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Extended campai blast furnace Tuyeres gn

Fi d tri s i el al nvol ng bl vi ast f urnaces operated by TA TA Steel i the U K have hel n ped TA TA SteelProj ects to relabl extend i y tuyere lf to tw o years and ie beyond.

A s part ofa l eadi i ng nternati onal steelm aki com pany,TA TA ng SteelProj ects has been i dealy l pl aced to eval uate tuyere degradati i servi at cl on n ce ose quarters and to w ork w i bl th ast f urnace operators to overcom e i ssues that have a negati ve i pact on tuyere condi on. m ti Buidi on the pl orm ofa l ng atf hi gh-qualty tuyere that i i s custom desi gned f each or i vi ndi dualbl f ast urnace, extensi use i now m ade of ve s hard surf ng and ref aci ractory m ateri s to protect vul al nerabl e regi agai erosi f ons nst on rom abrasi and lqui m ateri s.I ve i d al n addi on,a cl associ on ti ose ati w i both the research f lti th acii es and pri ary producti si of m on tes TA TA Steelensures the dri f ve or f urther devel opm ent rem ai ns vi gorous,f ocused and ef ecti f ve. U l m atel tuyere cam pai lf ti y, gn ie extensi i achi on s eved through an understandi ofoperati ng onal

ci rcum stance and the abii to lty convert thi know l s edge i an nto ef ecti desi and hi qualty f ve gn gh i end product. TA TA SteelProj ects has the experi ence,techni support cal and m anuf acturi abii to ng lty sati y thi cri on,and the sf s teri dow nti e savi achi m ngs eved by our clents bear testam ent to the i i provem ents m ade. m TA TA SteelProj ects produces a vari oftuyere desi f ety gns or both f errous and non nonf errous applcati i ons,i udi ncl ng bl f ast urnace,I EA F and SF, cupol Tuyeres are as. m anuf actured f rom si e pi ngl ece hi conducti ty copper gh vi casti to a stri ngs ngent qualty i standard that i udes ncl radi ographi exam i on c nati through an i house f lty. n acii Typi qualty assurance cal i standards i ude m i m um ncl ni el ectri conducti ty val cal vi ues,

radi ography i accordance w i n th A STM E272,hydraulc and i pneum ati pressure testi as c ng, w el as pressure l l oss m easurem ent.The com pany i s approved to BSEN I 9001: SO 2008 The benef ts oftuyeres f i rom TA TA SteelProj ects i ude ncl reduced f urnace dow n ti e, m opti i coolng ef i ency,f l m sed i fci ul techni and operati cal onalbackup and proven desi pri pl gn nci es w i operati th onaldata.

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Microsoft Word - Extended campaign blast furnace tuyeres.doc

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