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LOS 470/MLS 670 Leadership Studies Abroad

Spring/Summer 2010

Guidelines for Reflection Paper (50 points) After we return from our trip, you will use the books and articles you have read to develop a thorough analysis of your experience. This paper will draw on course readings, the journal entries you wrote during the trip, and your subsequent reflections on lessons learned and how they will help you to be a more effective leader in your chosen field. Please include the following sections in your paper. Be both reflective and creative.

1. Personal experience ­ Based on your journal, give a synopsis of the most memorable events or observations that occurred during the trip. Specify the dates and locations. 2. Connection to the course readings ­ Apply some of the concepts and/or terms from the course readings to your personal experience. Discuss the broader contexts (including social, economic, cultural, and political dimensions) of what you have experienced in South Africa. 3. Connection to leadership skills ­ What are some unique leadership skills that you observed on site during the trip? What are some essential skills for a successful leader in a multiethnic or multinational setting? 4. Future -- How will you incorporate what you learned from the trip into your future studies or professions? How does the trip help you become a more effective leader? Checklist: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. This paper should be five to seven pages in length, double-spaced with appropriate margins. This paper should include at least five references to the course readings. Please make sure that the paper has a coherent theme and is well organized and elegantly written. Mechanic errors (spelling, punctuation, and grammar) should be kept to the minimum. Make sure that both the primary source (in this case, your journal) and secondary source (in this case, the course readings) are sufficiently incorporated. Citations: Use APA style. Include a reference list in your paper. For more information on citation style, check the APA's web site ( or The Bedford Handbook ( Pictures are welcome, but they are not counted as part of the paper length requirement.


LOS 470/MLS 670 Leadership Studies Abroad

Spring/Summer 2010

Grading criteria: Quality of Information · Information clearly relates to the main topic. · Description of personal experience is so vivid that the reader can almost "see" what happened. · Concepts, theories, or terms from the course readings are clearly connected to personal experience. · The author demonstrates both the depth of the travel experience and a thorough understanding of the course material. Organization · Information is very organized with well-constructed paragraphs and subheadings. · All paragraphs include introductory sentence, explanations or details, and concluding sentence. · Every sentence flows well into the next. Sources · All sources (journal entries and course readings) are accurately documented in the desired format (i.e., APA style). · Reference list is included and cited in APA style. Mechanics · Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are all accurate.


Guidelines for Reflection Paper (50 points)

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