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ProSystem fx® Tax ­ Power User Program

One price includes all federal and state per-return fees.

Maximize your productivity and cost-savings with the ProSystem fx Tax ­ Power User Program. You'll combine the convenience of unlimited access to the entire award-winning ProSystem fx Tax suite with the finest customer support in the industry. One price includes all federal and state per-return fees.

The exclusive ProSystem fx Tax ­ Power User Program extends invaluable benefits to your firm, such as:

entire library of ProSystem fx Tax modules, available The


When you become a ProSystem fx Power User, your firm is in good hands. Dedicated, skilled professionals are available to support you at every turn. The Power User Support Team is:

Dedicated and trained to specifically maintain Power User

whenever you need it.

dedicated team of highly experienced customer service and A

technical support representatives.

Attractive software discounts and multi-year price protection. convenient, all-inclusive monthly payment plan. A Onsite training and free admission to select CCH seminars.

accounts. This dedicated, reliable group will ensure all of your support needs are met in a timely, professional manner.

Built to deliver top-priority call-back response, so that you get


A Power User license provides your firm with all the tools you need to be successful, including:

ability to log in to the entire library of ProSystem fx Tax The

the attention you need. In fact, the ratio of Power Users to support representatives is optimized to help ensure your phone call is answered within a few rings.

group that includes CPAs, certified network engineers, and A

other tax and accounting professionals who take pride in providing the highest possible levels of customer service. In essence, the ProSystem fx Power User Program is designed to meet your firm's complex needs for serving individual and business clients.

federal and state software, anytime. Unlimited access to Tax Notebook (per return charges will apply), Pro Forma Print, and Client Organizer.

benefits and convenience of electronic filing for all return The

types (per return transmission charges will apply).

Context-sensitive links to IntelliConnectTM. Access to our extensive suite of Productivity Tools:

z z z z z z z

DataScan PlusTM.

Engagement PlusTM.

Client ManagerTM. G/L DirectTM and G/L BridgeTM.

FX DirectTM for the previous year.

PlanBuilderTM for BNA. Tax ProjectorTM.

ProSystem fx® Tax ­ Power User Program


Investing in training has been proven to directly result in improved productivity. With the ProSystem fx Tax ­ Power User Program, dedicated training specialists are available to help you every step of the way:

a new customer, you receive new user onsite training ­ As


In addition to the support, training and productivity tool benefits, your firm can take advantage of numerous value-added opportunities as a ProSystem fx Power User, including:

Instruction Guides, and all other necessary supplies provided Tax

for each of your Key Tax Coordinators.

Discounted pricing on all returns transmitted to one of our

conducted in your office ­ by a expert ProSystem fx software consultant.

a part of your contract, three Key Tax Coordinators for As

your firm will receive a complimentary pass to our annual Tax Update seminars.

processing centers for printing. This service is very popular for printing large partnership and consolidated corporation tax returns.

discount on service bureau processing of tax returns ­ an ideal A

service for "Partner of the Firm" returns and other highly sensitive client returns.

FREE electronic data conversion, moving your tax data files from

other major software to the ProSystem fx Tax format.


The Power User Program offers three convenient payment options, so you can choose the one that best fits your firm's needs:

Extended-year price protection, based on the contract

you choose.

Twelve equal monthly installments, with a low initial deposit. Multiple-year contract, with initial deposit waived for second and

subsequent years. Call 1-800-PFX-9998 (1-800-739-9998) for pricing specifics and to sign up today.

For more information on ProSystem fx Tax ­ Power User Program call 1-800-PFX-9998 (1-800-739-9998) or visit

The most up-to-date product information, including detailed system requirements, enhancements, and new features, is available at If you plan to use multiple ProSystem fx Suite products within the same system, call 1-800-PFX-9998 (1-800-739-9998) and ask to speak to your sales representative about whether or not your system availability is adequate. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.

1-800-PFX-9998 (1-800-739-9998)

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