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Once there was a lady who put a sign up by her farmhouse which read: Hen eggs 35 cents a dozen Tithin' eggs 45 cents a dozen Travelers were often curious about the sign so they stopped to buy from the woman. When they asked her to explain, she would bring out two baskets of eggs. She would point to one basket and say, "These are hen eggs." Then she pointed to the other basket and announced, "These are tithing eggs." NOVEMBER LECTIONARY

11/4 31 Sunday-Ordinary Time


Hab. 1:1-4, 2:1-4; Ps. 119:137-144, 2 Thess. 1:1-4, 11-12; Luke 19:1-10

11/11 32 Sunday-Ordinary Time Hag. 1:15b-2:9;


"See the difference?" she would ask, "the tithin' eggs are larger. I have been tithing to my church for a long time. Every day when I gather the eggs in, I place them in groups of ten. Then I pick the largest egg from each group and put it in my tithin' basket. I sell these for the extra price so that I'm not only tithing my income but I'm making some extra money for my Lord." The Bible talks often about tithes and offerings. Every Sunday I say something like this: "Now let us bring our tithes and offerings to God as part of our worship," This means that we are supposed to bring ten percent of all we receive as our tithe. In addition we are to give something extra as our offering. The egg lady was living by an ancient rule which was law in the Old Testament. The same law is practiced by thousands of Christians today and by some people in our church. Jesus had a bigger law. He said that everything we have belongs to God and we should let him have all of ourselves. As a symbol of this recognition, many other persons in our church practice percentage giving. This means that they set aside a definite percent of all they receive for their pledges to the church. This is a good way to begin a specific program of personal dedication of funds. Join with me and the Steering Committee in growing in the grace of giving. Prayerfully consider your joyful response to God's blessings in your life and the Tappahannock Presbyterian Church and dedicate your pledge covenant in worship on Sunday, November 11th Dedication Day. Thankfully Yours, Bill

Ps. 145:1-5, 17-21 or Ps. 98; 2 Thess. 2:1-5, 13-17; Luke 20:27-38

11/18 33rd Sunday-Ordinary Time

Isa. 65:17-25; Isa. 12; 2 Thess. 3:6-13; Luke 21:5-19


Christ the King/Reign of Christ

Jer. 23:1-6; Luke 1:68-79; Col. 1:11-20; Luke 23:33-43

World Wide Web

Yes, indeed. Tappahannock Presbyterian Church is right there, in living color. Jill Robertson and Alice Roye have been working with David Broad to update the TPC website. Go to and see for yourself: our pastor, picnic pictures, fellowship pictures, and much more. There are more pictures to be added, so check periodically. This monthly newsletter, the Wee Kirk, is on the website. It is presently to be found under "Our Pastor" with another link to click on. This is an important way to keep everyone up to date on TPC activities. Be sure to point that out when you are talking to prospective members.

The Spiritual Depletion of Debt

Congregations in the Presbytery of the James are invited and encouraged to learn more about predatory lending practices in the Commonwealth of Virginia, especially Payday Loans, which charge as much as 700% interest and target low-income workers, minorities and single mothers. There are four or five such businesses here in Tappahannock. Individuals and congregations also may choose to become part of the work of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy to support legislative reform in the 2008 session of the Virginia General Assembly. According to the Center for Responsible Lending, 99 percent of Payday borrowers require more than one loan, and the average amount paid back on a $325 loan is $800! Low-income workers, minorities, and single mothers are disproportionately targeted with Payday loans. As the loans mount victims face threats of bankruptcy, eviction, and repossession, all of which complicate already challenging financial situations. Maryland and West Virginia have never allowed Payday lending. Georgia, North Carolina and Washington, D.C. once allowed Payday lending but have now eliminated it. Virginia could be next. The Virginia General Assembly this year should see legislation that will repeal the Payday Loan Act of 2002, which gave a special exemption to the Payday Loan industry. This proposed legislation would halt Payday lenders' ability to charge exorbitant interest rates and fees and bring them under the current Virginia statute that limits small loan APRs to 36%. This is in contrast to their current practice of charging as much as 700% or more. ­ from Let Bill Morris know if you would like more information. This effort is supported by the Presbytery of the James.

A reminder: there are calling cards and brochures for everyone to have on hand when visiting with people who might be interested in our church. Ask Bill or Vivian Smith for some, or ask Bill Morris. They are another great way to "break the ice" about church membership.

Ministry Groups are Active

The next meeting of the Fellowship Ministry will be Wednesday, November 4 at 1:00 PM at the Worship Center. The next meeting of the Worship and Music Ministry is Nov. 4. Mission and Outreach Ministry will meet November 25 after worship.

Have you had your flu shot?


The Fellowship Ministry Group met October 15th. At that time a review of the duties and responsibilities and goals set at the Planning Retreat was held. We rejoiced in the accomplishments of the year to date. Time was spent thinking of ways to best communicate with our members and several ways surfaced. The main idea was to help newcomers become acquainted with members in or near their neighborhood and people with like interests such as golf, sewing, art, etc. Shepherding Groups were assigned to each member giving approximately 5 members or families to be in touch with. A Barbecue lunch will be sponsored by the Fellowship Ministry Group on Sunday, October 28th following church and Christian education study. Weather permitting lunch will be served outside. The annual Christmas Party will be in December, day and place to be announced. If you would like to host the party this year see me. Pat Morris, Moderator

Within Our Greater Church Family

Thanksgiving for healing for those who have had treatments or surgery or illness Prayers for comfort for those who have lost loved ones Prayers for peace and confidence to those anticipating surgery Guidance and hope to those who are incarcerated, that they may be able to lead fulfilling and God-filled lives. Prayers for those who work to support and sustain them. Comfort for those in California who have lost everything but their lives in the recent fires

ECT Continues Plans for Operation Inasmuch

Essex Churches Together is planning a spring "mission blitz". It is called Operation Inasmuch and gets its name from the scripture "inasmuch as you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto me." This will be a county-wide, inter-denominational expression of God`s love by doing for others in a variety of ways. The tentative date is in the middle of April 2008. A possible projects is hand out quarters to people using the laundromat that day. In fact, the young people of the Hanger have already started dropping quarters in a milk jug. There may be sewing groups who make prayer scarves or new born baby caps or blankets. There may be a group writing to troops in Iraq and other stations, or in nursing homes. There may be visits to shut-ins or to those who are lonely or grieve. There may be assistance with grocery shopping that day. A free car maintenance check, a clothes give-away- the list is endless. A workshop will be held January 14 to understand more about this project and to make specific plans. It will be led by the Rev. David Crocker from Tennessee who conceived this idea and has led groups around the country in doing it for almost 20 years.

The next ECT meeting will be November 27 at 7:30 PM at Essex Public Library. You are invited.

Stamps for Missions

Because of the collection and sale of stamps evangelists, pastors, and Christian leaders have entire Bibles for use in their ministry. They are singing new hymns from hymnbooks....Special retreats with pastors and evangelists bring new inspiration and dedication. The churches are full to overflowing for two hour services. Malnutrition and disease are mindboggling (in the Congo). Employment is hard to find, hence school children don't have the funds to pay tuition or buy school supplies. Lacking medical funds for care or medicine leaves many with no care. One in five children dies before the age of 5 years. (from a letter from Peggy Reinhold July 2007) A "Minute for Mission" during the worship service reminded the congregation about how and why stamps are collected. For further information see the bulletin board in the Fellowship Room or ask Alice Roye ([email protected]) to email the information to you.

Presbyterians Respond to Needs from California Fires

Six Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) Response Teams have responded on site in the Pacific Presbytery, the San Diego Presbytery, and others. In Los Angeles they have met with the Presbytery Executive and are making good connections with churches and pastors. The pastor of the Malibu Presbyterian Church which was completely destroyed will be meeting with them soon. One Great Hour of Sharing funds have been sent to the San Diego Presbytery and more presbyteries will receive funds when requested. It is expected that this will be a long and painful recovery and we are asked to keep in prayer the survivors, the firefighters, the caregivers, and all who labor to help the healing after this disaster. If you would like to make a contribution make your check out to PCUSA and memo California fires DROOO165. Treasurer David Jones will take your check. Check for more information.

A Great Christmas Present!

Zuni is a campus of Presbyterian Homes and Family Services, a ministry benefiting at-risk youth and adults with developmental disabilities. It is located in Zuni, Virginia which is on route 460 southeast from Richmond, near Suffolk. A major fund raising project is the production and sale of peanuts. Workshop employees carefully cook, weigh, and package a variety of delicious peanut products. A brochure describing the selections is on the Mission and Outreach bulletin board in the Fellowship room. These make wonderful Christmas gifts and support an important mission of our Presbytery. You can see the products at For example, a "24 oz. Can of gourmet salted peanuts Is now on sale until November 16th for $6. It is normally $10" A sign-up sheet is available if you are interested in ordering. Check Mission and Outreach bulletin board.

The Magnetic Church

"A gifted lay evangelist and humorous inspiring speaker, Andy (Weeks) created this PowerPoint presentation to involve skeptics, stimulate activities and engage the curious to help everyone learn more about new member ministry. "He will address many issues, including How can we make our signs, property, communications, buildings, website & worship more inviting and welcoming? How can we make visitors want to come back to our church and stay? I'm private and reserved; how can I "do" evangelism in my church?" The TPC Church Growth Ministry is encouraging as many members as possible to attend this workshop at Meadows Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville Friday evening, November 9 and all day November 10. You may join Bill and Pat Morris on Friday or go up for the day on Saturday. TPC will pay your registration which covers materials and lunch and refreshments. Join the team. Join Bill and Vivian Smith, Bill and Pat Morris, and others and learn how to make our church magnetic to new members.

Local Peace-making Contribution

Our share of the Peacemaking Offering is $215. The Mission and Outreach Ministry invites you to suggest a local effort toward peace-making that the money can help support. In past years it has gone to the Haven, the shelter for battered women. Other suggestions? Let Sherry Jones know before Thanksgiving.

Steering Committee Highlights October 15, 2007


· Mary Elizabeth Stewart, Treasurer of St. Andrews PC sent a check for $1000 in support of the ministry of TPC. A letter of thanks, signed by the pastor and Steering Committee and Treasurer, will be sent.


Worship and Music Kathy Hughes and Bill Morris · Deb Booze will work with Ellen Hardy to coordinate chancel flowers · Volunteers have been identified to be trained by Em Hughes to record the Sunday services and burn CD copies for people unable to attend service · A bulletin board was requested that will hold the liturgical calendar and explain the seasons o the church year · Copies of bulletins that hi-light the Presbyterian Advent Calendar will be ordered by Dr. Morris · Greeters and Ushers will be trained and Jill Robertson will coordinate the sign-up calendar for Greeters and Ushers. · Communion preparation will be done by pairs of volunteers. This will be coordinated by Deb Booze. · Recruitment and training of acolytes will be coordinated by Rev. Morris · Kathy Hughes will investigate the possibility of hiring paid student choristers to expand the choir's repertoire · The next meeting of the Worship and Music Ministry is Nov. 4.

· A letter from Sammy Vick of Zuni was included in the packet. Rev. Morris urged members to consider buying their peanuts as Christmas gifts and suggested a field trip to Zuni would be interesting in the spring. Sale of the peanuts will be advertised on a bulletin board (Outreach and Mission).


· The Peacemaking Offering receipts stand at $862.00. The amount of $215.50 is to be used for local peace-making efforts. · Total income for the year is $77,070. This includes Presbytery Support of $250 each month. Treasurer David Jones noted the plate offering is $5,020 behind what is projected for this time of the year. Expenditures through September total $68,426. · Mr. Jones recommended that the $1000 gift from St. Andrews Church be placed in the Development Fund. This was approved by the Steering Committee.

Fellowship The BBQ was delicious!

Pat Morris

PRESBYTERY REPORT · Janice Canby enthusiastically reported on the

October 9 Presbytery meeting in Richmond. She said an educational component has been added and recommended each Steering Committee member avail themselves of the opportunity to go to one. The next Presbytery of the James meeting is in February 2008.


Three months of Minutes and newsletters were sent to members of the Administrative Commission in order to keep them apprised · of TPC activities.

(See article in this newsletter)

Christian Education

Ann Sydnor

The Women's Bible study led by Mary Alice Keller is enthusiastically attended by 10 people. The study is the books of Ephesians and Philippians as they give instruction about living a Christian life. This will run through November. Excellent attendance and participation are being enjoyed by everyone studying the book Making Choices by James Moore. John Colby, Kim and Anne Sydnor and Rev. Morris are leading the discussions.

Chancel Flowers

The calendar for chancel Flowers is on a bulletin board in the Fellowship area. Ellen Hardy and Deb Booze co-chair this committee. You may offer florist flowers or home-grown in honor of someone you love and admire, or in memory of someone who has passed on. See Ellen to arrange for the key if you want to place them sooner than Sunday.

Outreach and Service Janice Canby · Campbell Memorial Presbyterian missionary program and dinner October 8 was attended by 12 people. Dr. Sue Makin told of her work in the Congo. · Alice Roye will give a Minute for Mission on October 21 describing the on-going collection of stamps that are sent to Peggy Reinhold to support her mission to the Congo. · 24 Bibles will be distributed to the Hanger bearing greetings from TPC and an invitation to attend service · ECT report- Operation Inasmuch is still in the planning stage. A workshop to further explain and implement this one-day mission to the community will be held January 14, 2008. · The Community Thanksgiving service will be held at 7:00 PM November 18 at Beale Memorial Baptist Church.

Happy November Birthday

Bettie Geddes Kathy Hughes 2 17

Position Available:

Coordinator between Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery of the James and Tappahannock Presbyterian Chapel. Perks: social business meetings in Richmond, new Presbyterian friends, keeping TPC women and women of other churches in touch with one another. Apply to Alice.

Set your clock back

(fall back) an hour on Saturday, November 3.

Lay Readers November and December

November 4 11 18 25

John Colby Vivian Smith Ellen Hardy Roland Geddes

December 2 9 16 23 30

Pete Roye Anne Sydnor Em Hughes Sherry Jones Deb Booze


Em Hughes


Sherry Jones

Reminders: 1. Five-cents-a meal continues the third Sunday of each month, and 2. We will have an Angel Tree again this year and select gifts to give to a family being served by the Haven, the shelter from domestic violence. Sherry Jones will coordinate that again.



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