noun,quasi-adjective surgical department fur,skin,pelt sudden increase alighting,getting off month (last third of)


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drainage,sewage,ditch,gutter,sewerage to cut down little by little,to take a percentage column,beam,digit geta (Japanese footwear),wooden clogs blood pressure blood monthly salary masterpiece,best work,boner,blunder end of the month indication,market trend,worry vulgarity,meanness,indecency,coarseness smoky to kick but,however

inaccessible place,sharp eyes inspection,study by observation,field trip modesty,humility manuscript,copy place of origin,habitat origin,primeval


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training strict,rigour,severe,firm humble,humility,modesty prefectural office limit,bounds actually,really microscope principle,theory,fundamental truth raw materials Go (board game of capturing territory) (1) dear,beloved,darling,(2) yearned for to ask,to request factory worker overbearing,coercive,pushy,forcible,high-handed public nuisance,pollution high class,high grade public,community,public service,society,communal industrial arts filial piety cross


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lecturer construction work formula,formality,official excuse thus school building the public perfume justice,fairness,impartiality achievements,merit,meritorious service,meritorious deed beam,light ray upper structure,construction alternation,change,relief,relay,shift arable land transportation facilities campus positive,affirmation altitude,height,advanced high class,high grade


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combination,incorporation,union,amalgamation junior (at work or school) official announcement,proclamation mineral official business,public business item (1) (Japanese) maple rational alternating current,intercourse,(cultural) exchange,intermingling confluence,union,linking up,merge effect,efficacy,validity,potency to exceed,to cross over,to cross course chorus to burn,to scorch,to singe,to char king nationality national Thank you very much for your.... to burn,to be burned


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to freeze,to be chilled,to be frozen having some knowledge of,happening to know to be informed,to have thorough knowledge seat,bench to sit (down) the Japanese syllabary pepper to make,to manufacture to cross,to pass,to tide over to rub,to chafe,to file,to frost (glass),to strike (match)

an individual feast,treating (someone) feast it is I who should say so personal expenses,pocket money,spending money,incidental expenses,allowance (1) cook (nl:),(2) tap,spigot,faucet,cock stealthily,secretly old book,classics,classic Koto (Japanese harp)


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to send word,to send a message speech,expression,wording the other day,lately,recently not writing or contacting for a while to spill to overflow,to spill trash,rubbish gum,rubber,eraser your pardon,declining (something),dismissal,permission May I come in? little finger to bear,to stand,to endure,to put up with pleasure,amusement (hon) look,inspection,try (1) collection,(2) correction to roll to roll,to tumble navy blue,deep blue contest (fr: concours) concrete


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mixing,mixture (1) consent,(2) concentric menu,program,schedule good evening circle,sports club (i.e. at a company) (enrolled) in school again and again,repeatedly national holiday,festival day request,demand,claim,urge (action),press for marking,grading,looking over calamity,misfortune sewing lumber,timber siren reverse,inversion,upside down inversion,upside down to search,to seek,to look for to go back,to go upstream,to make retroactive bar,bar-room two days before yesterday


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some time ago to tear,to split index,indices author,authoress elimination,cancellation,deletion,erasure frame,draw up,make,producing manufacture to search,to look for,to sound out to whisper,to murmur to stick,to be stuck spoon tatami room hindrance,impediment deduction,subtraction,balance,ebb and flow,rise and fall sliced raw fish to pierce,to stab,to prick,to thrust to insert,to put in,to graft,to wear in belt to pour (drink),to serve (drinks) to shine,to strike clever,adept,good,expectations,as one would expect


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photographing noise (jarring, grating) quickly at once,immediately,without delay,promptly rust (colour) to rust,to become rusty cushion (Japanese) to cool,to dampen,to let cool to disturb,to prevent to become cool,to wear off,to abate,to subside good-bye month after next week after next year after next salary man,company employee noisy fresh,refreshing,invigorating triangle,triangular arithmetic acidity


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producing area sample mountain forest,mountains and forest to be finished two days after tomorrow season (sporting) sheet temple silent (as the grave),(deathly) quiet self-defense salty (taste) chairmanship square square timetable,schedule four seasons site urgent,pressing to spread out,to lay out to grow thick,to luxuriate,to be luxurious


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bringing,taking,carrying magnet rounding up (fractions) continuously,from beginning to end self-study to quieten down,to calm down,to subside attitude,posture natural science speed (per hour) descendants,posterity,offspring corpse rough copy,draft Shitamachi,lower parts of town self-government,autonomy feelings (actual, true) moisture,humidity,dampness moisture,humidity,dampness insistent,obstinate practice,training achievements,actual results


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level of humidity writing real thing,original tail (animal) practical use,utility merit,efficiency,arms,force example,illustration disappointed love,broken heart,unrequited love,be lovelorn designation,specification,assignment,pointing at private railway children,juvenile to tie,to bind (the) ground to become numb,to go to sleep (i.e., a limb) paper money,notes,bills to wither,to fade (away),to shrivel,to wilt to press,to wring,to squeeze stripe plain,simple keenly,deeply,heartily


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full name,identity closing,cut-off,end,deadline,Closed,No Entrance to shut up to be wet,to become wet,to be damp journalist social science to squat faucet,tap weak point,weakness garage,car shed (train) conductor sketching,drawing from nature editorial,leading article hiccough,hiccup shutter to suck,to chew (car) wheel joke,pun,witticism (n) rock-scissors-paper game meeting,assembly


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dwelling,house,residence,address money collection gathering,assembly,meeting,set (math) penmanship repair,mending seriously ill,serious condition,critical state carpet terminus,last stop (e.g train) important point,lay stress on,colon,emphasis inauguration,assumption of office circumference,outskirts,environs,(computer) peripheral director,high executive end,close,termination (1) weight,(2) heavyweight boxer gravity idiom,idiomatic phrase,kanji compound national holiday reduction,curtailment taking an examination (gram) subject


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going to work,at work predicate official tour,business trip life span leading part,leading actor (actress) (telephone) receiver circulation,rotation,cycle police,policeman in order,in turn order,sequence,procedure pure heart,naivete,self-sacrificing devotion pure,true,genuine,unmixed digestion grade school student

Japanese chess steam,vapour (measuring) ruler advanced level,high grade,senior commerce,trade,business


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passive prize,monetary award high and low,up and down,unloading and loading,praising and blaming paper sliding door trading company,firm taking a train,entraining first 10 days of month to cause,to arise,to be generated fraction (part of),decimal shop,business firm focus,point disinfection,sterilization victory or defeat,issue (of battle) evaporation,unexplained disappearance prize,trophy victory or defeat,match,contest,game,bout (col) urine,piss fire station net (weight)


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the front,honesty exhaustion,consumption soy sauce omission,abbreviation,abridgment elementary level assistant professor table salt worker,mechanic,artisan,craftsman first 10 days of the month book,publication tableware a shop bookshop calligraphy white or grey hair,trendy hair bleaching acquaintance series private (establishment) materials,data juice,sap,soup,broth


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amateur,novice core,heart,wick,marrow bullet train (very high speed),shinkansen vacuum,hollow,empty to believe,to believe in,to place trust in mind and body application,request,petition man-made,synthetic,artificial bed,couch diagnosis penetration,invasion,raid,aggression,trespass social sciences,humanities (human) life late at night forest,woods relation,kin course,direction,compass bearing myth,legend vinegar marine products,fisheries


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cooking,culinary arts water vapour,steam hydrogen vertical,perpendicular presumption,assumption,estimation drop of water canteen,flask,water bottle essays,miscellaneous writings moisture water level,horizon horizon Wednesday impudent,shameless

youngest child scarf picture book Japanese cedar likes and dislikes,taste matter of taste


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to be(come) transparent crevice,crack,gap,opening school at least figure schedule bell to cool oneself,to cool off,to enjoy evening cool start stewardess shapely,clear,neat sour,acid (1) stage,(2) performance

stockings stop obedient,meek,docile,unaffected head,brains,intellect speaker chart,diagram,graph


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smart,stylish,slim dwelling,house,residence,address sorry (phrase) ink to clear (e.g. weather),to become transparent

sumo wrestling slide to put off,to delay

pickpocket to print sly,cunning to pass by one another,to disagree

measurement,size,dimension surname,family name customs house manufacture,production work (film, book)


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nature,property,disposition clean copy youth,young person integer cleaning existence,being,survival growth,increment (member of) political party birth date ability,efficiency adjustment,completion,consolidation ingredient,component,composition distinction by sex,sex,gender square main gate,main entrance coming into existence,arrangements,establishment,completion Christian Era,anno domini (A.D.) to be burdened with,to carry on back or shoulder equator with trouble,at great pains,long-awaited


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getting closer,drawing nearer,approaching soap to come in contact with,to connect,to attend,to receive

(1) connection,union,join,link,(2) changing trains earthenware,crockery,china by all means (with sense of not taking no for an answer) to draw near,to press (n) seminar offense,method of attack to attack,to assault cement stopper,cork,stopcock around,throughout,front and back,before and behind,before and after detergent,washing material complete works the whole body,full-length (portrait) folding fan despotism,autocracy


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month before last

ancestor pointed end,tip,fine point centimeter,centi-,10^-2 propaganda,publicity head,lead,vanguard,first (the) whole,universal,wholly,general electric fan line,track,roadbed difference,discrepancy,variation which reminds me .. house-cloth,dust cloth increase and decrease,fluctuation storehouse,warehouse,godown mutual,reciprocal production,literary creation,work funeral and,like that shipbuilding


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noisy,boisterous enlargement

farewell,send-off zoori (Japanese footwear),sandals Prime Minister postage,carriage to belong to,to come under,to be affiliated with,to be subject to successively,one after another express,special delivery measurement measurement,surveying speed character,qualities,genius ancestor careless,thoughtless frankness,candour,openheartedness to be furnished with in addition,furthermore


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hence,for that reason otherwise soba (buckwheat noodles) to shave

to stray (turn) from subject,to get lost,to go astray to become complete,to be equal,to be all present,to gather to put things in order,to arrange,to make uniform,to get something ready abacus (hum) to know

loss and gain,advantage and disadvantage paddy field,farm first,foremost,# 1 leaving hospital graduate school carpenter system,organization drum,tambourine


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counter-plan,counter-measure (not so) much,(not) very contrast,antithesis,comparison size order,system,structure,set-up,organization capacity,volume very much,exaggerated,very fine gymnastics,physical exercises,calisthenics considerably,greatly,a lot large tree title pronoun tire,tyre diagram diamond dial confrontation,opposition,antagonism rice planting constantly ellipse


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to raise,to lift,to boost to till,to plow,to cultivate waterfall to boil,to cook to burn,to kindle,to build a fire to store,to lay in stock bamboo,middle (of a three-tier ranking system) to be saved,to be rescued,to survive,to be helpful free of charge,mere,sole,only,usual,common but,however,provided that to fold (clothes) to stop,to halt,to stand still at once,in a moment,suddenly,all at once to erect,to be erected,to be built to depart (on a plane, train, etc.) derailment,digression valid,proper,right,appropriate to compare,to liken,to speak figuratively,to illustrate,to use a simile reliable,trustworthy,hopeful,promising tabi,Japanese socks (with split toe)


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double to trick,to cheat,to deceive to collect,to gather,to save dumb a sigh to hesitate to amass,to accumulate slovenly,loose,a slut to be sufficient,to be enough gradation,grade,stage short term coal mine,coal pit (1) defect,demerit,weak point,(2) disadvantage chest of drawers fresh water water outage singular (number) multi-unit apartments conclusion,decision short (e.g. story, film)


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to swear,to vow,to take an oath,to pledge underground water nearness,before long to bring near,to put close,to let come near,to associate with to approach,to draw near reassuring,emboldened to cut up fine,to pick (fruit) geological features friend,acquaintance area,zone to shrink,to be contracted to shorten,to reduce,to boil down,to shrink to be wavy,to be curled (1) gratuity,tip,(2) chip site,point on a map place name

steadily rice bowl,tea cup,teacup middle,midway,interim


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second third of a month abstract Middle Ages,mediaeval times neuter gender,neutral (chem.),indifference,sterility in the middle,half-way middle-aged excess,being more than carving,engraving,sculpture (1) strong point,merit,(2) advantage eldest daughter regulation,adjustment,tuning regulation,adjustment,control length,long and short,+top,summit eldest son rectangle,oblong condiment,seasoning chock,chalk immediately following straight line


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just before direct communication direct current storage,preservation right angle diameter to scatter around,to leave untidy to be in disorder,to lie scattered around to scatter,to disperse,to distribute tissue paper,toilet paper to fall,to scatter (e.g. blossoms) addition,supplement,appendix opportunity,occasion currency commuting to work

notice,notification passbook interpretation popular use,circulation


JLPT Resources ­


passage,pathway to associate with,to keep company with,to get on with end (e.g. of street) to run into,to collide with time,years,days to catch fire,(electricity) comes on (1) to thrust,to strike,(2) to poke to rank next to,to come after to make,to create (1) to attach,to join,to add,to append to turn on,to switch on,to light up to dip in,to soak to be handed down,to be introduced,to be transmitted to plunge into,to go into deeply (1) to serve,to fill a post,to serve under,to work (for) (1) to serve,to fill a post,to serve under,to work (for) rope connection,link,relationship to be tied together,to be connected to,to be related to to connect


JLPT Resources ­

grain to smash,to waste to be smashed,to go bankrupt to stumble,to trip to be blocked,to be packed to pile up,to stack fingernail or toenail,claw,talon,hoof gloss,glaze firm,strong to balance,to be in harmony,to suit to hang to hang an encounter restroom,lavatory,hand-washing fixed number of regular personnel,capacity (of boat, etc.) established price fall,decline,lowering,deterioration commuter pass,season ticket regular holiday suspension,interruption,stoppage,ban


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stopping (e.g. train) failure of electricity in and out,coming and going,free association,income and expenditure,debits and credit exit and entrance repairs,maintenance (n) theme,project,topic (de: Thema) to depart,to set out,to start,to be going out be finished,ready,made for,cut out (1) to be finished,to be ready,by definition,(2) to be very drunk precise,accurate precise,accurate wrist unevenness,roughness,ruggedness moderate,handy (1) irresponsible utterance,nonsense,nonsensical,(2) random notebook railway bridge,iron bridge procedure,(legal) process,formalities gun


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tennis court (hand) towel before,this side,we,you meeting,reception to meet,to greet to shine on,to illuminate to shine develop,expansion (opposite of compression) biography,life story light bulb marks,points,score,runs contagion battery here and there,little by little

telephone pole,telegraph pole,lightpole Emperor of Japan electro-magnetic wave tempo electric current


JLPT Resources ­

electric power enquiry,ENQ copper unity,consolidation,uniformity the same rank,equality,apposition ridge,(mountain) pass,difficult part scattering,a scatter,dispersion action,movements,motions,bearing,behaviour,manners East and West,whole country appointed day,very day letter to the editor,letter from a reader,contribution entry (on stage) anyhow,in any case,at any rate pleased to meet you lighthouse theft,robbery being on duty division into equal parts transparency,cleanness lamp oil,kerosene


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Orient fairy tale to happen to pass by to melt,to dissolve to taper to a point,to become sharp,to be sour,to look displeased throb,beat (fast) to dissolve (paint) (1) to retreat,to recede,to withdraw special,unique characteristic,feature forte,merit specific,special,particular special sale to melt into to melt,to thaw,to fuse,to dissolve to remove,to take away,to dislodge,to put something out of the way alcove barber here and there,some parts (of something)


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heart (of city) cupboard,locker,closet,wardrobe long ago,already,a long time ago suddenly to be prepared,to be in order,to be put in order,to be arranged (1) to be fixed,(2) to abide,to stay (in the one place) to shout,to yell to jump in,to leap in,to plunge into,to dive to jump,to fly,to leap (1) to be fixed,(2) to abide,to stay (in the one place) to give shelter to,to lodge anyhow,anyway,somehow or other,generally speaking,in any case to seize,to grasp,to capture,to arrest to harvest,to take in,to adopt to cancel to take out,to produce,to pick out (1) to adopt (measure, proposal),(2) to pick (fruit) to take,to catch (fish),to capture training


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porcelain bowl,bowl of rice with food on top internist clinic,internal medicine phone extension,indoor wiring,inner line nylon to cure,to heal,to fix,to correct,to repair long,lengthy reconciliation,make peace with to be prolonged,to drag on contents,interior,substance,filling,(sword) blade contents,interior,substance,filling,(sword) blade middle finger intimate friend,bosom buddy,chum to comfort,to console to lose someone, wife, child, etc to strike,to hit to accomplish,to do riddle,puzzle,enigma

dear,desired,missed to brush gently,to stroke


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obliqueness at any rate,anyhow,anyway,in any case such and such,What? what minute?,how many minutes? impertinent,saucy,cheeky,conceit,audacious,brazen roadside tree,row of trees to imitate,to follow,to emulate to ring,to sound,to chime,to beat,to snort (nose) to bear fruit to become domesticated,to become tame south pole,Antarctic somehow or other,for some reason or another nothing (with neg. verb),quite,not a bit number South America south and north to boil,to cook,to be cooked to be fragrant,to smell,to stink to let loose,to set free,to let escape hateful,abominable,poor-looking,detestable


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to hate,to detest odious,hateful

to become muddy,to get impure rainbow date and time daily necessities daily lesson,daily work,daily routine agenda dull (e.g. a knife),thickheaded,slow (opposite of fast),stupid entry to a company wife to glare at,to scowl at,to keep an eye on to boil,to cook sudden,abrupt,unexpected,improvised,offhand to sew to wet,to soak,to dip (a) screw to twist necklace


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to heat sleep-wear,nightclothes,pyjamas,nightgown,nightdress sleep-wear,nightclothes,pyjamas,nightgown,nightdress aim to aim at year,fiscal year,school year,term agricultural produce agricultural community,farm village,rural concentration,brightness agricultural chemicals efficiency saw all,entirely,completely,without exception to place on (something),to take on board,to give a ride to peep in,to look in,to peek in,to stick out to lengthen,to stretch,to reach out,to grow (beard) to be prolonged up-train (going to Tokyo),ascent to ascend,to go up,to climb paste,starch


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(n) transfer (trains, buses, etc.) to appear (in print),to be recorded dull (e.g. a knife),thickheaded,slow (opposite of fast),stupid slowly,sluggishly carefree,optimistic,careless,reckless,heedless grey,gray,ashen haiku poetry (hum) (pol) seeing,look at shop,stand

trade,buying and selling to creep,to crawl (1) to grow,to spring up,(2) to cut (teeth) (v5s) to tear off,to peel off,to rip off absurd scales,weighing machine to measure,to weigh,to survey to measure,to weigh,to survey nausea,sickness in the stomach lucidly


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to sweep,to brush,to gather up gear,cog-wheel bucket,pail to get between,to be caught in to interpose,to hold between,to insert chopsticks ladder,stairs to begin with,first of all

How do you do?,I am glad to meet you

to be disconnected,to get out of place,to be off,to be out (e.g. of gear) pattern underwear as was expected,really a bowl,a pot


exhibition,demonstration,utilization,display back firing,shooting,discharge,catapult


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expression (music),conceptualization generation (e.g. power) sale showy,loud,gay,flashy,gaudy discussion,conference to accost a person,to talk (to someone) while talking,the line is busy extreme,excessive,terrible fireworks bride to leave,to get free,to cut oneself off shuttlecock spring (e.g. coil, leaf) to jump,to leap fragment,splinter,broken piece dentifrice,toothpaste (col) to get in,to insert,to put on,to make love fast-talking to flourish,to thrive,to be popular,to come into fashion to deposit,to pay in


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to repay,to pay back balance wire to be in high spirits,to be full of vigor reflection,influence radius seal (used for signature) hurrah, cheers judge,judiciary reflection,reconsideration,introspection,meditation,cont emplation house number,address underpants band peninsula handle,steering wheel exposure to the sun,sunny place day trip comparatively,relatively shadow glitter,sparkle


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to undertake,to take up,to take over to repeat,to send back,to bring back subtraction to pull out,to take out,to draw out,to withdraw to detain,to check,to restrain cowardice,meanness,unfairness a draw (in competition),tie game moustache,beard,whiskers sunlight,rays of the sun elbow pistol vitamin

to be caught in,to be stuck in,to be cheated (taking) notes,copying to turn over,to overturn,to knock over,to upset,to turn inside out to be overturned,to be upset,to topple over,to be reversed moving (dwelling etc.),changing residence to draw back,to sink,to cave in


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writer,author necessities,necessary article,requisite,essential index finger ordinary,usual,in general,briefly pedestrian traffic for the present,once,in outline pupil (of eye) a rest a soliloquy,a monologue,speaking to oneself by itself,automatically,naturally vinyl cynicism,sarcasm every day,daily,day after day to turn (a switch) on or off,to twist,to puzzle over sunset sunrise echo,sound,reverberation,noise to resound skin to cool,to refrigerate


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encyclopedia beauty of figure or form front cover,binding sign,mark standard,level example,specimen criticism,critique hiragana,47 syllables,the cursive syllabary building nap (at home),siesta to spread,to extend,to expand,to enlarge extent plaza extensive,spacious to broaden,to propagate pink writing paper,stationery bottling,bottled fastener,zipper balloon


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unlucky,misfortune,bad luck,fate to increase,to multiply to deepen,to heighten,to intensify irregularity,unsteadiness,disorderly diffusion,spread neighbourhood,vicinity,environs to wipe,to dry adverb copy,duplicate plural,multiple to include,to instruct,to make one understand to swell,to expand,to inflate,to bulge to expand,to swell (out),to get big,to become inflated unclean,dirty,filthy,impure to get late,to advance,to wear on sign,mark,symbol man and wife,married couple to be plugged up,to be shut up to stop up,to close up,to block (up) to romp,to gambol,to frolic,to joke


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neglecting to stay in contact warrior,samurai radical (of a kanji character) sliding screen attached,belonging,affiliated cover,lid,cap suspension,interruption,stoppage,tie-up,cessation to strike,to collide with to knock,to run into,to nail on,to strike hard,to hit and attack dangerous,disturbed,insecure grumbling,complaining in a small voice surface mail (ship) parts,accessories snow storm father and mother,parents railway crossing,level crossing,starting line,scratch,crossover the foot,the bottom,the base (of a mountain) to increase,to add to,to augment to increase,to add to,to augment


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fry pan,frying pan blouse to hang,to suspend,to dangle,to swing brushy,brush plastic platform free ,pronunciation key print,handout to behave,to conduct oneself,to entertain (vt) brooch program wrapping cloth,cloth wrapper light,soft eruption analysis,disassembly literature,art and literature,belles-lettres literature,books (reference) water fountain fraction (in math)


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literary style distribution stationery context amount,quantity classification closure coolness,calmness,composure,unconcern (going) side by side,concurrent,abreast,at the same time weekday,ordinary days soldier,sailor common,commonplace,ordinary,mediocre plain,open field to be dented,to be indented,to yield to,to give,to sink,to collapse,to cave in,to be snubbed navel,belly-button to be shut out holiday house,villa separately,individually veteran


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helicopter to decrease (in size or number),to diminish,to abate pen editing,compilation,editorial (e.g. committee) toilet,lavatory,rest room,latrine,comfort station (abbr) pliers (lit: pinchers) telescope direction,way,compass point (n) broom dialect Buddhist priest,monk prevention,check objective,plan,policy packing,wrapping law,rule bandage,dressing huge,bulky,enormous,extensive,swelling,expansion kitchen knife,carving knife equation prevention of crime


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direction,district,field (e.g., of study) boy to let go bonus brightness,cheerfulness,melodious (1) farm (livestock),(2) pasture land,meadow,grazing land stock-farming health preservation,hygiene,sanitation recruiting,taking applications to air,to dry,to desiccate,to drain (off),to drink up poster North Pole son (of others) to unfasten moat,canal to dig,to excavate to carve,to engrave,to sculpture,to chisel rag,scrap,tattered clothes,fault (esp. in a pretense) Lantern Festival,Festival of the Dead,tray basin (e.g. between mountains)


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headquarters essentially,naturally,by nature so-so the number of flat things each time,common service-sector greeting minus to wind,to coil,to roll to sow (seeds) to scatter,to sprinkle,to sow pillow,bolster to bend,to crook,to lean confused friction,rubbing,rubdown,chafe to be mixed,to be blended with,to associate with,to mingle with,to join to be mixed,to be blended with,to associate with,to mingle with,to join to be mixed,to be blended with,to associate with to be mixed,to be blended with,to associate with mask to mix,to stir


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to be mixed,to be blended with to straddle or,otherwise waiting room to rendezvous,to meet at a prearranged place and time street corner total darkness,shortsightedness,pitch dark pitch black deep blue,ghastly pale the head,the foremost,beginning pure white to deify,to enshrine ticket window to be collected,to be settled,to be in order to put in order,to collect,to bring to a conclusion to mimic,to imitate dazzling,radiant eyelids muffler,scarf soon,before long,in a short time


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marathon round,circular,spherical rare,seldom detour full house,no vacancy,sold out large apartment,apartment house perfect score (1) to see off,to farewell,(2) to escort,(3) to let pass to overlook,to command a view of,to look down on something outward appearance new moon,crescent moon cape (on coast) (arch) sad,pitiful,wretched sewing machine store,shop heading,caption,subtitle,index itinerary,route to be found,to be discovered to be familiar,to discover,to detect shameful,indecent


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to look again,to get a better opinion of to become used to seeing,to be familiar with ugly to bear fruit,to ripen social position,social status sample to ask after (health),to visit less than,insufficient surname,family name milli-,10^-3 to examine (medical) private,civilian,civil,popular,folk,unofficial folk song,popular song (v5u) to face,to go towards to peel,to skin,to pare,to hull infinite plain,unfigured humid,sultry contradiction,inconsistency to steam,to poultice,to be sultry


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countless number,infinite number purple colour,violet group,crowd,flock,herd niece masterpiece business card noun famous place to command,to appoint superstition famous product,special product,speciality each,individual superior(s),senior meter (clock) to be blessed with,to be rich in to go around to aim at,to have an eye on (abbr) alarm-clock at present,now mark,sign,landmark


JLPT Resources ­

to be conspicuous,to stand out absurd,unreasonable,excessive,messed up,spoiled,wreaked remarkably happy,simple soul,propitious,joyous menu dizziness,giddiness criterion,aim tax exemption,duty exemption area interview bother to do,tiresome to be profitable,to yield a profit to get,to earn,to gain,to have (bear, beget) a child inexcusable motor lumber,timber,wood table of contents (1) to drive,to pass through,(2) to evade,to hide,(3) to dive (into or under water),to go undergroun perhaps,maybe,by some chance


JLPT Resources ­

perhaps,maybe,by some chance to lean against,to lean on,to recline on,to lie heavy (on the stomach) modern sticky rice cake too good,more than one deserves,wasteful,sacrilegious,unworthy of model originally,by nature,from the start storage room to tell,to indicate ruler,measure earth-shattering,staggering,to a very great extent monorail (1) (Japanese) maple to rub,to crumple (up),to wrinkle to burn event,festivities,function (1) to serve (food, etc.),(2) to fill up,(3) to prescribe questions and answers,dialogue (1) noisy,(2) strict,fussy


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at night,nighttime kettle actor,actress government office,public office to translate government official medicine(s),chemical(s) duty,business burn,scald walking around at night,night train,night travel directing arrow randomly,recklessly,blindly pharmacy,drugstore to attack (an enemy),to beat,to do away with,to finish off landlord also,as I thought,still,in spite of,absolutely,of course

to get torn,to wear out cannot be helped,unavoidable soft,tender,limp


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amusement park evening paper friendship mailing (sudden) evening shower (rain) (in) the evening sun,setting sun quiet,calm,leisurely admission-paid,toll bathrobe,informal summer kimono,yukata steam,vapour blood transfusion transport,transportation negligence,unpreparedness to boil teacup loose,lenient,slow lava container,vessel term,terminology gist,essentials,summary,fundamentals


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infant,baby,child capacity,volume infancy,childish,infantile kindergarten use,usefulness shop which handles Western-style apparel and accessories nourishment,nutrient wool gradually,finally,hardly point,gist,essentials,outline avarice,covetousness,greed too much,unnecessary,abundance,surplus,excess,superflu ity (1) to send,to forward,(2) to hand over (e.g. money) (1) to disgrace,to dishonour,(2) to pollute,to contaminate,to soil,to make dirty,to stain to collect,to gather,to add,to put aside another place,somewhere else,strange parts four corners,crossroads drunkard preparation,preliminaries,reserve,spare


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to call out to,to accost,to address (crowd),to appeal to summon,to call (e.g. phone) to be resurrected,to be revived,to be resuscitated,to be rehabilitated to come from (n) (a) joy,(a) delight,rapture,pleasure,gratification,rejoicing,congratul ations,felicitations

arrival in Japan,coming to Japan,visit to Japan failure,dropping out of a class rush hour column of text (e.g. as in a newspaper) launch,lunch (1) running,(2) tank top rude,violent,rough,lawless,unreasonable,reckless science advantages and disadvantages,interest rhythm litre ribbon to abbreviate


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(river) basin hostel,dormitory both sides fisherman consul receipt,voucher temporary,special,extraordinary care-taking,caretaker,house-watching exception zero,no marks freezing,cold storage,refrigeration raincoat recreation leisure chain of islands level report,paper brick union,alliance lens


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candle romanization,Roman letters (audio) recording locker lobby to argue,to discuss,to debate Japanese-English to be understood to branch off,to diverge from,to fork,to split,to dispense,to scatter,to divide into youthful,young to boil,to grow hot,to get excited,to gush forth to apologize Japanese clothes comparatively division (math) relatively, comparitively discount,reduction,rebate Japanese soup bowl,wooden bowl bowl one-piece dress


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