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Better manufacturing stems from being able to see where processes and technology can be enhanced. Tata Technologies is a global provider of better manufacturing capabilities because we give companies the visibility and error-proofing they need to experience streamlined manufacturing from the start.



Companies can always make products faster and better, whether they manufacture products such as airplanes or steel pipes. The variables that speed up or slow down manufacturing produce data that can be captured, correlated and analyzed to determine what is working well and what needs to be improved. Manufacturing is not a linear process. It involves disparate assembly stations and departments performing various functions and building different products as part of the manufactured whole. When looking to increase productivity and reduce rejections of faulty components, certain variables can be optimized for better performance. Businesses achieve maximum benefits by keeping a close eye on manufacturing processes to locate inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Today's manufacturers save time and standardize quality by discovering process intelligence through automation. Challenges The word most often used when referring to better manufacturing processes is "streamlined." Better manufacturing processes run smoothly, so that various independent departments can function synchronously. Some functions occur in conjunction with others, while others follow a more linear process. When faulty data, errors or bottlenecks enter the manufacturing process, time-consuming and costly disruptions to the manufacturing cycle can occur. The major challenge lies in locating inefficiencies, clearing out bottlenecks and enabling the manufacturing cycle to flow steadily and error-free. Manufacturers need the ability to quickly collect performance information for their processes, analyze the data and identify areas where process improvements can be instituted. Tata Technologies specializes in a combination of process knowledge, technology and in-depth services to help companies take control of the manufacturing cycle and upgrade all facets to highly competitive levels. Benefits Having a streamlined manufacturing approach is a company's market advantage. Over the years, automation has continued to drive time out of the manufacturing process. Many of the duties that assembly-line workers once performed are now automated using complex robotics. Manufacturing plant layouts have been rearranged thousands of times to find a more productive configuration. Integrated systems relay production information between enterprise systems and shop-floor systems. Much has changed in a relatively short time, but the fact remains that there is no limit to working faster, with higher quality, and at a better bottom line. Contemporary companies around the world seek:


2. Introduction 3. The Tata Technologies Manufacturing Advantage 3. A Wide Range of Services 5. Conclusion

· Reductions in process time throughout the manufacturing cycle · Faster setup time of machinery to keep the cycle moving efficiently · Higher quality while staying within specific price ranges

Implementing positive changes to any of these objectives is a considerable competitive Page 2


advantage for manufacturers. These objectives can positively or negatively affect a company's profit margin and ability to meet market demands depending on the quality of that company's manufacturing capabilities.

The Tata Technologies Manufacturing Advantage

Tata Technologies understands the complexities and best practices of manufacturing, and we continue to evolve better methods and knowledge parallel to the rapidly changing manufacturing industry. Our teams of manufacturing automation experts waste no time in digging beneath the surface to uncover the unique processes that make our clients businesses work. It is only through this full-business scan that we are able to align our clients' manufacturing capabilities and resources to meet escalating industry standards. In the following section, we'll highlight our intelligent approach to manufacturing, including deployment of specialized teams, world-class manufacturing services and the industry-leading technology we leverage.

A Wide Range of Services

Tata Technologies has a wide range of manufacturing services to offer businesses around the world. We deploy deep domain expertise and state-of-the-art technology to:

· Synchronize real-time information across the entire organization to speed product · Synchronize demand and supply · Accommodate complex configurations quickly

We have become a valuable manufacturing partner to some of the world's leading companies by offering comprehensive services including: Digital Manufacturing Tata Technologies is the only company in India that is able to provide the entire range of digital manufacturing solutions - from planning to layout to simulation to implementation. By optimizing manufacturing in the virtual world, we clear the way for streamlined, error-proof manufacturing in the real world. Our digital manufacturing solutions address: development

· · · · ·

Process Planning Plant Layout Factory/Material Flow Simulation Human Simulation Robotic Simulation

Manufacturing Automation and Control Systems (MACS) The Tata Technologies Manufacturing Automation and Control Systems group (MACS) provides solutions to consolidate and streamline manufacturers' operations. MACS

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tightly integrates the supply chain and enables integration between enterprise and plant-floor systems. The MACS group uses solutions including:

· · · · · · ·

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Modular automation Programmable logic controllers (PLC) Data acquisition systems Mobile computers Web-based visibility solutions Industry-best hardware and software solutions

Manufacturing Execution Systems The MACS group offers end-to-end Manufacturing Execution System (MES) customization and implementation services enable real-time production control; thorough data collection and reporting; and industry-leading manufacturing domain knowledge paired with advanced technology. Key Performance Indicator Measurement Tata Technologies works with manufacturers to develop and implement dashboards to analyze key performance indicators (KPI). These high-visibility dashboards give companies a better look at their processes and enable them to make better decisions regarding important areas such as:

· · · ·

Equipment efficiency On-time delivery Work-in-progress (WIP) status Throughput

Machine Controls and Data Acquisition Tata Technologies data acquisition (DAQ) specialists provide comprehensive services to align automation and DAQ needs with our clients' business needs. Our machine controls and DAQ services include:

· · · · ·

Automation and integration planning Data layer addition Detail design of panel layout, networks and operator interfaces Custom code development and integration Distributed control systems configuration and programming

Human-Machine Interface and Robotics Tata Technologies helps companies get a real-time overview of connectivity between operations with our human-machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and

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data acquisition (SCADA) services. Our manufacturing professionals customize and implement SCADA devices with HMI to enable seamless communication between diverse devices and operating systems. Compliance Modern manufacturers face a wide range of compliance issues, and they call on Tata Technologies to help them comply with today's technology, processes and work processes. Tata Technologies offers standards compliance services in key areas including:

· · · ·

Documentation standards Safety and protection standards Controls and software standards Hardware standards


As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve and require greater commitment to technology and process improvement, Tata Technologies continues to evolve our technical and process knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. By working closely with our clients to understand shop-floor practices, business needs and boost the ambition of their objectives, we introduce better approaches to manufacturing to their businesses. It's not easy, but it's what we do. As a crucial part of the manufacturing cycle, we look beyond machine technology to each client's business requirements. In order to optimize a company's manufacturing cycle, we need to help to optimize the company's business requirements including material, people and environmental parameters ­ and then assist in ensuring that these pieces of the puzzle fit together for better operations. Manufacturing is dynamic, and is influenced by market conditions and competitive quality benchmarks. This constant state of flux requires that processes be redefined periodically to ensure that they remain at a competitive level. Tata Technologies remains ready to help our clients capture, analyze and optimize their process intelligence. That's why we constantly seek better manufacturing knowledge ­ to help our clients achieve better manufacturing.

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