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Radiesthesia is the claimed paranormal or parapsychological ability to detect "radiation" within the human body. The term compounds the Latin word "radius" (ray) and the Greek word "aisthesis" (sensation). There exist scientific indications of radiesthesia that are several thousand years old. The visual depictions of the Cave Paintings of Lascaux have been created 15,000 B.C. and there have also been found rock pictures in Tassili, a mountain chain in the Sahara in southeastern Algeria, that are estimated to date from about 6,000 B.C. In India, the Brahmans already studied radiesthesia 1,500 B.C. and in China, in 1937, there was found a written document about the Chinese emperor Yu (2,205 ­ 2,197 B.C.) who had been famous for his works about precious stones and lines of energy. Radiesthesia can be divided into two branches: Physical Radiesthesia examines physical objects like minerals, metals, plants or the bodies of living things. It is based on the assumption that all physical objects emit radiation. Mental Radiesthesia deals with all non-material or paranormal phenomenons like i. e. subtle bodies. There are further the terms "odic radiesthesia" (aura-examinations) and "psychological radiesthesia" (examinations of the human psyche) which are nowadays considered to belong to mental radiesthesia. In general radiesthesia deals with: physical objects (i. e. minerals, metals, plants) water veins und sources of water electromagnetic fields paranormal phenomenons (i. e. morphogenetic fields, auras) earth radiation (force field that covers the earth, Curry-Grid, Hartmann-Grid) geological fault zones with an increased ionizing radiation

About our earth: The surface of the earth is not merely biological neutral but marked in different ways by points, lines, strips and intersections of the lightest electromagnetic intensity in regular gridshapes. These have their origins in the magnetic field or derive from geological faults, subterranean watercourses, mineral deposits, etc. Some radiesthesists hold the opinion that these global or diagonal grids, regularly and invisibly get around the whole globe in specified distances, in the cardinal and the ordinal directions. As blood keeps the human being alive, the subterranean watercourses (veins of the earth) keep our planet alive. The ideas and concepts of modern radiesthesia and the theory regarding human radiation sensitivity are based on Natural Philosophies. This is what clearly marks Geomancy, as it is practised nowadays.

Supporters of radiesthesia among others are: Paracelsus (physician, alchemist, astrologer, musician, amateur theologian and philosopher - * 10 November 1493 in Egg near Einsiedeln, Switzerland; 24 September 1541 in Salzburg, Austria) Goethe (* 28 August 1749 in Frankfurt, Germany; 22 March 1832 in Weimar, Germany) the Viennese neurologist and university professor Moritz Benedikt the German physician Georg Bauer (*1494; 1555) Philipp Melanchton, at the age of 21 first professor of Greek at the university of Wittenberg, Germany, founded in 1502 Persis Heliophilus (17th century) Athanasius Kircher (* 2 May 1602 in Geisa, Germany; 27 November 1680 in Rome, Italy) was a German jesuit and a universal scholar of the 17th century. He published a large number of detailed works about a wide spectrum of subjects such as Egyptology, geology, medicine, maths and music theories among others. Johann Wilhelm Ritter, the father of electrochemistry Benedict Franz Xaver von Baader (knighted in 1808; * 27 March 1765 in Munich, Germany; 23 May 1841 in Munich) was a German physician, mining engineer and philosopher. Professor Joseph Wimmer the German natural scientist Gustav Freiherr von Pohl Abbé Alexis Timothée Bouly, who published around 1931 the work "La Radiesthésie ou comment devenir expert" Anton Benker (* 20 August 1895 in Landshut, Germany), dowser for over 30 years and discoverer of the three-dimensional grid in 1953, called Benker-Grid.







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