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Saturday,' June 1, 1935.


for Thinking People":. Thursday. 8 Streets, the Ret. EdwM --10:30 A-M. service; 11:45 Ail. Pi!. lecture and service. Grate Tauernacle. «J South AveChurch School. nue, the Rev. David M. Wellard--10 MtTIIODlST--rBEC AM. Church Echool: 10:45 Ail. , ,tr. 151 Unden Street, the Rev. A. preaching; 7:30 Pil..service: WednesL. Bates--« Ail. class meeting; 10:30 day. 3 P.M . women's player meeting: » « 1 worship «nd sermon; 12 noon. 7:30 Pil. prayer meeting: Friday. 7 Sunday School: 3 P-M.. P«!~ ter- Pil.. children's service; 8 P.M.. prayer uces; « P-M, «TMc P~j"«: «j»»p " ; service. ' young people; l.lljirly llollni-i Chapel. Kfl South Stale Street, the P.ev. ChM'.es 8. Bartl«t--2 Pi!. Sunday School: 3 P.M. by Mlsc R«d: Thursday, testimony and ^lenr.on: 7:30^ Pi!.. prayer.

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Children Are Accorded Day In Churches

Special Services and Sunday School Promotions Arc Scheduled

Party Aboard 'Normandie' Is Heard Tonight

"Pirates of Venus'7

. By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Display Pupils' Work

Pastors Will Preach on Subjects Especially Adapted to Youth

Closing of the Church Schools for the summer will be marked by children's day cervices In several Protestant churches Sunday. Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church .Mil have a service Tor the school at 6:30 A.M. The school will march In procession frcrn the parish house to the church, where morning prayer fill be read and certificates distributed to those completing the year's work. The rector, the Very Rev. Claude H. Leyfleld. will be assisted by Arthur lies and Lcland Frye. The Junior choir will be In the chancel. In the done In the school during the year Will be on display. Mas Dorothy K Taylor Is director of the educational program. At Parke Central Presbyterian Church, the children's day «rvlce will te in the auditorium at 11 A.M. The Rev. Dr. Ray Freeman Jenney. putor. will speak. Certificates ol promotion will be awarded, and gl.t Bibles given to graduates o! the primary department. The school at the closing has an enrollment o: 300 pupils with a teaching statt ot 45. It Is directed by the Rev. David Braun. Andrew H. Mercer Jr. Is superintendent. Young people ot Firtl Methodist Episcopal Church will hear tie Rev. Lvnn J. Radcllfle preach on The Courage to Live." at a service tor jouth at 11 A. M. The young peop.c will meet at 6 P. M. under William Salisbury. A united session o! the cnurcn school, with presentation or a playlet "The Square Deal," and a talk bv 'Kenneth Simons on "The Meaning or Greatness" will mark Young Pcople's i j u i i u a j "- Bellcvue HclRht: pica Sunday at -- · -- -. Methodist Episcopal Church. Th meeting will oc at 10 A.M. The Rev. Charles M. Hcrrlc*. paste' or Westminster Presbyterian Church, will preach on "Trie God o the Individual" Sunday at H AM. K a service conducted oy young ~" The IKv. Franklin P. Bennett minister In charge or St. Pauls Pro totant Episcopal Church, announce that the Rev. Stuart G^CeJe c^ Sen

Costlntilr.; a !h!p-'.=-shM striej 0! girl or th» garden. I «sVed rela)s from the g!ar.t Fre-eh liner CHAPTEE ./v.rt.4. ·--'v/n»rj.**iv XXI l i . v _ rv,,,., ·*,. ho r>j%re Ncrmar.d:e, on Its maiden voyage W to It* ^ ^ dawn tf.e ;OI:OT!=; j *-°s£M£ ,"' v^. ftt v«ma.- he N>TYorJtC:iyl:c,=i!<Hme.>Iw«.lmo ,hc ..der «y. I rre?1:td. "perhips ' tt« to?* C* a the CoIuinbU «*.«* *i:i bro.c!c«.., , ^ O3 «rtd.ha7e Night Aboard -.he N'<J;c" i ·' sl-ht-i' Cor-i'-xr.t aworlatlon br«is » cerB:30 Ionian;. tv.fct*idW<l jjtisti.P.M!~ young people: Friday. 7:30 Pil.. o: thla s'.range world, and my pre-1 '^"^ Aa th« days passed. *-h» h>trH OV an. East Onondags and Jet- sermon. alltlM who ftre matire '.he trip will carious situation aa a prisoner o: the \ .j contempt which the eoir.rr.on sa::ar rerson Streets, the Rev. Jamts B. I'll-rlin Holiness 310 Hatch Street *ke par*. In the program t*. tea. tatied. Thorlsu en^ndo^ed l«as rcgre! i ors flnn»irf.d to have fcarbored lor u* . .... i»,.j »».. Tur-ps: p«* app-arcd to have harbored lor u* Knappenberger-9:30 A.M.. 10-30 Ail. service; 12 noon. Sun- moiig them f.c.-r.e or the !air.ous enIng: 10:30 Ail., preaching: 11:30 Ail.. day School: 7:30 P.M.. evangelistic ertaicers o! th« Parisian ttaje. ,,,, ,,, f«t that I, ^fl»tearth I «£ ^TM S^SSt^g Bible School: Wednesday. 1:30 Pi!, sen-lee; Tuesday. 7:30 P. M, Mrv'« prayer meeting. at Sentinel Height*: Thursday. 7:30 XAZAllCSK . M . prayer meeting. xazarene. Cannon and West Newell !te«ue Ml«lon. 511 East WashingStreets, the Rev. J. C Albr:ght-9:45 ton Street. Richard D. Murphy, su*M Sunday School; 10:iS Ai., perintendent--10:30 A.M.. children's morning worship; 6:30 P.M. young mission: 3 Pil.. Sunday School «t oeoDle- 7:30 Pil., evangelistic ser- Rescue Mission: 7:30 Pil-. Mr. Murvice: Wednesday, 1:30 P.M.. prayer phy Monday. Yokerellows: Tuesday, meeting. the Rev. Walter V. Watson: WednesPIIESIiyiEUIAS day. Amos Phlpps: Thursday. Billy Armenian Minion, parish house · Sunday Club; Friday. Centenary Armenan , r'ourth Presbyterian Church the Rev. Methodist Episcopal Church; Satur i *..-.· h'ir'o^r, 1-"- th? wake c.: Harry K. Khachadourlan--10:30 A.M.. day, converts. .VBC-V.'J?;, ar.d V.'SYH a'. 3 . ' the larrf r vc^^l: ar.d I ' M XT ice and sermon, "The Message of Si rani vf Gn«pel Tahtrnatlf, 1303 The prod'jctlon -x'.'.l be broadcast Jr ; exce'.^r.: vicx c: the adjacent lar.d Ascension Day." Souih Salina Street, the Rev. William MJC studios Ir. Sew York, hut li Klmnood. 1640 South Avenue, the Montsomery--10 A-M-. Bible School; *.o be '·· P--. o: Boi'.cn's ce ! the -*ld<: rapar.:« el occsa ttre'.chlr.j 11 A-M.. ticij-a Precedlr.g the Rev Arthur L. Bergcr--9:45 A.M- J t A-.M.. "Events »...^^..-t, -- Coni- bration marislcs the u:;ei:'.er.ary · a 1 *ay t-> t:;-,- l-cr^'-.r.. lunlor church; 10 Ail.. Church ur.g'o! Christ." Holy Communion. :c ton Ccrr.rr.on. 1 *-'- -"·" "-TMon, c e p o n o! rr.-rnbers; ... . ! Tr.» hcailsr.d? ^-ere :c<>y prornor. S:hool: 11 A.M.. urorsblp and sermo jcepuon o m e m r ; 6 P.M.._Jun:or ·The Heavenly HlghTay"; 0:30 Pil.. c. E.: c:,5 pii.. Senior C. E.: 7:30 Other pT&Trasi hlgh'JghU: "Fa-j- Vari'-a c'.v.hcd -A-i'.Ji '.erdure c: e^'..c>.'· ' "Ma n AsV-lng--God Christian Endeavor: 7:30 P.M, serv.te P.M.. Waller will be co-starr«! with Richard - h'-es . Tuesday. 2 P.M.. women s prayerHirr.bcr's orchestra In the Rsilo Clll1 '**:·*· ::cfi. which --era o: a fm^..-r vith American Lejlon Posts In attendance, sermon, "Blessed and meeting; Wednesday, 7:45 P-M. prog.-asi over NBC-WEAP at 8 Party solemn Memories": Monday. 8 P.M., prayer; Saturday. 7:30 P-M,. men*. P. M. . . . Jce Cror.:r.. maKa^er ar.d ; ~J>r.:^""4Tr.*^ litV.r pTfc:esi'd a session and trustees meetings. prayer meeting. shortstop- o! the Boston R^d Sex, ! truly a-** laspU-ir.5 *?ettat:c ircm : EAST SYRACUSE First, 620 West Gcncsee Street, the ·*·;:! be Q g:if*t of Thornton F^her la the op-.-n Ki to the *y« c! an nr:r. Rev Dr. John S. MacDonald--3:45 .pel llall, 332 East Avenue-- 2:3<- his Spo:'^ Parade over K2C-WEAP fit A.M. and 11 A.M., Church School; 11 P M Bible School: 7:30 Pi!-, preach- , i, ^( 'Arvlc* and sermon. " 't%- .^-- 7-7n P.M. Bible r. turfy ) rin-t Wiinl. Park and Tunic Streets. |alld "Hit Pararle." featurln- Uan:e Hayhe Rev. Walter V. Watson--10:30 .NOHTI1 SVRAtrSE ton's crchestra. over N'EC-WEAF a: ,M Lord's Supper; 12 noon. Sunday the Rev. George Thomson School: 4 P.M., Junior Christian En- --10:33 A.M.. salvation; 12 noon. 7 o'c'.ock. eavor: 6:30 P.M.. CM Phi nrid Firc- B'Ve School; 7 P.M., conamunlon ser'de Clu&; Wednesday. 7:30 P^I.. vice sr.d fcnacr.. "Our Honored we tings. Dcsd"; Wednesday. 8 Pil.. prayer rourtli. Sallna. Onondapa and Harison Streets, the Kcv. Paul Holden Hays--10:30 A.M., worship and s;rmon. "A World in Building"; kindergarten and Junior church; 1- noon. Church School. Onontliiga Valley, West Scr-cca Turr.plXc ar.d Academy Street, the Rev. Jamw A. Cunningham--5-45 AM., Sunday School: 10:45 A.M., worSATIT.DAV, JfSE 1 , 1935. S'.«r NeTSpajxr 6eiv!«» ship and sermon, "Ascension Day." (Enttrn Standard Titae) I-ark Central. South Towr-^end and (11.3 M.--IVE.IF. Xi» Tork-tCO K. East Favotte Streets, the Rev. Dr. (SCO Rtt .Vct»oH K.r Slillen) 'Ware the Burglar! Ray F.'Jenney--11 A.M.. children's 3:0^_Cc^; Terc:r.'.er.sry cr.cril Dog Burglars! Yes, they really arc. They're do-s of many day service. 2517 South Salina Street, Kercrmed. the Rev. Elmer G. Russell--10 A.M.. 5:1J). crimes. '-'worship and And every ni{ilit they start to rob as soon as midnight chimes. Bible School; 11 A.M.. Talk:" 6:30 5:30--P:e::-Radl( 5:35--Gallafhtr sermon, "The Flower P.M.. young people; They've heard of Mrs. Furry's rings, poor Mrs. Furry's pride; 'Christ's Will lor His People." -Jam They know that Mrs. Furry sleeps with windows open wide. South, South Sallna and West ColYin Streets, the Rev. John T. Reeve-- 11:03--Hcr.:y Bute's Orcr.c;'.:i. They do not know, I'm glad to say for Mrs. Furry's sake, 11:33--H-r.:j Kirk's O:cl:«'.ri. 10:30 A.M.. service and sermon, "What °'''''~JcV"**CTO.i:n. G'j»t. "al's UTA.M, WT1C. 13<X) K,--WFBL, Sjrarcje--7-'0.1 M. s Your Aim In Life?" 12 noon. Sunday 7-f>^ Hit Parade--L*nn:- Ha.y:_J^_That Mr. Furry--with a stick--is very wide awake! *:ri--J*ar. B:ur.:;:o's Orcl-.e:::a. School; 7:30 P-M., sermon. "Evidences (Watch /or another Furry Family's Circus scene Sunday) ; the Divine Goodness." \\TAM. VTIC. Westminster, Douglas and Graves 8:00--Hsiia City_P*:tT. Rev. morning. Instead, the pastor and Avenue, the Holy Claude H. I*}--9:3( Streets, the Rev. Charles M. Herrlck-- 8:30--Juj'clJca\r --3 A.M.. Communion; 9:45 AJ.I., Church School; 11 A.M. congregation will ufcc part In the A.M., WL-.V. WTA c'.osin? exercise ol Churc. rice conducted by young people anc 9:30--Sur==ier Toll Baccalaureate service at Syracuse School; 11 A-M., Holy Communion sermon, "Good of the Individual": University. and sermon. 6;30 P.M.. ChriEt'.sn Endc-vor. LVAXOEL1CAL !t>:45--Toni C&ailer'* Orcft..Following Is a list ol services SunREFORMEI* i:-CO--Rtssie Chf^;* Orchis'.: day and next week In Syracuse ProtImmanuel. South Townscnd First. 525 James Street, the Rev H:»--Paul Peciarvls' Ort hurches: estant churches: Monroe Streets, the Rev. Franx C Calvin C. Meury--:0 A.M.. Church WGY. Hube--10 A.M.. Church School; 318.6 31,--WABC. Stw Vork--ECO K. S:hool: 11 A.M., worship ar-d sermor n A IT IST A.M.. worship: 6:45 P.M., Chrlsi (CCS Key SUllon) hv Dr. Albert P. Van Dusen; 6:30

Chain Stations

Syracuse Stations


or Nca- Berlin and tne Kcv. KSH.UI crott Avenue, the Rev. William ; | day"7:30 P.M.." v.-orshlp. 3-;5^I.1'c.tArAt"A.VA"1'Trac* "?e:. *"S3 P.M-, preparatory service. M. Burroughs or Troy will preach a Gollzhtly--10:30 A.M.. sermon, "The \\GKUCAL SYNOD Second, Teall Avenue and Eldorado 4-Oi--3=3^' Brnr.fKo'B OrchfMrs. i^c St. Pauls during June Poo try o! Human Difference." a n d ) ' ' " . . , ,, .. ri 'AFflL_. <:3.>-Cn:cJioirJ. aiw V.F3*-. K\M \ Holy ·Communion: __ 12 no«u ^hUKh |RJv ^1'|^n^ Bauer-o'-VM.; Church i 10' A M . "service and fertnon. "£av.. ..^, . the Bcj-s": 11 A.M.. cuniiay t:ti--To ut anc^-utei. *-±~> -i^-- co-.- ii:!^-B^::' '·j'ri-lf's'orehii'.ri. 10 A.M.. i coacUJcT'servlccs next C E C r 0 1 Wednesday, 4 P.M.. Sunday 5:CO-F:eder;c_ V.-^Wi^^PoI/.iCJl i::35--Ray Kc.'t'C^'i O::^^:r: wIyR on 'i"- ^ivf,.^... -'·----- - by ""j "* ^^TM and East Jeficr- I^eaThin^ln EngUsh; 11 Ail-, preachthc prosr ^ sponsored WiiiK __,,, c - i . i . l 1 « c -n German. n*>TTTSn. the ,, _..,« C»nnni-t1 ft* l C h u c . ^ ! '" *· ·**^-*'·?·*'*- J SJ-I.CUM Council o ChUrCiieS- I hKin"at"C7'S |so? Streets."the Rs^tathcr \v._£imtn .. ^"barieV'Vorchestra tWFBL cr. SfNDAV, Jl'NE ~ LVTIIKRAX I Thr Suridny service wii spcakrrt --11 A.-., c^-m-..;.^-- ^- · -- Ti\trza M»ni»rd Tin \tonemrnt. West Brignton and Mid. I First. Oak-arood Avenue, the Rev. A.M., others at 7 A.M. . , _ . AchV'a'-r-o WFBL. i land Avenues, the Rev. Jcnn M. Josiyn Leila E- Williams--3:30 P.M.. serviceu-jii be" Wn 7::o--Go to Cl-.urrh. The Rev. Burton E. Butman. Brcrarn Immaiiuel, Hawlcy Avenue ar.d How- --9:45 A.M., Sunday School; 11 A.M.. 5 P.M, church; 6:^0 P-M. S.C-:---Cois: io Coac. or. 2 Memorial Church. Sunday; the Rev. a'<l Street, the Rev. Selby Swift-- se'vlcc- Tuesday. 8 P.M.. Luther 9;;o--'J.-.;:? ITini P.ciS;r.s i--L*. S. Na ar.i W \V. Hunt, retired. Monday; the 10:30 A.M.. sermon. "What the D?ath League- Thursday. 8 P.M., Church symposium; 7:30 Pil-. service ficr 5:15-- Sc-J'.f.err.ilrer. _<-,3U N: Ptv V Gordon Gould, Bellevue c! Christ Means to Me": 12 noon,Blb!e Council: Friday. 8 Pil.. Community lecture; Wednesday, 7:45 Pil., 9-S.:--South S^i IsUr.iers. WF3L. ,cc. Hclghtt ' Cburch. ^esday;; the Jtor School; 6:15 P.M.. Booster Club and Men-B Club; Friday, 7:45 P.M.. or- vico. e . Ciolilcn Rule. 227 Webster Avenue John Starr. Navarlno. chestra. --3:30 P.M.. study group; 5:30 P-M-. r Church. B. Y. P. U.: Wednesday. 7:15 P.M,, First Kncllsli. 507 James Street, the p*.v I rster SchaS, Nc service. .BJ:i"Bei:?:e's"*OrchestVa {'.VFBL on :::20--lUdio C;'-y M\is:c Ha^ Srs?!:onj the Hcv. W. Carteton sanctuary Avi'iiue. North Lowell Ave- Rev. Dr. Edward L. Keller--9:45 A.M.. dinner- 7 P.M.. service: 7:45 P-M., Louell Thursday, 7 P.M. and 7:45 ;::::--Muslci^ Favor;:?;. Stevens. ' Freeman Avenue Church, nue and Ulster Street, the Rev. Clay- Church School: 11 Ail., service and lecture- vces. .« 11:3-3--Ray Hiriwcfs Orchfstra. a'jo WF3I* Pil.. ser lolvay. Friday: the Rev Ru \Vet M ton E. Stoddard-lO A.M.. Church ssrmon "Why Do Men Suffer?" i-:tH*^"i;c;r;rs. p:A-i5t. Tni. Lamed Building, 7:30 P.M., STj -, ji.--U'JZ. »w Vcrk--"f*1 K. St. John*. Prospect Avenue and Mrvices: Thursday, 8 P.M.. lecture ay :::«-"7^e Vi=«ar_T:«." B.^: 3-:5ci Be!! St Paula CJmrch. Saturda). School; 11 A.M, service and sermon. (NEC Bint Setwark Kry sutloa) The Bcv. George Perkins, retired. "To Obey Is Better Than Sa:r:fl:e"; 7 Butternut Street, the Rev. Emcs*. J. :30-0;V Stta'c^JSe'cisrch TH " c a a a terrlee «-er WFBL Thurs- P.M.. young people at home o! Doris Mollenaucr--9 A-M.. Sunday School; the Rev. Jennie DeLon£. service and social hour. . » - ,.--Jfc7^a<:"Ffc=-.'3-vj:drr C;:T. div at 7:1S PM. O" «« "Chapel Blye, 227 Tennyson Avenue: 7:30 Pil-, 10 A.M., English s=rvice: 11:15 A.M-, 'Il5?C»a«7" Orc^I' 1 , 124 East Gor.«M Spiritual S 3 33--l>::o.i i!-;ic *£»:;-.».. ol'the Air" program. union service at West Gencsee Metho- German service; subject. "Waiting." Street--7:30^P.M.. service with puest ·f:C^--r'.Cff! sni Dr'--i,-^Tn?TM,;-!'^ A.WA Tracic M; St. P ul*. Oswgo Street. Mcnlman dls; Episcopal Church. <:jj--Lc.a 7-_:ne:. &ip:a.-.3. o'wSYB.* .-iii-uut; and Grace Street, the Rev. speaker; altcrr.oon Mr.'ice it Eln;The Presbyterj- of s>'racv^etcr^" Avenue 4:tS--5^3 Etcirr's D^: Cha'.i. CIIItlSTIAS SCIENCE ·R-ood Park. 5"-> G:-r.-.J:-r Guirii Bsr.d. First. East JetTersoa Street and For- Frederick C. ZUcrmaun--9:45 A.M., VXITAKIAN ·"I---Gr\r.^ K3'.e:." Skrx:-. Church ol'warnpsvlllc at 2 P.M. Busl- man Avonuc--10:45 A.M. and 7:30 Junior service: ll A.M., divine service 6.C-J--Jars Sfr.rr. 13?r. 3^:=-"'s Orehfjand sermon. "Cnrlsfs Promise." Armorial, 4'2 James Street. MM matters ^\*?,TM?°^?J»a£° Xion*. Buttcrnu; S'.rcc: and Pros- tll<J p cv \v y.'aldomr.r W. Arro-x1-- V. Waldeimr W. Hcv Charles pc:t Avonuc. the Rev. PTlic ; Hypnoti*m. Denounced"; Wednesday. Jc:i.=cn--9 A.M.. Church Cnr:s::3:i 10 9-45 AM. Church &:hO^!: !0 AM.. S;;ioo.: forum: 11 A. M- fcrvic? ar.d Grnrral · -.viii i s 'P.M.. mcctinff. RCV. Edw >fcoinl. 2507 J,in:cs "- c .,-_10 4 j A . M . English s^rvl:c ar.d scrr.'.on,"Trn:jS to Forgotten £fr:r.K.' i-V'Mcd--' "Witneis" Btarers." ]un:o: churcii; A M . , subject, "Anclrrt ar.f' Mctl-r- ' 7:30 P^I., pageant, "The Endless Christian anil Missionary Alliance, Thc'e will be no evening MI vice Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Crusade." by Luther League o: Syra347 Cort'.and Avenue, the Rev. L. J. Sunday .t Eastwood Baptist Church, hypnotism. Denounccci: \.ct.-c---.ty. cuse district. 8'P.M.. mestlnp. isch--9:30 Ail., class meeting: 10:30 ZccordU to the pastor, the Rev. METHODIST EPISCOPAL ChrMian Science Sm-Irtv, 119 Kir^ William D. Golightly. Afbury, Center and Second Streets, AM- worship and sermon; 12 noon. Avenue--11 A.M., subject, "Anclen: Sunday School; 6:30 P.M.. young peoand Modern Xecromancy. alias Mes- Solvay. the Rev. George M. Whiting-- A pageant. -The Endless Crusade " merism and Hypnotism. Denounced": 10 A.M.. Chureh School: 11 A.M., ple; 7:30 P.M-, evangelistic service; will be given by members of the Wednesday. 8 P.M.. meeting. worship with guest speaker; 6:30 P.M., Wednesday. 7:30 P~M., Bible study; rmheV Leasue of the Syracuse disyounp people; 7:30 i-..>i-. union service Friday. 10:30 AM., day of prayer. r-iifpril OP CUBIST V«UHK ptopie; i.ou P.M.. umi/.i j....»w CHl'KCH OK PHIltST ChrMian Spiritualist ISjctilc, 900 j..0.>_fc.njr.-.0r. * Set at ZiSS Lutheran Church SunWwt Geneste Street--3 PM., lecture :i':M-mr.rr Ba»»*» o^^'V;,1'!-'« u-Svp' Jay night at 7:30 o'cloclt. by F. £, Sauers. "Boiled Down Facts i nno-Henn K;r.g's Qrche>tra. ».SJ ttSYB. 9:X>--C"-tch o: ',,*:· A'r.


:c,:. r-hi WAS · at siy slis. ! "Do *tho*e d:i!er materially Jrc^-. j the R-rays von . . _i

did "O-.v

exp'.nir.ed. "I had cm have ai ~.a;-.y'.-ers

isle;, ar.d scliisrj. of r.-hcm · T.-.t: K-rjy <le--:r;is or.'.y nr. , C;_;e5 ar.yth;r.5 abou: ".c, ^l'-e -.y t:?.'^e." he replied, "^hile ther | o'd master was kind w me anl looked . not.h!=3 :hat the T-ray rr.i; r.o: slcjtc. I", is .1 rax: clanscroas ray: (To Be Continued Monday) to n-ork »-ita t-;:a-j--o ever, the m a t e - ; t7 Tdiir PJce S-r::-ihi. !==-> rial o: the r-= barrel I'-H'-f is =r.; ·s-holiv impervious to it. a-i the ; re^ar. that it can -e uwd at all Is alcris the1 Hr.e of le?^t resistance. "Hoi is It" ired?" 1 asked.

Initiated in Bible Group

,n.HXe'°^a ^y^rJryVh^a: Pastors Admitted to HonU"*,u*:::: U r^L-:d :" j>:rTM.;*.; rsd'.i- · orary Rolls it:or»> 'rom 53 to Imping* or. i !

**·«· c'-^r^e. -R-hich ccnfl^W o! el«nier.:. !&7.":Si:iV::t'«:=5 the dtafily T-ny." : '·".Vhv cj"".(ir."t ""c *-r"- ~-r--* ? ;:ri !

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What Do You Wanl?

Ecrvlco for young people with ?ermon, "Final Examinations." Centenary, 820 South West Street, the Rev. Dr, Arthur E. Moody--10 AM., Church School; 11 AM., sermon by guest preacher, the Rev. Dr. Carl O. McConnpll. "Christ's Farting Charge"; 5:15 P.M.. young pCQp.c* CONORrOATIONAL j ·esper service. r«tmc on Africa »t the church MonGood Will. Grace and Maiseua! Dcnltt, Orvllle, the Rev. Clyde A. Streets, the Rev. Arthur H. Cookc-- ,owllnK5on--10 A.M., Church School: day night at the »aroc hour. 10:30 A.M., worship and sermon. 11 A.M.. service with Holy ComLiberty KoilncM Chapel. Inc.. 'Faith lor Purzllns Fears"; 6:30 P-M., munion; 6 P.M., Epworth Lcapue. i;rwln. Euclid and Roosevelt Ave«h%h has b«n located at 311 Wrorn- Christian Endeavor. Iour yc s hM Plymouth. Warren. OnontJaga and nues, the Rev. Arthur P. White--10 Si St-Mt <1»909 South SU* " Street Sensed to !«« Madi-on Strests. the Rev. Dr. Robert AM.. Church School; II AM., worJ. Bruce--9.45 A.M.. Chureh School; ship and sermon. "The Way to Pente11 A.M.. sen-ice and sermon; 5 Pil* cost"; 6 PM-. Bible study lor young xople. young people. HrM, Ewt Onondaga and South ITISCOFAL _ All Saints South Sallna Street and jtate Streets, the Rev. Lynn J. RadUnion City. .., McLennan Avenue, the Rev. Fcnlmore cWlc--10 A.M., Church School: U ««v D- Carl O. McCcmr.cll. su- E. Cooper--8 AM., Holy Communion; A.M.. service and tcrmon, "The of the Syr«usc West 9:30 AM.. Junior church »nd Church Courage to Live''; 6 PM. young D^'rlet of the Methodist School; 11 A.M.. Holy Communion first want. 510 Dear Street, the Church will J*«ch cn '*-"*." and sermon; A P.M.; Etudent council pJrlin? Charge." at Cfnwnary M. meeting; 7 P.M., flnal meeting ol Re%-. W. Scott Tompklns--10:30 A.M.. service and sermon. "Marked": P'45 Church Sunday >t 11 A. M. Y. P. F. CaKary. James Street and Durston A.M.. Church School; 6:30 P.M.. Epr Avenue, the Rev. C. Bertmm Rnn- worth League. H A'.^«~7^/r?u r~n Freeman Avenue, 138 Freeman Avenalls--7:30 AM., Holy Communion; 9:30 A.M.. Church School; 10:45 A.M. nue. Solv»y. the Rev. \V. Or.fton Choral Eucharist with fcctal proccs- Stevens--10 Ail. Church School; II 1 I^ ' W - " - 5 s'on and sermon. "Looking at Life A.M.. service and sermon. "Where Do - ' -·(m Oocta Hilltop": Thursday, 7:30 We Oo from Here?" »-hcn la preaches on ' A *«..**»* -^ M., Holy Communion. I'urniati. 140 >\JrmAn BUtil. -.c Horr.s M*kcrs." ^ CiMCf. University Avenue and Mad- nev. Dr. H. H. Do»^ey- 10:30 A . M . ,,ison Street, the Rev. CharlM Pater- scrvjoe and sermon. "A Mcsssgc to ol West End $on-5myth--8 AMHome Makers"; 12 noon, church Holy Communion; 9:30 AM., children's sum- School; 6:30 PJ.I-. Kpworth League; mer school: 11 AM, Holy Com- 30 P.M, sermon. "Words Hard to p ll M. l Uymftn from the churches will munlon and sermon, corporate com- "renounce." l^ifayette Avenne. 2026 Midland h'ave'charge of the tcrnee. munion of parish. SI. Albany MeadowbTCOfc Drive "nrt Avenue, the Rev. Dr. Corlte E. TorAmerican Legion 'Posts of ^°^ Scott' Avenue--The Rev. Joseph O. ranee--10:30 Ail. service and «rd»R» Covmty h»ve been .^"Wd » lobert*--11 A.M., mccnlnu prayer mon by guest preacher, the Rev. P. M. VSlllilur*, "Llvlns TjJtttK'l ":3<! »nd sermon. St Mstks West Oenwee Street «nd P.M, sermon oy the Rev. Mr. WUnm^^od Presbyterian Church Sun- St. KorkJ Avenue, the Rev. Joseph R, lams. "Religion In Life." I'nlverslt)-. East O«n«*e Street and day »t 7:30 P. M Clalr--7t30 A.M. «n4 9:30 **I, Holy Communion; 10 Ai!.. Church School: University Avenue, the Rev. Dr. WilUnl«r»lty Mclhodlsl 11 A.Mi Holy Communion and «r- liam C. Salisbury--10 A." Sunday School; 4 Pit, pastor's , 5:30 Church will h»« DO »m SunH.7 "si.' mots K«»t F»yette »nd Mont- P.'I., Brooks Epworth Uagu, ~i Vroscomery Streets, the Rev. Pr«nilln P. pjrt Hill; W«lii»d»y. ":ti Ti.. B-nnctt--8 AJ.I.. Holy Communion; wayer service. West Oenesee. west Oenesee Street 11 A.M, Holy Communion lind «erand Milton AvtTra;. tne Rev. Altrtd m Sr«ul5I..I.-""'>"»1'eh"" s"l! PMIIIp'. «» Almond Street, the L. Taylor--10:90 AM., n-orshlp »r.d MS SBBd»r N'«ht UT. Henry B. I«-ll A_M.. Mrvlc. ««rmon. "Strengthened by Certaintl»'j 12 noon. Church School: 530 II A.M.-C«i"»"l« Hrtll.H" d « n : -. t.tktr W.H'r sr.llh rr.«he> School; 7:30 P.M, evenln{ prayer and P.M. Epwjrth League; 7:30 Pit., union Rfrrlcc. vn, HaroM «n4 Butternut R TMlnHv. West onondasi and Eou» AT FIRST BAPTIST TM ship. CON GREG ATI ON AI- -DISCIPLES OF CHRIST Panforth I'nlteil, 1641 South Sallna Street, the Rev. Archie E. Bedford-- 9:45 AM.. Church School: 11 AM..

S 4, in r« cnurVh SthSl- II Street and Grant Avenue, the Kcv. p. A M . worship and sermon, "The Word S^^na'Sn. ^°^ go^ Oo^-JJ ^, %£»£ of Authority": 7:30 P.M., cvcnins -x<x~

oS-H'I^^b^ "^rasjsns^'gs


Allen King's Wild Animal Act to Be Circus Thrill

. . . "u,' --.·-·«; to a ·'-···>'·'·. '.rrejuli · Seta, honorary Bible Society. »',v" '-" : "e e-d c- -e c-a-.i s'-.sft . S-.Tacuf- University rtiSa; nlsht. It.'il".,'" '",, 'V,....T- "-.c iey :ca ' Other honorary rneniberihlpi »ere '.-ccelvcdbv.^^^ Chines BoUlnser Lff TCV" he -c-"«l" ' ' MethodUt EpL-copal Church. ' ' ' .l.'"v.""-? 'T'-- oncers have keys to the suns 1 Wawrt«rs; :?.e B«v. Ai:rea (.oaian. ·>ey "command." he rc?'.;ed. "la the j F-.r« Methodist i^JicoprA Church. ?.,.-,\ cTn'n a-c £C"S -a a'l curs. Ithaea, and the Rev. Kenmore "T/V.r*a,li/, a ~,t.,"- X"T tsst'-a-illtHairht, Firft Mctaodlst Episcopal unT-^i: an"v"or tifem!" A: ':««*. ttir. i Church. Biahmore. ^-s t-e syatcin 1.1 tt* aaclest VepaThe Her. Fealaiore E. Cooper of All ?,_ _,X. ,«i ,- i, doubles.* the «a=i«! Saints Episcopal Church, th* Re'-'. i ;"7,-".«'."'Cl"T^r->" -s-- " ' Elizabeth Padgharn s~A the Rev. L. N.

10:33--^11: Lixe Tsbcrxit'.s Chtir. :i:30-Ti:: 7r«i:. , _ ,. r.:4J-R*p. Ma-ry Mavfrl:*. ^l.*. l!-0->-Churrh c: thf Air. I!:3*-Cirr.:viI ol i>.« Air. ll-ij--Ht. 5--C asd Tlicr. l-.W-Liry Da=. :he M.r.;t:ei Msr.. l:3>-Ed!!i! Du5!tei:«r. O:i»-;5j - n -- v - v y Br"?.^-»»'.

i 'TM fii,V: ^ - &"|5r«?BISSS,.8'!>a"

im^V ---· --tt«Hcu^^c^^ s,^"

·!".^;,f: is .--MO:-·' I rc»:»d.iK!"«- a:;d Ciarlos S. WI:::KM. i, ·>l^ ."-j^J--'"-- · . A descrlptlcn cf the cuswxs fir.d , j,.-.r<r,.'rn pf tho ptisMms ar.d K? made no an.* "p-~'a-riVc:'d""ot i "v..." i c^rn'^^r^"'-1110115 °- Palestine was slven

Chl h


I g a v e 1-. a :o: o: tao-JSSt. Rcche!ter"DiVmit7 Sch-il.'" ^""°" 3-00--S:. Lc-Jls Pa:aic. .. 4'W--Co'Jtuy C"^ich o: h;-.-?"^;-. | .\s 1 »orwd. I =o.«d .he a*..., ,oll(wlnj ~,m e,K:,d oacers <;»^rrar.fc CruaLt e^d Ja'.li SiLicrson | r.cLM:e« propulsion o: t.-.e ship .-d , ,c. MJ. Jm. n, ^ E E J!t.. S:W_Xat! A=»:«ur M«i*« jitKed Karr.lot what drove !.. ri J M- , o, ,.«,.,,,. MtIeS. j^,;. rhright 5-33-- Eunice O'.^'.fr. 6'00-- RCai*>Ti o! Ro~ac(e. |p-.jr.a::or. T« Ions ar.d ...htr tech- M »Bt..k M.; ;he pj,_ g _ Bll _ lan f::5-??crts P.«pc"l ? fIntel: sufScc to MJ t..a. ...e K"-> LOng. sopaer and Miss Carrie sawyer. 6:35--Ro»iT*i5 ol R^siECf. 'usefu! element S3 (nk-ro) ^ t O ! mMk!r. airaln employed upcn a ; I called lor. which eor.t»'.ra a coaid-j r , 8;C'>-D?trc.: Sjr.phcsr: Crete j crasle propcr-.lcn cf the eltment yor- j JjUO I sold. So?:ar.3. S-!Xt--\Yairc Kir.l'i OieSti'.". ^5x1 (IMl.'Tl-.c ac'.lcn of vik-ro upon j TJ

!§;?t.y;,r. D,-.:. c,:., s:r

IP-3J~ri»-!c-.* Masters Orc^rit ' "

Captain Johnson Goes to Niagara

i tlcn of ti-.e lor. releasing all Its er.-1 Robert Blas'.cr. 5. cr 202ii Ren ! ert'y. ycu consider that there i wick Avenue, wandered to a candy '^^13 thoi^-ind million as mucn i[store .1; S^uth Cro-^e Avenue and |,.c.^.";.'iV-ated by the annihilation | East Gcnesoe Street Prissy night and ic"a" : on c' CMl than by its combus-1 for some time *ji hv.-lns » B»=d, v.-iu »i!l ipjrecHM the Inherent j time eating cindy pu.-cl-.ised for him ! pM-lbllltles ol thl> mirveloui Vcnu- 6y customers In the store while his i*m sclentlfle daoarery. F-.IC! for the ! mother and police ^ero marching th. l|"c of 'he ·'-.!? could be csrried In i neighborhood for him. Tht store


ALLEN KINO, who has thrilled millions with his wild animal act.

lentury of Progress Feature Comes With Cole Brothers' Big Show

day June «. you will find Seven million people can't be cupying a prominent positionMm ocon the iron;. At least the 7.000.000 people lengthy and meritorious program. In the savage and ferocious exhithat ttltr.essed Allen King In the "Cage ot Fury" at the 193« World's bition offered by King are such Jungle fair proclaimed him the sensation ol killers as black panthen from Java. :,.,, c£,,r(. century o! Progress. Klnr. Royal Bengal tificrs, black maned presented an let that was packed African lions. sl«k J4aUy IcopalcU pumas. · l.v. ...... .....V..-- .. itith thrills and suspense, »s it »'»» and fierce South American c--. the largest group of mixed animal Many of these beasts, all forest bred, acre brought hack to America by that ever .'aoed a subjugator. So suecessiul «as King at the Frank Buck ol "Bring 'Em Back World's Pair that the Colo Brothers- Alive" fame. The presentation by Clyde Bcatty mtnssement signed him Ktnft Is entirely different than offered to a long-term contract and when the by Clyde Beatty. Neither U there Cole-Beatty clrcui appcsra here Tues- any duplication ol animals. AU that triet o:"Vi:'c*fcf laad. iltaite !a about June 15.

Carey Acquitted as Drunken Driver

A Jury in Police Court Friday afternoon found L«Orandc S Carp/ of 1628 Salt Springs Ro*d not auiuy ol drivir.K whi'* intoxicate2. Carey w« arrested by Patrolmen Hy Leubbcrmnn and Earl Nichols on the ntght or My U alter an accident la front ol 3503 Jsmca Street. .

. . . to t map e! Wtstair-JUt Tiact. asadi e . ' W. Ctik. Cull Er«'.r.eir. tor

u-Ilh llanan; tu*. TC fill r.o*. TTOTJE together, ar.d at nlgM TC vere ususlW tired that we conversed but litil* Tore falling a«fcp on trie nsrrt or o! our prison. One nigM., the sorrow o! Kamlot having be*n brought to my mind by my ovn rtgrettul recollection* of th« name!«&i

..^. N v . LEO W. BIIESD, e t r r ! aEWSTtB, JOHNSON fc GLOOER. ittoroeji for tf»tnU9. f!TH« tad p«*:e9j«t iddttti 1W1 Oasacait Cou&ty tunan Bank Bldt.. Siiaeute, N. T.


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