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Recloser Controls: RC05E


The RC-05E recloser control is a microprocessor based controller that provides directional overcurrent, earth fault and sensitive earth fault protection, auto reclosing, instantaneous metering, event log, demand logger and RTU for remote control in a single enclosure. The protection and communication functions support applications such as radial line reclosers or ring line reclosers, utilizing DNP3, Modbus and IEC 60870-5-101 protocols.

The RC-05E provides protection against the following types of faults on overhead distribution lines: · · · · · · Short circuit fault Resistive earth fault (sensitive earth fault) Upstream and downstream broken wire Low source voltage Low system frequency Bolted fault

The control provides two separate event logs, time and date stamped to a 0.01 sec resolution. The first is viewable from the LCD display and provides critical operations data for the linesman. It includes close/open operations, fault types, phase and peak level of fault current. The second is viewable by PC upload using TELARM, providing a full log of all operational history including setting change, operational and fault history logs. Load profile is logged with a user configured integration period of 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. The following parameters are logged separately for both positive and negative power flow: · · 3 phase kW, kVA and kVAr 1 phase kW, kVA and kVAr for each

Up to 3840 events can be stored in the memory which corresponds to 160 days with a 60 minute integration period. TELARM software can be used to upload and plot the data The RC-05E provides full directional protection. The RC-05E also provides hot line tag, zone sequence coordination and automatic backfeed restoration. Automatic backfeed restoration allows for smart power backup whereby two feeders are tied by a `normally open' recloser. This recloser monitors voltage using voltage sensors on either side to detect if power is lost on one of the feeders, and if voltage is lost for a certain interval, the tie unit will close, restoring power by backfeeding from the non-faulted feeder. The RC-05E does not require any time consuming torque angle calculations or studies common for other recloser controls.

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Recloser Controls: RC05E and TELARM


The RC05E is designed to work with Tavrida's TELARM recloser software. The result of several years of intensive research into advanced fault finding algorithms, TELARM has been designed to eliminate the extraordinary complexity of calculating optimal recloser settings and coordination. The TELARM software package allows the user to: · · · · · · · Represent feeders with one-line diagrams Configure all recloser settings Simulate and test the recloser with realistic fault scenarios Verify settings philosophy Generate graphs of fault and load profile data Automatically calculate optimum recloser settings in a network for multiple feeders Locate faults with a sophisticated faultfinder based on realistic network topology - no prior knowledge of fault type required.

With an increasingly complex grid, TELARM represents a true SmartGrid solution. With recloser controls offering an almost exponential number of possible settings, TELARM solves the problem of determining the optimal settings and thereby utilizing the full advantages of a recloser network. Contact Tavrida or your local sales representative for a live demonstration of how TELARM can streamline your next recloser installation.

Office: 1105 Cliveden Ave, Delta, British Columbia, Canada Phone: 1.866.551.8362 (604.540.6600) Website:


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