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ENCLAVE (previously titled Razorland) by Ann Aguirre Feiwel and Friends, April 2011 Manuscript available, 272pp

"[F]or fans of The Hunger Games." ­ Publishers Weekly "Spookycool, grimly gorgeous, tactile, tough, and terrifying." ­ Sharon Shinn, author of Summers at Castle Auburn Bestselling science fiction and romance author Ann Aguirre presents her first young adult novel, Enclave, the first book in a planned trilogy. Born in the second holocaust, 15yearold Deuce knows of no existence be yond her enclave, deep underground where her people eke out a perilous existence despite the monsters in the tunnels. They believe the sur face world to be uninhabitable, and she trusts the lore handed down by the elders. The oldest among them have seen 25 years, and at 15, Deuce is considered halfway to the grave. She has trained her whole life to earn the honor of taking her place among the Hunters, one of the elite cadre who protect the enclave. But when she becomes a Huntress, she realizes certain things don't add up. Deuce and her partner, Fade, discover that the neighboring enclave has been decimated by the tunnel monsters which seem to be growing more organized. But the elders refuse to listen, and little by little, her faith in them erodes. Then she faces a terrible choice: allow her best friend to be punished for a crime he didn't commit or sacrifice herself in his stead. Can a girl born in darkness survive being exiled to the daylight? (Agent: Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency) Foreign sales: Germany 2 books (Blanvalet) Ann Aguirre is the national bestselling author of the Sirantha Jax romantic science fiction series published by Ace and the Corine Solomon urban fantasy series pub lished by Roc. Under the pen name Ava Gray, she writes high octane romances. In 2008, she won the PEARL for best new author.


Spring 2011 CHILDREN'S Catalog

STRUCK by Jennifer Bosworth FSG, Spring 2012 Manuscript available, estimated 325pp

One month after Los Angeles is devas tated by a massive earthquake, human lightning rod, 17yearold Mia Price, finds herself in the middle of a power struggle between two fanati cal doomsday cults--one that wants to save the world and another that wants to destroy it. And both cults need Mia to accomplish their end. One cult is convinced that Mia's unique history of lightning strikes and her ability to channel the energy of electrical storms is the key to their apocalyptic vision. The cult leader, Prophet--who accurately predicted the earthquake--now foresees a worldending storm. Mia's family is divided: her mother is drawn to the zealous, allwhitewearing cult of Prophet, and her brother joins the opposition, a group of underground renegades trying to collect anyone with "the spark," to help their cause. And one mysterious boy with an electric secret seems to distrust both sides, but cares for Mia in a way she's never felt before. When the two factions collide, Mia discovers the lightning scars she hides reveal a staggering power-- the storm both sides await lies within her. (Agent: Jamie Weiss Chilton, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Foreign sales: Brazil (Nova Fronteira), British (Random House UK), Germany (Goldmann), Italy (Corbaccio) Publisher has world English rights

THE BEGINNING OF AFTER by Jennifer Castle HarperCollins, September 2011 Manuscript available, estimated 280pp

Sixteenyearold Laurel's world changes instantly when her parents and brother are killed in a car accident, which also involves the parents of her badboy neighbor, David Kaufman. In the aftermath of the accident, Laurel navigates a new world in which she and her best friend grow apart, boys approach her out of pity, overpowering memo ries lurk everywhere, and Mr. Kaufman--the man behind the wheel that night--is comatose but still very much alive. Through it all, there is David, who swoops in and out of Laurel's life and to whom she is intimately connected by their mutual loss, a connection that will change them both in unexpected ways. Laurel's narra tion is both witty and heartbreaking, coura geous and vulnerable; and her search for meaning, beauty, and forgiveness amid the unexpected upending of her life is an inspira tion. The unforgettable climax of her story--a confrontation in Mr. Kaufman's hospital room and the unlikely romance that blossoms with David--will stretch readers' understanding of the strength and resilience of the human heart. (Agent: Jamie Weiss Chilton, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Foreign sales: Germany (Carlsen), The Netherlands (The House of Books)

"My name is Mia Price, and I am a human lightning rod. Do they make a support group for that? They should, and let me tell you why. My name is Mia Price, and I am a lightning addict." ­ from STRUCK

Jennifer Bosworth's short fiction has appeared in Midnight Times, Challenging Destiny, and she is a regular contributor to The Footnote. Jennifer has written several original screenplays and numerous short films, and now finds herself in the role of pro ducer as well. Her latest short film, The Obstacle, recently screened at El Cid in Los Angeles. She is the writer half of a writer/director team with her hus band. Struck is her first novel. Jennifer Castle graduated from Brown University and worked as a celebrity publicist's assistant, an advertising copywriter, and a struggling screenwriter (yes, that's an actual job) before falling into a niche producing educational websites for kids and teens. The Beginning of After is her first novel. She lives with her husband and two young daughters in New York's Hudson Valley.

GIRLS DON'T FLY by Kristen Chandler Viking, Fall 2011 Manuscript available, estimated 250pp Myra Morgan is good at taking care of people. She reflexively mothers

her four brothers, her parents, her pregnant sister, her boyfriend, her coworkers, and even stray birds. What she is not good at is change. And change is every where she looks when her boyfriend breaks up with her for being a "space sucker" and she decides to compete against him for a scholarship to study birds on the Galapagos Islands. To prepare her application Myra joins a crew of motley brainiacs for adventures on the Great Salt Lake and gets a job at the lake's ma rina, all under the supervision of Pete, the free flowing graduate student/harbor master. Enchanted by the lure of a new beginning and the emerging awareness of the natural world in her own home, this is a tale of the comic and brutal process of evolving while trying to preserve the relationships that matter most. (Agent: Jamie Weiss Chilton, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Publisher has world English rights Praise for Kristen Chandler's debut Wolves, Boys & Other

NICKEL PLATED by Aric Davis AmazonEncore, March 2011 Manuscript available, 172pp

Nickel is a survivor. He has to be. For as long as he can remember, his life has hinged on the flip of a coin. Or rather, the scribble of a social worker's pen. He's been through the sys tem, even had a good dad for a few years, until he was gone too. But Nickel remembers every thing he taught him, and since the day he es caped from fostercare hell, he's put that knowledge to good use. Just 12 years old, he makes a steady living by selling marijuana to high schoolers, blackmailing pedophiles he fer rets out online, and working as a private investi gator. When a beautiful girl named Arrow hires him to find her little sister Shelby, Nickel figures at best the kid's a runaway; at worst, some perv's gotten a hold of her. He scours the internet and the streets of Arrow's sub urban neighborhood, and what he finds there is as ugly a truth as he's ever seen. Beyond the manicured lawns, Nickel discovers children for sale and adults with souls black as the devil. And people like that aren't about to let some kid ruin their game. This edgy thriller introduces a canny, precocious antihero, a hard boiled, smart detective character in the body of a 12yearold. (Rights holder: AmazonEncore)

Things that Might Kill Me:

"Chandler's debut is a lively drama, saturated with multifaceted characters and an environmental undercurrent. She writes persuasively about the great outdoors, smalltown dynamics and politics, and young love." ­ Publishers Weekly

"Beautifully written and thoughtprovoking, this wellrounded novel will appeal to girls, some boys, and conservationists of all stripes." ­ School Library Journal

"I don't know that anyone is after me, but I've run enough angles that I'm sure there are a few people who'd love to get a facetoface. I'll die before I go back to any kind of foster care, and I'm not ready to start dying just yet." ­ from NICKEL PLATED

Aric Davis is married with one daughter and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he has worked for the past 14 years as a body piercer. A punk rock aficionado, Davis does any thing he can to increase awareness of a good band. He likes weather cold enough to need a sweatshirt but not a coat, and friends who wear their hearts on their sleeves. In addi tion to reading and writing, he also enjoys roller coasters and hockey. Nickel Plated is his second novel. His first, From Ashes Rise, was selfpublished in 2008.

Kristen Chandler has spent summers in Yellowstone at her family's cabin since she was a young girl. She is a fisher woman, a marathoner, a writing instructor, and the mother of four children. She and her family live outside Salt Lake City, Utah. Girls Don't Fly is her second novel after Wolves, Boys & Other Things that Might Kill Me (Viking, May 2010). http://

THE PLEDGE by Kimberly Derting Margaret K. McElderry Books/Simon & Schuster, October 2011 Manuscript available, estimated 270pp

In the violent country of Ludania, the classes are strictly divided by the language they speak. The smallest transgression, like looking a member of a higher class in the eye while they are talking, results in immediate execution. Sev enteenyearold Charlaina (Charlie for short) has always been able to understand the languages of all classes, and she's spent her life trying to hide it. The only place she can really be free is the drugfilled underground clubs where people go to shake off the oppressive rules of the world they live in. It's there that she meets a beautiful and mysterious boy who speaks a language she's never heard before, and her secret is almost exposed. Through a series of violent upheavals, it becomes clear that Charlie herself is the key to forcing out the oppressive power structure of her kingdom. From the author of The Body Finder, this unique novel is filled with suspense and romance. Kim Derting writes powerfully and movingly of a girl with dangerous powers in an un usual and expertlycrafted setting. (Agent: Laura Rennert, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Foreign sales: Germany (VGS/Schneiderbuch), Russia (Ripol) Foreign sales for Body Finder and Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting: Brazil (Editora Intrinseca), British (Headline), Denmark (Politiken), French (Pocket Jeunesse), Germany (Coppenrath), Italy (Mondadori), Poland Body Finder only (Nasza Ksiegarnia), Russian (Ripol), Turkey Body Finder only (BilgeKulture)

MEMOIRS OF AN IMAGINARY FRIEND by Matthew Dicks Little, Brown UK, Spring 2012 Manuscript available, estimated 340pp

Budo is the imaginary friend of Max Delaney, an eightyearold boy who is different than most kids--Max's teachers can't agree on a diagnosis, but they all agree that he's on the spectrum. As a result, Max counts on Budo to be there for him when he needs him most. But Budo is different than most imaginary friends. For one, he's been in existence for six years, which is ancient in imaginary friend terms, since many last only a year, or a month, or even a moment. And Budo feels his age; he constantly worries that the day when Max stops believing in him will come, and no one knows what happens to imaginary friends after they disappear....Budo can also leave Max, and when Max is sleeping, he explores the world. He watches television with Max's parents (crime shows are a particular favorite), he pops down to the local gas station to hang out with the night staff whom he considers his friends--even though they can't see him--and he visits other imaginary friends. But when Max finds himself in great peril at the hands of a wouldbe caregiver, it is up to Budo and a team of imaginary friends to save Max, risking their own existence in the process. While some are more willing to sacrifice themselves than others, it is Budo who must ultimately decide which is more important: Max's happiness or his very existence. Narrated by Budo, a char acter with a unique ability to have a foot in many worlds--imaginary, real, child and adult--Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend touches on the truths of life, love, friendship, and death as it races to a heartwarming...and heartbreaking conclu sion. Foreign sales: Brazil (Editora iD), British (Little, Brown UK), Germany (Piper), Italy (Giunti), Spain/Catalan (Random House Mondadori)

Kimberly Derting is the author of The Body Finder and the sequel Desires of the Dead. She lives in the Pacific North west, which is the ideal place to be writing anything dark or creepy; a gloomy day can set the perfect mood. She lives with her husband and their three beautiful children, who serve as an endless source of inspiration for her writing.

Before the age of 18 Matthew Dicks died twice and was thankfully revived by paramedics both times. At 18 he left home and worked a variety of deadend jobs until he was robbed at gunpoint at age 23. This third brush with death convinced him to get off his ass and go to college. He now has English and teaching degrees, and he recently com pleted a Masters in Educational Technology at American Intercontinental University. Matthew works as an elemen tary school teacher in Connecticut, where he lives with his wife and daughter Clara.

THROUGH TO YOU by Emily Hainsworth Balzer & Bray/HarperCollins, Fall 2012 Manuscript available, estimated 250pp

The day griefstricken high school senior Camden Pike sees a ghost is the day he assumes he's finally lost it. For the last two months, he's been torturing himself after walking away from the car accident that killed his girlfriend, Viv. She was the last good thing in his life: helping him rebuild his identity after an injury ended his football career, picking up the pieces when his home life shattered and healing his pain long after the drugs wore off. He'd give anything for one glimpse of her again. But now there's a ghost at the accident site...and it isn't Viv. Cam quickly realizes the apparition, Nina, isn't a ghost at all. She's a girl from a parallel world, and in this world, Cam is the one who died, and Viv is alive and well. Cam's wildest prayers have been answered. Once he learns this, all he can focus on is getting his girlfriend back, no matter the cost. But the accident isn't the only thing different about this other world--Viv and Cam both made very different choices here that changed things between them. Nina is keeping some dangerous secrets too, and the window between the worlds is shrinking every day. As Cam comes to terms with who this Viv has become and who Nina was in his parallel life, he's forced to choose--stay with Viv, or let her go--before the window closes be tween them once and for all. (Agent: Mary Kole, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Foreign sales: Brazil (Record), Germany (Goldmann), Italy (Rizzoli), The Nether lands (Querido), Portugal (Planeta Manuscrito)

CATCHER, CAUGHT by Sarah Collins Honenberger AmazonEncore, January 2011 Book in print, 308pp

"The narrator's engaging voice and [the protago nist's] quirky family make this a poignant story for young adults and for adults who have forgot ten what it's like to be a teenager." ­ Publishers Weekly "When you close the book on Holden Caulfield, you know he has the rest of his life to figure it all out. But Daniel Landon only has a year to live-- and just as many questions. With warmth and pitchperfect humor, Catcher, Caught, follows Daniel as he leaps, feet first, into a quest for the meaning of it all. And when you close this book, you will know at least one thing Holden never did." ­ Patricia McCormick, author of Sold, National Book Award Finalist A few months after doctors tell him he has only a year to live, a preco cious 15yearold from a small town in Virginia has an intense reaction to J.D. Salinger's classic novel The Catcher in the Rye. Deriving inspiration from Salinger's narrative, Daniel Landon begins to question the intentions and authority of those around him in his own search for identity as he faces death. Tired of his cramped surroundings and hippie parents' alternative approaches to his treatment, he follows the footsteps of Holden Caulfield to New York City in search of the same eternal truths, only to discover the importance of home when death looms. A comingofage story, a love story, and a new classic, Catcher, Caught will engage the imagination of more than one generation searching for lasting values. (Rights Holder: AmazonEncore)

"Dr. Summers can talk for hours about medication, about Viv, about what it all means to me, but I don't really need her--I saw Nina turn transparent green and disappear. I'm not crazy. It happened. I'm not crazy." ­ from THROUGH TO YOU

Emily Hainsworth was raised in upstate New York, but quickly fled its gray skies for the sunny Rocky Mountains. She studied English and psychology at the University of Colorado, and though she spends her days working around cats and dogs, writing for young adults is her true passion. She counts F. Scott Fitzgerald and the dark thrillers of Christopher Pike among her influences. Emily currently resides in Denver with her husband, cat, and standard poodle. Through to You is her first novel. She's hard at work on her next.

When not reading or writing fiction, Sarah Collins Honen berger enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and sailing. Catcher, Caught is her third novel and was inspired by her desire to reconnect today's teenagers with the voice of J.D. Salinger's Holden Caulfield through a narrative based on the truelife story of an abused and neglected teenage boy suffering from leukemia. Tragically, after penning Catcher, Caught, Honenberger was herself stricken with cancer. Now in remission, Honenberger lives in Virginia, where she continues to write. http://

LIFE ON HOLD by Karen McQuestion AmazonEncore, April 2011 Manuscript available, 172pp

Gina and Rae Maddox are more like best friends than mother and daughter. Of course, freespirited Gina's rambling ways leave her daughter with little opportunity to make any other friends, as they constantly crisscross the country in search of "a fresh start." But when Gina brings them home to her native Wisconsin, she promises Rae that this time, they'll stay least until Rae finishes high school. And when Rae begins to make friends at Whitman High, she dares to hope her mother is telling the truth. But then Rae is paired with another new girl, Allison Daly, whose bad attitude and unset tled family life put her at odds with Rae--yet draws her to Gina. When ugly rumors begin to fly about Allison's past, Rae must choose between distancing herself from the troubled girl or using her own experi ence as an outcast to help her. The path she takes will not only change Allison's life, it will affect Rae's relationship with her mother and her understanding of her place in the world. (Rights holder: AmazonEncore)

FAVORITE by Karen McQuestion AmazonEncore, April 2011 Manuscript available, 170pp

Angie Favorite was just 11 years old when her mother disappeared, leaving Angie and her brother Jason to be raised by their grand mother while their rockstar father hit the road with his band. Since that day, Angie has gone through the motions of everyday life. She thinks she has everyone fooled--until the summer morning when she's abducted from a mall park ing lot. She narrowly escapes but not without some serious injuries, and her attacker, Scott Bittner, is arrested. Days after Angie is released from the hospital, she receives a letter from Scott's mother entreating her to meet so that she can apologize for her son's actions, and Angie reluctantly agrees. But it is soon obvious that Scott's attack wasn't random at all and that there is more to the strange Mrs. Bittner than meets the eye. In fact, she may hold the key to An gie's mother's disappearance. Part suspense, part comingofage tale, Favorite will engross youngadult readers with its spellbinding tension, emotional twists, and vibrant characters. (Rights holder: AmazonEncore) Foreign sales: Germany (Boje)

"It got quiet suddenly. Nick definitely had the floor. `Don't you think it would have been nice to let her meet all your friends? Since she's new and all?' In the shrubbery where Allison and Kylie hid, I heard a rustle. I held my breath waiting for his answer. Blake only paused for a moment, then he made that annoying haw, haw noise again. `Trust me, you don't want to hang out with that psycho bitch. She's so stupid she burned down her own house and killed her parents. And now I'm stuck with her.' Allison wailed loudly, an inhuman sound that pierced the night air and made me stiffen in alarm. Everyone turned to look for the source of the noise, and at the same second she tore out of her hiding place and threw herself at Blake." ­ from LIFE ON HOLD

"It all happened so fast...In an instant I thought of the girls you hear about in the news, the ones who were abducted and raped, and how they tell you never to go anywhere with an attacker, unless you want to end up dead." ­ from FAVORITE

Karen McQuestion has had literary aspirations since the third grade, when her teacher read her short story out loud to the rest of the class as an example of a job well done. She has been writing ever since. Her essays have appeared in Newsweek, the Chicago Tribune, the Denver Post, Christian Science Monitor and several anthologies. Originally self published as a Kindle ebook, her debut novel A Scattered Life became a Kindle bestseller. She lives in Hartland, Wis consin with her husband and their three children.

LEGACY: Book 1 in the Legacy trilogy by Cayla Kluver AmazonEncore, August 2009 & Harlequin Teen, July 2011 Book in print, 462pp

"A thoroughly entertaining read, Legacy shows a lot of promise, for Kluver and her princess." ­ Mi ami Herald "Legacy is filled to the brim with wit, powerful writing and a spellbinding story." ­ Portland Ex aminer "Alera's sensitivity and willfulness will win readers over who will sympathize as her choices dwin dle. A looming war, characters with intriguingly hidden pasts, and a sad ending set things up nicely for a sequel." ­ Booklist online Dutybound to wed her father's choice in successor to the throne, Princess Alera of Hy tanica believes that she is being forced into the worst of all possible fates--a marriage to the arro gant and hottempered suitor, Steldor. When a mysterious boy from enemy Cokyri appears bearing secrets and an entirely differ ent view of what's appropriate behavior for a young lady, Alera learns that her private desires threaten to destroy her kingdom.

SACRIFICE: Book 3 in the Legacy trilogy by Cayla Kluver Harlequin Teen, November 2012 Manuscript available, estimated 400pp

In Sacrifice, the third book of the Legacy trilogy by Cayla Kluver, Alera, as the newly appointed Grand Provost of the Cokyrian Province of Hytanica, must deal with a society in turmoil, a city in ruins, and a romantic relationship with Narian that may never be accepted by her people. At the same time, she finds herself in a delicate political battle with the High Priestess who wants the land's resources without regard to preserving the Hytanican way of life. Meanwhile, Steldor and Galen, bent on stirring up trouble, find themselves pitted against Narian who is tasked with subduing rebellions large and small. And Rava, the woman selected by the High Priestess as Narian's secondincommand, is only too eager to play her part, for she finds the Hytanican women deplorable and weak and the men inferior for their entitled attitudes and Hytanican blood. The suffer ing of the Hytanican people, the clash of the two Kingdom's cultures, and the cru elty of Rava are all brought to life through the eyes of Shaselle, the daughter of Cannan's murdered brother, Baelic, who is introduced as a second narrator. But unknown to all, Cannan and London have a plan to free their country--a plan that will require cunning and courage, and which will force both Alera and Narian to decide, once and for all, what they are willing to sacrifice and with whom they are aligned. (Agent: Kevan Lyon, Marsal Lyon Literary Agency) Foreign sales for the Legacy trilogy: Australia 1 book (Allen & Unwin), Catalan 2 books (La Galera), France 2 books (Editions Lattès), Germany 2 books (Piper), Greece 2 books (Psichogios), Hungary 2 books (Athenaeum Kiado), Italy 3 books (Sperling), Japan 2 books (Wave), The Netherlands 1 book (The House of Books), Portugal 3 books (Planeta Portugal), Spain world 2 books (Roca), Taiwan 3 books (InStar Multimedia), Turkey 1 book (Pegasus). Publisher has world English rights

ALLEGIANCE: Book 2 in the Legacy trilogy by Cayla Kluver Harlequin Teen, March 2012 Manuscript available, estimated 415pp

In awardwinning author Cayla Kluver's sequel to Legacy, the younger sister of newlycrowned Queen Alera, Princess Miranna, is kidnapped by the evil Overlord, and he uses her to force Narian--Alera's true love--to fulfill the Proph esy of the Bleeding Moon; Narian must lead Cokyri to war against Hytanica. Meanwhile, Queen Alera and King Steldor's marriage and relationship remains deliciously tense; Queen Alera continues to question her feelings and her duty to her King. When the Cokryian army breeches the walls of the city killing hundreds of Hytannican's citzens and finally the Palace itself, the royal family and their most trusted guards must flee to the mountains. There, as they tend to a near fatally wounded Steldor, they formulate a plan to negotiate with the evil Overlord in an attempt to save the lives of their subjects. When they finally confront the dangerous Overlord, the magic of Cokyri and the secrets of one of Hytanica's most trusted guard's mysterious past come to light. In the end, Queen Alera must stand before the Overlord and Narian and find a way to save the people and the kingdom she loves.

Cayla Kluver wrote the first draft of Legacy during her sophomore year in public high school. She then worked very hard to combine her junior and senior years so she could graduate early. She completed the first draft of Alle giance the following year. She is 19 years old, and lives with her family and her muse (Nina, her cat) in Wisconsin, where only the hardy survive. Legacy is her first novel.

PROPHECY OF DAYS: Book 1 The DayKeeper's Grimoire by Christy Raedeke Flux, May 2010 Book in print, 384pp

"This conspiracy tale has all the trimmings of a Dan Brown thriller, encompassing Mayan 2012 theories, feng shui, mystic runes, a secret society, and even a mon key that communicates through origami." ­ Publishers Weekly "What leavens book one in the Prophecy of Days series is Caity herself. A delightful heroine, she's funny, frank, and mostly true to the way a real teen would act if she found herself in such an odd circumstance. Readers will want to follow Caity's adventure." ­ Booklist Christy Raedeke's Prophecy of Days is a riveting YA Da Vinci Code relating to the Mayan "Long Count" calendar, which mysteriously ends in 2012. In Book 1 The Daykeeper's Grimoire, Caity Mac Fireland, a techsavvy girl from Califor nia, gets uprooted to an isle off the coast of Scot land when her father inherits a family property-- a real Scottish castle. There, she finds a Mayan relic concealed centuries ago by Mayan Daykeep ers, in an attempt to keep their profound knowl edge about the year 2012 alive into the current era. Caity's 21st century mind is put to the test as she tries to uncover the answer to an ancient riddle. With the help of a gorgeous Scottish guy, a Feng Shui master, and an origamimaking monkey named Mr. Papers, she must figure out her role in a cryptic prophecy while trying to outwit a powerful secret society that will stop at nothing to control her--not even murder. Drawing on real science, myth, and ancient knowledge, and narrated in Caity's compelling, funny, and intimate voice, this story will take fans of fantasy and contemporary girls' fiction on an adventure ride to the most mystical places on earth and back. (Agent: Laura Rennert, An drea Brown Literary Agency) Foreign sales: Poland 2 (Vik Grazyna Piekutowska), Russia (AST), Turkey (Artemis/Alfa) Publisher has world English rights

THE SERPENT'S COIL: Prophecy of Days Book 2 by Christy Raedeke Flux, July 2011 Manuscript available, estimated 240pp

In this sequel to Prophecy of Days Book 1: The DayKeeper's Grimoire, after the Fraterni tas burns down Caity's San Francisco home, her parents must stay on the isolated Isle of Huracon in Scotland and send Caity to boarding school. She only agrees when she finds La Escuela Bohe mia, a school in Buenos Aires that allows stu dents to create their own course of study so long as global exploration is a component. Finally free to roam the world, Caity develops a curriculum that allows her to continue unrolling the Mayan prophecy, uniting the largest youth population in Earth's history, and undoing the damage the Fraternitas has done. By escaping capture, em ploying Mr. Papers as the protector he is revealed to be, uncovering ancient knowledge to solve the cryptic puzzle, and using modern technology to outwit the Fraternitas, Caity brings down what the Maya call "the vain and false ruler, Seven Macaw" and helps usher in the Fifth World. (Agent: Laura Rennert, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Foreign sales: Poland (Vik Grazyna Piekutowska), Russia (AST), Turkey (Artemis/ Alfa) Publisher has world English rights

Christy Raedeke is a freelance writer, author, and travel addict. She has trekked in the Himalayas, dived into bot tomless cenotes in the Yucatan jungle, explored Zeus's cave on Crete , floated down the Ganges, and melted her shoes on the lava fields of Mauna Loa. Christy is the recipi ent of the Enda L. Holmes Fellowship for Young Reader's Literature awarded by Oregon Literary Arts. She lives in Ashland, Oregon with her husband and two young chil dren.

SKYSHIP ACADEMY: The Pearl Wars by Nick James Flux, September 2011 Manuscript available, estimated 270pp

Fifteenyearold, wisecracking Jesse Fisher isn't anyone's idea of a hero. The administration of Skyship Academy--one of several skyships that hover thou sands of feet above the Surface--is unlikely to trust him with a grocery run, let alone a highstakes mission. But Jesse's the lynchpin threatening to trigger a civil war be tween the Skyships and the depleted Surface Government. Jesse discovers he has the power to control Pearls--fragments of spacedebris sought by both Skyships and the Surface as an energy source. Jesse's ability is sparked by a chance en counter with Cassius Stevenson, a young opera tive working for the Surface Government. Cas sius, on the other hand, develops a nasty skill for bursting into flames. Cassius is sent to capture Jesse and take him to the Surface, where the government plans to use him to seize control of Pearls. Meanwhile, Jesse tries to understand his connection to the Pearls before Cassius can find him. But the hunt will lead both boys to a shared past that threatens to reveal an enemy greater than either could imagine. Nick James' debut novel, Skyship Academy, offers an imaginative glimpse at a world nearly 90 years into the future--a world that hangs on the brink after being politically divided and environmentally devastated by the war on terror, as seen through the eyes of young Jesse and Cassius, who represent two very different sides to the story. A sequel is planned, which Flux will publish in 2012. (Agent: Jennifer Rofé, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Publisher has world English rights

EXTRAORDINARY: The True Story of My Fairy Godmother, Who Almost Killed Me, and Certainly Never Made Me a Princess by Adam Selzer Random House Children's, Fall 2011 Manuscript available, estimated 230pp

Jennifer Van Der Berg would like you to know that the book ostensibly written about her--Born to Be Extraordinary by Eileen Codlin--is a bunch of non sense. Yes, she had a fairy godparent mess with her life, but no, she was not made into a princess or given the gift of selfconfidence, and she sure as hell wouldn't want to put it all down on paper and go through the whole sordid chain of events again. The true story is that Jenn's fairy godfather, Gregory Grue, was an unkempt drunk with greasy hair and a penchant for writing swearwords on his victims. Yeah, he tried to set up a scenario where Jenn would kiss a hot guy on homecoming night--but did Eileen's book mention that he also threatened to kill Jenn if she didn't kiss the right boy? Or that the boy in question was a vam pire, and definitely not the boy she wanted to be with? Did Eileen mention that Gregory totally screwed up Jenn's future with the boy she did want to be with? And that there was a lot of unicorn poop involved? Yeah, well, here's the real story.... (Agent: Jennifer Laughran, Andrea Brown Literary Agency)

Publisher has world English rights

Foreign sales for Adam Selzer's previous book I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It: France (Albin Michel Jeunesse), Germany (Piper), Turkey (Alfa/Artemis)

"Now I'm not trying to be mean or spoil your fun or anything, but I feel like I need to clear a few things up....My `fairy godmother' did not smell like daffodils, unless those daffodils were growing in a public restroom that hadn't been cleaned since the early 1980s." ­ from EXTRAORDINARY

When he was a boy, Nick James' collection of battlescarred action figures became the characters in epic storylines with cliffhangers, double crosses, and imaginary explosions. Not much has changed. The toys are gone, but the love of fast paced storytelling remains. Working in schools from Wash ington State to England, Nick has met thousands of diverse students since graduating from Western Washington Uni versity and braving the most dangerous job in the world: substitute teaching. He currently lives and teaches in Bel lingham, Washington. Skyship Academy is his debut novel.

Adam Selzer is a YA author by day and runs ghost tours in Chicago by night. His books include: I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It, How to Get Suspended and Influence People, Pi rates of the Retail Wasteland, I Put a Spell On You, Your Neighborhood Gives Me the Creeps: True Tales of an Acci dental Ghost Hunter, Andrew North Blows Up the World, and The Smart Aleck's Guide to American History. He lives in Chicago.

A LONG LONG SLEEP by Anna Sheehan Candlewick, August 2011 Manuscript available, estimated 290pp

"Enjoyable and thoughtprovoking, Sheehan's intriguing blend of science fiction and `Sleeping Beauty' combines original worldbuilding with a heartwrenching examination of the consequences of a fairy tale life." ­ Elizabeth C. Bunce, author of A Curse Dark as Gold, winner of the William C. Morris award "Beautiful and bittersweet, romantic and rivet ing, with characters I didn't want to leave be hind when I reached the end, A Long Long Sleep is my absolute favorite kind of book!" ­ Jaclyn Dolamore, author of Magic Under Glass Rosalinda Fitzroy has been asleep for 62 years when she is woken by a kiss. Locked away in the chemicallyinduced slumber of a stasis tube in a forgotten subbasement, 16 yearold Rose slept straight through the Dark Times that killed millions and utterly changed the world she knew. Now, her parents and her first love are long dead, and Rose--hailed upon her awakening as the longlost heir to an inter planetary empire--is thrust alone into a future in which she is viewed as either a freak or a threat. Desperate to put the past behind her and adapt to her new world, Rose finds herself drawn to the boy who kissed her awake, hoping that he can help her to start fresh. But when a deadly danger jeopardizes her fragile new existence, Rose must face the ghosts of her past with open eyes--or be left with out any future at all. (Agent: Kelly Sonnack, Andrea Brown Literary Agency)


WOLF STORM by Dee Garretson HarperCollins, Winter 2012 Manuscript available, estimated 250pp

Stefan can't believe his good luck when he nails his very first audition and gets cast in a new, "suretobeablockbuster," scifi movie to be filmed in the mountains of the Czech Republic. However, after a disastrous first day of rehears als when he botches his lines, injures one of the trained wolves, and spills alien goo on a fellow actress, he begins to consider giving up and going back home. Events take a very strange turn when a blizzard keeps most of the adult crew in town and the children stuck in the mountain lodge with their guardian and the domicile wolves they took pity on and brought in from the cold to occupy a spare bedroom. To his horror, Stefan awakens the next morning to find the guardian gone and the wolves roaming freely around the cabin. Just when Stefan thinks matters can't get worse an avalanche nearly buries them, making the lodge uninhabitable. The crew manages to make it outside and fashions a shelter out of the mock spaceship on set. With the wolves howling nearby (were there this many wolves on set?) Stefan has the brilliant idea of making gliders out of the fake space vehicles, but will they make it down the mountain before they freeze to death, or the wolves get too hungry? (Agent: Caryn Wiseman, Andrea Brown Literary Agency)

Foreign sales: Brazil (Grupo Editorial Leya), British (Gollancz), Germany (Goldmann), Russia (Astrel)

"The wolf Boris pushed his nose into Stefan's hand, its breath warm against the coldness of Stefan's fingers. Stefan tried to keep his hand very still, just in case the animal mistook his fingers for a chew toy. The animals in the movie were supposed to be highly trained and perfectly safe, but still, a wolf was a wolf." ­ from WOLF STORM

Anna Sheehan has been a dedicated writer since her first year in high school, when her novella won second place in a local competition, losing only to a (now) professional mystery writer. Her first novel was published serially in a local news letter when she was 16. Now, Anna stays busy writing two to three novels a year. She is a regular attendee of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference, who first invited her to attend their meeting with a scholarship. Anna lives on an isolated mountain ranch in central Oregon.

Dee Garretson grew up in a small town in Iowa, and spent her childhood helping her father build his offbeat inven tions, writing horse stories, and playing outside in the woods. She has degrees in International Relations and Landscape Horticulture. Dee worked as a landscape de signer and taught landscape horticulture classes for sev eral years before returning to her childhood love of writ ing. She now lives in Ohio with her husband and two chil dren.

THE WHITE ZONE by Carolyn Marsden Carolrhoda, February 2012 Manuscript available, estimated 190pp

Known as an "ambassador to children around the world," Carolyn Mars den voices the stories that most need to be shared with our youngest generation. In The White Zone, she gives us a glimpse of life in Iraq during the war through two young boys' eyes. In early 2008, the first and only snowfall ever recorded in Iraq fell on the streets of Baghdad. As "white rain" covered the dusty streets, the guns in the city grew silent and there was an unofficial ceasefire. During these magical minutes, Sunni and Shiite differences were forgotten and the green and red zones were neutralized. It is this moment that affects nineyearold Talib most deeply. Born of a Shiite father and a Sunni mother, Talib doesn't know which side he should fight on, even when just playing war with his cousins. Strug gling to understand the complex roots of the politics around him, Talib is search ing for the white zone in his own life--the place where he can find peace and ulti mately, selfacceptance. (Agent: Kelly Sonnack, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Publisher has world English rights

STARFIELDS by Carolyn Marsden Candlewick, September 2011 Manuscript available, estimated 100pp

According to Mayan beliefs, the world is coming to the end of the fifth cycle of the sun (5,125 years) after the next burst of galac tic energy: December 21, 2012, the date when the Mayan calendar "ends." The ancient May ans believed that the cycles of the solar system coincide with our spiritual and collective con sciousness. Can humankind evolve spiritually and thus avoid extermination? This is the back drop for Starfields, the story of 10yearold Rosalba, a rural Mayan in Chiapas. Like other Mayan girls and women, Rosalba weaves tradi tional huipiles as an act of bringing harmony and balance to the cosmos. One day, Rosalba's life changes dramatically when she meets a girl named Alicia from Mexico City who tells her about the Mayan prophesy, which Rosalba knew nothing of (most modernday Mayans are ignorant of the ancient Mayan calendar). Rosalba knows her ancient patterns--although, in the past, have balanced the universe--are not enough to combat the great changes foretold by the prophecy. But if Rosalba weaves novel patterns, deviating from generations of tradition, she'll put herself at odds with her family and com munity. While she feels the spiritual obligation to weave what has always been woven, Rosalba also yearns to follow her own path. With Alicia's support, she steps out of tradition, gaining the courage to act boldly and innovatively...but will it be enough? (Agent: Kelly Sonnack, Andrea Brown Literary Agency)

"Nouri leaned back, breathing in his aunt's thick perfume. If only A'mmo Hakim could be alive again, tugging at his smooth white cuffs with the sparkling cufflinks. Because of a stupid Sunni, he now lay in a white coffin, dressed in his white suit. All over Iraq--ever since the American soldiers had arrived-- Sunnis and Shiites had been at war. Even though they were all Muslims, they found reasons to hate each other. Up until now, Nouri hadn't felt any bad feelings toward Sunnis. Now he thought of Baba's elder brother, who'd married a Sunni. They had a son his age--his cousin. Talib was half Sunni, half Shiite, but Nouri had never thought anything of it before. He and Talib had grown up happily together. But now, when Nouri pictured Talib--his curly hair and narrow eyes--it seemed like a shadow passed over his cousin's image." ­ from THE WHITE ZONE

Carolyn Marsden is the awardwinning author of 9 criti cally acclaimed middlegrade novels featuring characters from diverse cultural backgrounds who confront universal themes of acceptance, friendship, and tradition. Carolyn Marsden's debut novel for young readers, The Gold Threaded Dress (Candlewick, 2002), received enormous critical acclaim and was named a Booklist Top Ten Youth First Novel and a Booklist Editors' Choice. Her most recent book, The Buddha's Diamonds (Candlewick, 2008), was picked as an SCIBA Finalist. Carolyn has an MFA in Writing for Children from Vermont College and is an active mem ber of SCBWI.

THE CABINET OF EARTHS by Anne Nesbet HarperCollins, Fall 2011 Manuscript available, estimated 200pp

All Maya really wants is for her mother, who has battled cancer for years, to be well again. And so when her family decides to move to France for a year, Maya tries not to complain--even though she'll be leaving her junior high and friends behind. But when her baby brother James goes missing, 13yearold Maya has to take on the magical underworld of Paris, in which houses have bronze salamanders for door handles, the most beautiful people are all hooked on the sweetsmelling "anbar," and a shimmering glass Cabinet of Earths has cho sen Maya to be its next keeper. With the Cabinet's help, Maya may be able to do for her mother what doctors cannot: save her from death, once and for all. With the clock ticking for James, though, the price the Cabinet demands may be too high. (Agent: Andrea Brown, Andrea Brown Literary Agency)


BEEP AND BAH by James Burks Carolrhoda, March 2012 Manuscript available, 32pp

Beep is a robot who hungers for adventure. Bah is a goat who wants to stay out of trouble. When Bah discovers a single sock, Beep knows there's only one thing to do: find its match! Together, Beep and Bah begin a journey that takes them over winding hills and deep into the ocean. On the way, they'll meet monkeys, whales, and angry bears--but will they meet the sock's owner? (Agent: Kelly Son nack, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Publisher has world English rights

"And then glass bottles and salamanders began appearing in the margins of Maya's math homework when she hadn't even known she was doodling. Phoenixes interrupted her dictées. But almost as soon as the pictures had taken shape in her notebooks she would be required, by whatever force it was that made her think of these things but forbade speaking of them aloud, to hunt through her pencil case for the big eraser, and remove all traces of bird, beast, or bottle. Clearly, the little cabinet was losing its patience." ­ from THE CABINET OF EARTHS

Anne Nesbet went to college to study physics, but the path of life is strange, so now she teaches film history and Rus sian literature at the University of California. She lives in Berkeley with her husband and three children. The Cabinet of Earths is her first novel.

James Burks has been an Assistant Animator for WB where he worked on Space Jam, Quest for Camelot, and The Iron Giant. He then moved over to Disney Feature Animation where he worked on The Emperor's New Groove, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, and Home on the Range. For the last 5 years, James has been doing storyboards for TV animation and is currently Storyboard Supervi sor/Director for the hit Nick Jr. show Wow Wow Wubbzy!, cre ated by Emmywinning artist Bob Boyle. Gabby and Gator (Yen Press, June 2010), James' first book, started as a selfpublished title and was discovered at Comic Con.

AN AWESOME BOOK OF THANKS! by Dallas Clayton AmazonEncore, October 2010 Book in print, 84pp Inspired by the idea of

being thankful for all that you have, An Awesome Book of Thanks! is a beautifully written, fantastically illustrated walk through a world of magical uni corns, robotic dinosaurs, and all of life's simple moments, great and small. Crafted for children ages 0 1000, this timeless story is sure to be an instant classic, at home in the hands of anyone looking for the perfect reminder of just how beautiful life can be. (Rights holder: AmazonEncore) Foreign sales: Russia (Pink Giraffe)


FAT CAT by Robin Brande Knopf, October 2009 Book in print, 329 pages

"I loved Fat Cat! I couldn't stop reading it (even staying up til 1AM two nights in a row to finish it), because I had to find out what happened...not just with Cat's science project, but with her romantic life. The hero is GREAT. Like Cat, he's not perfect, and I liked him even more for that." ­ Meg Cabot, bestselling author of Princess Diaries (Agent: Laura Rennert, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Foreign sales: Germany (dtv junior), Poland (Wydawnictwo Otwarte) Publisher has North American Spanish rights

WOLVES, BOYS, & OTHER THINGS THAT MIGHT KILL ME by Kristen Chandler Viking, May 2010 Book in print, 371pp

"Chandler's debut is a lively drama, saturated with multifac eted characters and an environmental undercurrent. She writes persuasively about the great outdoors, smalltown dy namics and politics, and young love." ­ Publishers Weekly (Agent: Jamie Weiss Chilton, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Publisher has world English rights

I KISSED A ZOMBIE, AND I LIKED IT by Adam Selzer Delacorte Press, January 2010 Book in print, 177pp

"Simultaneously a scathing parody of the paranormal romance genre and a sweetly romantic paranormal love story in its own right, Alley and Doug's courtship will even appeal to Twilight fans--at least, to those Twilight fans with a sense of humor about the object of their affections. Hilarious." ­ Kirkus (Agent: Jennifer Laughran, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Foreign sales: France (Albin Michel Jeunesse), Germany (Piper), Turkey (Alfa/ Artemis)

Dallas Clayton is the author and illustrator of the break through hit An Awesome Book!. He is also the creator of the Awesome World Foundation which donates books to children in need. Dallas has toured the planet reading to kids and encouraging them to dream big. With such overwhelming energy and unprecedented success, Clay ton is well on his way to earning the title that many in the blogosphere have already bandied about: "The Dr. Seuss of the internet generation." An Awesome Book of Thanks! is his muchanticipated second title.


SWEET FARTS by Raymond Bean BookSurge, November 2008 Book in print, 140pp

* Winner, Next Generation Indie Book Award 2009 for Chil dren's/Juvenile fiction! * Winner, Next Generation Indie Book Award 2009, Novella! * Spent over 100 days in's top 100 Children's Books list! * Reached #1 on in Children's Humorous Litera ture and Children's Fantasy & Adventure! (Agent: Kelly Sonnack, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Foreign sales: Germany (Baumhaus), Italy (Il Castoro), Korea (Truebooks)

302 Washington Street #944, San Diego, CA 92103 USA 8582547711 [email protected]

TARYN FAGERNESS AGENCY, LLC specializes in representing foreign rights on behalf of North American literary agents, authors, and publishers. The Agency also repre sents a select number of authors domestically. Before opening her own agency in March 2009, Taryn Fagerness spent five years as the Subsidiary Rights Manager and an Agent at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. Her current young adult and children's clients are the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, the #1 US children's agency of 2009 according to Publishers Marketplace, which includes Andrea Brown, Laura Rennert, Caryn Wiseman, Jennifer Laughran, Jamie Weiss Chilton, Jennifer Rofé, Jennifer Mattson, Kelly Sonnack, and Mary Kole; Kevan Lyon of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency; Laura Bradford of the Bradford Literary Agency; D4EO Literary Agency; Anne Bohner of Pen & Ink Literary; and AmazonEncore,'s publishing imprint.

PARIS PAN TAKES THE DARE by Cynthea Liu Putnam, June 2009 Book in print, 224 pages

"Liu's Paris Pan Takes the Dare is a middleschool mystery, shot through with comedy, about a `new girl' in a small town who fears her home is haunted by the ghost of a girl who died years before during a hazingtype ritual that Paris her self now must face....Takes the Dare, is a stylish, character driven story with an appealing, spunky heroine." ­ Chicago SunTimes (Agent: Jennifer Rofé, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) Foreign sales: Germany (Boje)

TARYN FAGERNESS AGENCY is proud to work with the following coagents:

British ­ Abner Stein Agency Germany ­ Agence Hoffman Spain/Brazil/Portugal/Latin America ­ Sandra Bruna Agencia Literaria France ­ La Nouvelle Agency Italy ­ Bernabo Associates The Netherlands ­ Mo Literary Agency Poland ­ Graal Ltd. Israel ­ Ilana Pikarski Agency Russia/Baltic States ­ Synopsis Literary Agency Greece ­ Read `n' Right Agency Hungary ­ Lex Copyright Office Czech/Slovakia ­ Kristin Olson Literary Agency Romania/Bulgaria/Croatia/Slovenia/Serbia/Montenegro/Bosnia/Herzegovina/ Macedonia/Albania ­ Jill Hughes Turkey ­ Onk Agency Japan ­ English Agency of Japan China/Taiwan ­ Bardon Chinese Media Korea ­ Eric Yang Agency Thailand/Vietnam ­ TuttleMori Thailand Indonesia ­ Maxima Creative Agency

CELIA AND THE FAIRIES by Karen McQuestion AmazonEncore, November 2010 Book in print, 190pp

When Celia Lovejoy's grandmother moves in with her family, she tells her granddaughter magical stories of fairies living in the woods behind the Lovejoy home. Ten yearold Celia believes they are just that--stories--until the day she receives an unexpected visit from Mira, a real, live fairy. And Mira needs a favor in a matter of the utmost im portance. (Rights holder: AmazonEncore)


Taryn Fagerness Agency Spring 2011 kids catalog FOR WEBSITE

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