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EL Department

Primary 5 English Curriculum Briefing

29 January 2011


EL Department

The briefing will cover: · P5 Curriculum and Books · What Your Child Will Take Home · Assessment at P5 · Home Support


P5 Curriculum

1. 2. 3. 4. Reading ­ Class Library Books and Silent Reading during Assembly Speaking (Oral) ­ Reading, Picture Discussion and Conversation Listening ­ Listening Comprehension Practice Grammar, Vocabulary & Language Use through: Supplementary Unit Worksheets Chinese Cinderella storybook Longman Mastering Grammar & Vocabulary book Essential English Grammar book Composition Writing through: Writing Skills Exercises/ Activities Class Composition Publication Parent Scheme of Work (no Textbooks nor Workbooks)

5. 6.


P5 Books/Files

· · · · · · · · · · Chinese Cinderella ­ Literature Book Essential English Grammar Longman Mastering English Grammar P5 Class Composition Publication Listening Comprehension (Spelling and Dictation Exercise Book) Journal Exercise Book (Writing to a Diary) Blue Ring File (for Supplementary Worksheets) Orange Ring File (for Compositions and Situational Writing) Supplementary Unit Worksheets Dictionary/ Digital Dictionary (every day)


What your child will take home ­ P5

1. Supplementary Worksheets (to be filed in Blue Ring File) 2. Spelling Lists (common to all P5 Classes) 3. Spelling Book ­ Listening Comprehension Exercise Book 4. Compositions (from 1st draft to final draft ­ to be filed in Orange Ring File)


Assessment at P5

· Term 1 ­ Common Test 1 (Pre and Post), Practice Paper 1 · Term 2 ­ Common Test 2 (Pre and Post), Practice Paper 2, Mid-year Exam 30% · Term 3 ­ Common Test 3 (Pre and Post), Practice Paper 3 · Term 4 ­ Practice Paper 4, Year-end Exam 70%


Why have Common Tests?

1. Diagnostic 2. Provide feedback to parents on child's learning and progress

3. Marks are not computed for exams

4. Components that are usually tested: Grammar, Synthesis and Transformation and Comprehension Open


Mid-year & Year-end Examinations

1. 2. 3. 4. Paper 1 (55 marks) Paper 2 (95 marks) Paper 3 ­ Listening (20 marks) Paper 4 ­ Oral (30 marks)

For the Exam Format, please refer to the Practice Papers.


Paper 1

Composition (40 marks)

·Picture Composition (or) ·Situational Composition

Situational Writing (15 marks)

·Letter Writing (Formal and Friendly) ·Report Writing ·Postcard ·Email etc

Expectations (Content) - Fully relevant ideas

- Ample ideas - Ideas thoroughly developed

Expectations (Language) - Almost no errors in grammar, spelling & punctuation

- Wide & appropriate use of vocabulary - Very good sequencing, paragraphing & linking of ideas & facts


Paper 2 ­ Grammar, Vocabulary, Language Use & Comprehension

Multiple Choice Questions ·Graphic Stimulus ·Grammar ·Vocabulary ·Comprehension Open-ended Questions ·Synthesis & Transformation ·Editing for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Paper 4 - Oral Exam

Reading Aloud (10 marks)

Good pronunciation Fluent reading

Picture Discussion (10 marks)

Accuracy in sentence structures Wide range of vocabulary

Conversation (10 marks)

Good interaction Confidence Personal responses


Invaluable Home Support


Home Support - READING

· Cultivate good reading habits · Protect time for leisure reading

· Monitor reading materials / books

· Encourage the borrowing of books on the Reading List


Home Support

· Go to the library together · Have lots of books, magazines and newspapers in your home · Get your child books on their special interests


Home Support

English language learning requires frequent exposure to listening, speaking, reading and writing opportunities and activities. Worksheets alone are not enough.


Home Support ­ HOMEWORK

Guide, Supervise and Monitor: · your child's learning and progress · completion of homework and corrections · regular revision · help to ensure he/she hands in homework and corrections on time.

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

on da y Tu es da W y ed ne sd ay Th ur sd ay Fr id ay

Composition Grammar Vocabulary



Home Support ­ STRIVING for


· Promote the use of Standard English ­ British, not American


Cultivate the good habit of referring to a dictionary, thesaurus and Grammar Reference Books


Home Support ­ QUALITY &


· Insist on legible handwriting


Home Support ­ QUALITY &


· Set targets with your child and remind him/her to always give of his/her best Cultivate the LOVE for LEARNING versus over-emphasis on achievements and results



FREE Online Newsletter

· [email protected] Work newsletter 2011 · Excellent resource · Includes commonly misspelled words, commonly mispronounced words, commonly confused grammar, book recommendations, summary of educational talkshow on radio...



EL Workshop for Parents

1. Co-ordinated by Parent Support Group 2. Workshop will focus on: Composition Writing Strategies Comprehension Open Skills Synthesis & Transformation 3. Target Audience: for Parents whose children are in Upper Primary 4. When: 12 March 2011[tentative]


EL Department

Thank you



EL Department

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