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Karissa Taylor Whole Group Kindergarten

Domino Math Lesson Objective: The class will practice counting and writing numbers 1-10 using domino math manipulatives. The students will each rotate to designated centers each focusing a different math practice skills (i.e. computers, writing numbers, games, and matching pairs). Each student will independently count dots on dominos, write the numbers they count, match dominos with the same number of dots, and practice one-to-one correspondence on the computers. California State Standard addressed/TPE addressed: 1. Number Sense

1.0 Students understand the relationship between numbers and quantities 1.0.1 Count, recognize, represent, name, and order a number of objects (up to 30). 2.0 Students understand and describe simple additions and subtractions: 2.0.1 Use concrete objects to determine the answers to addition and subtraction problems (for two numbers that are each less than 10).

Instructional procedures: 1. Anticipatory set- "We are going to meet in our math groups soon, but first I want to read a book with you. Can anyone raise their hand and tell me what this is called (hold up a domino)?" "The book we are reading today will introduce us to addition using these dominos. It is called Domino Addition by Lynette Long." 2. Perceived objective and purpose- "Today we will practice counting and writing numbers at four different centers. You will play a counting game on the computer, practice writing numbers on your white boards, match dominos with the same number of dots on paper, and play Domino Concentration with Mrs. Bradshaw. Work with your group partners to help each other out." 3. Input- The teacher will read the "Domino Addition" book to the students, incorporating real dominos as they listen and participate. The teacher will review the number line and how to count the dots, one at a time. Number lines will be provided at the center for writing on the white boards, as well as the center for counting domino dots on the page to write the number and find the domino mate. 4. Modeling- The teacher will also walk the students through the tasks for each center. The teacher will circulate through each center to help students stay on task and to form properly written numbers. The teacher will go over the computer game with the group as they go to the computers, instead of in the beginning for the whole class (if there was a class projector, it could be done before hand on a large screen).

Karissa Taylor Whole Group Kindergarten

5. Checking for understanding- The students produce written examples of their written numbers on individual white boards and on the papers provided for the matching pages. Through teacher circulation of the class, I will check for written numbers and matching correctly. 6. Guided practice- The students will be guided to write numbers with good form on their white boards and on their pages in the other group. Computer help will be provided as well. The students already know how to play Domino Concentration, and can practice matching with Mrs. Bradshaw there as well 7. Independent practice- There are two independent written math activities. The first they are to count the dots on each domino, write the number next to it, and trace the number word below it. When they finish the first page, they can move to the next page. Students will independently count the dots on the domino, and find another domino on a second page with the same number of dots. They are to cut out the domino and glue it beside the mate. Below they will draw that number of objects to represent that number. (i.e. four dots, draw four butterflies). Closure: If time permits, have all groups come back to the carpet to review each center. Talk about how games are a good way to practice our math skills. Reiterate how we began addition and will continue to practice our numbers, counting and writing them. 7-StepLessonPlanFormat-MS/SS '08-`09


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