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All books may be purchased online from our Barnes & Noble Campus bookstore at or email [email protected] (Carrie McCann, Store manager) Title Instructor Author Title Edition Publisher / ISBN Computer Concepts and Appl Cowdrey/Schuessler Preston Preston Prentice Hall Gaddis Reid/Lorenz Reid/Lorenz Bennett Evans Evans Triad Interact Computer Literacy for IC3- Unit 1 Computer Literacy for IC3- Unit 3 My IT lab 12 mo. Access Code Card for Office 2010 Starting Out with Alice Networking for Home/Small Business Working at a Small to Med. Business or ISP 31 Days Before Your CCENT Certification Technology in Action: Complete w/2 CD's Technology in Action: Complete w/2 CD's SimNet/Grader Code Office 2010 Proficiency Registration Card Exploring MS Office Excel 2010, Comprehensive 2nd 2nd 1st 2nd '11 Dec. '07 Apr. '08 Dec. '07 7th 7th Pearson / 978-0-1-3501709-8 Pearson / 978-0-1-3506499-3 Pearson / 0-1-321-11956-0 Pearson / 978-0-3-2154587-9 Cisco Press / 1-5-8713209-5 Cisco Press / 1-5-8713210-9 Cisco Press / 1-5-8713217-6 Pearson / 978-0-1-3509669-3 Pearson / 978-0-1-3509669-3 McGraw Hill / 978-0-0-7746128-7 1st Pearson / 978-0-1-3509859-2

CIS 110

Intro to Programming Logic & Design

Sharp Martinez

CIS 226 (1st Cisco course) Networking Fundamentals

CIS 300 010 face2face CIS 300 020/030 onln

Computer Tech and Impact Computer Tech and Impact

Wells Cowdrey

ACC/CIS301f2fSvil/FW Micro Appl in Acct and Fin sections010/020/030/040/060 ACC/CIS301050online ACC/CIS301 070/080 Waco sections CIS 304 face2face/onln CIS 315010/020f2fonln CIS 342 010face2face CIS 346 010face2face Micro Appl in Acct and Fin Micro Appl in Acct and Fin



Cadle Zemanek

Parsons Grauer

Microsoft Office Excel 2010, Comprehensive Exploring MS Office Excel 2007, Comprehensive

1st 09 2nd

Cengage / 978-0-5-3874291-7 Pearson / 978-0-1-3503227-5

Yes Recommended

Topic: Intro to C# Prog Web Site Development & Design Java Programming P C Technology

Sharp Schultz Sharp Dearing

Gaddis Shelly Gaddis Conry Cisco Press Dean Grice & Verge Shelly Boehm Schwaber Haag Tomsho Schneider

Starting Out w/Visual C# 2010 HTML, XHTML, and CSS Complete Starting Out w/Java: Early Objects IT Essentials PC Hdwr; Software 31 days IT Essentials PC Hdwr; Software Course 4.1 Networks + Guide to Networks w/CD Lab Manual for Network & Guide to Networks Systems Analysis & Design Murach's ASP.NET 4.0 Web Prog. w/C#2010 Agile Proj. Mgt w/Scrum Management Info Sys. for the Info. Age MCTS Guide to MS Win Server 2008 Active Directory Electronic Commerce no books required

2nd 6th 3rd '08

AddisonWesley/978-0-13-216545-7 Cengage/978-0-5-3874745-5 Pearson / 978-0-3-2149768-0 CiscoPress/1-587-132-31-1 CiscoPerss/ 1-587-132-61-3

Yes Yes Yes Recommended Recommended Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

CIS 347

Data Communications


5th '10 5th '11 8th

Cengage / 978-1-4-2390245-4 Cengage / 978-1-4-3549673-6 Cengage / 978-0-3-2459766-0 Murach/ 978-1-8-9077461-5 Microsoft/ 978-0-7356-1993-7 McGrawHill/0-0-7337678-7 Cengage / 978-1-4-2390235-5 Cengage / 978-0-5-3846924-1

CIS 389 Svil/FW/Waco CIS 443 010 Face2face

Systems Analysis and Design Advanced System Analysis

Wells/? Crockett

2004 8th 10 9th

CIS/ACC/MGT 450 CIS 476 CIS/MKTG 479-010 CIS 485 CIS 504 010 CIS 507-010

Management Information Systems Network Administration Tech of E-Business Professional Senior Seminar Telecommunications for Managers Systems Analysis for Managers

various Dearing Schuessler Cowdrey Schuessler Collins

Fitzgerald Whitten Laudon & Laudon Hoffer Price Larson Murach Schwalbe Brown, Dan Friedlein, A Oppenheimer

Bus. Data Com + Networking Systems Analysis & Design Methods

10th '09 7th

Wiley / 978-0-4-7005575-5 McGrawHill/ 0-0-7305233-7

Yes Yes

CIS 511 all sections CIS 516 010

Managing Information Systems Applied Database Management

Collins Crockett

Management Information Systems Modern Database Management Oracle Database 11g SQL Delivering Busi. Intel. w/MicroSoft SQL Server 2008 Murach's C# 2010 Info Tech Project Management Communicating Design Develop.Web Site Docum... Maintain.&Evolving Successful Commercial WebSites Top-Down Network Design

12th 10th 1st 07

Prentice Hall/978-0-1-3214285-4 Pearson / 0-1-3608839-2 McGraw Hill / 0-071-498-50-8 McGrawHillOsborne/0-07-154944-7

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

CIS 520 010 CIS 549 010 CIS 551 010 CIS 565 010

Seminar: Business Intelligence Research Topic: C# Programming Info. Tech. Project Management Web Development

Crockett Sharp Collins Schultz

1st 6th 2nd 2002 3rd

Murach / 978-1-890774-592 Cengage / 0-32478-692-1 Pearson / 0-3-2171246-3 Elsevier / 1-5-5860830-3 Cisco Press / 1-58-720283-2

CIS 578 010

Network Admin & Design - WAN



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