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This table is designed to give a brief description of the latest reviewed LAER controls required to meet §116.150 or §116.151 requirements for various types of equipment and process operations. Because LAER is a progressive technology standard, past determinations do not necessarily indicate current LAER. Additional information can be found in individual permit files and in letters issued by the TCEQ.


Source Cooling Towers Application/description resin, hexene, support facilities AN production, rubber PVC Plant ethylene cracker Flares Refinery, resin, hexene, rubber ethylene cracker Fugitives PVC Plant Refinery, turbines, support facilities, AN storage, AN production, rubber resin, ethylene cracker, hexene Heaters, boilers, and turbines Loading Refinery, turbines ethylene cracker Refinery - marine loading Permit # 5562A/N006, 37969/N008, 37978/N009(NI) 38336/N011, 38755/N016 18384/N002 36644/N007 32025/N003(NI), 5562A/N006 37969/N008, 38755/N016 36644/N007 18384/N002 32025/N003(NI), 37227/N005, 37978/N009(NI), 38998/N011 38336/N011, 38755/N016 5562A/N006, 36644/N007, 37969/N008 32025/N003(NI), 37227/N005 36644/N007, 41775/N017 32025/N003(NI) Accepted LAER Control monthly sample, AP-42 factor monthly sample to 0.05 ppmw monthly sample, AP-42, exchangers welded if possible meet 40 CFR 60.18 meet 40 CFR 60.18, btu monitor 28LAER (some changes but net to 28VHP) 28LAER section guidance Details

28LAER, quarterly flange fuel gas/natural gas with low NOx burners, propose combustion control Vacuum loading routed to flare (>0.5 psi) Survey of industry permits and regs survey of regs and outstanding refinery permits

hexene support facilities

37969/N008 37978/N009(NI)

to flare, annual XX leak check for trucks leak check annually, vent to a scrubber with 99.9% DRE

Source Polymer residual PVC Plant K resin rubber - finishing Process OffGases/Vents Refinery, resin, hexene, rubber (all but pyrophoric) polymer off gases brewery Relief Valves Storage Tanks ethylene cracker, AN production Refinery, >0.5 psia hexene, >0.5 psia ethylene cracker support facilities AN production rubber, <25,000 gal Wastewater PVC Plant Refinery ethylene cracker, AN production 18384/N002 5562A/N006 38755/N016 32025/N003(NI), 5562A/N006, 37969/N008, 38755/N016 4437A/N014 8904/N012 36644/N007, 38336/N011 32025/N003(NI) 37969/N008 36644/N007 37978/N009(NI) 38336/N011 38755/N016 18384/N002 32025/N003(NI) 36644/N007, 38336/N011

Accepted LAER Control stripped to 70 ppmw stripped to < 200 ppmw to rto with 98 % DRE to flare to fuel gas system no add on control, process improvement routed to flare IFR, 2 seals, welded deck IFRs, 2 seals welded decks with construction meeting limited fitting loss factor requirements 99.9% scrubber, liquid confidential to absorbers then boilers (99.99%) for >0.5 psi fixed roof stripped to 10 ppm <0.01 TPY due to low vp liquids enclosed, steam stripped, collection to flare


surveyed breweries

Survey of industry permits and regs


Source Boiler Turbine Application/description support facilities - boiler Permit # 37978/N009(NI) Accepted LAER Control 0.043 lb/MMBtu Details

cogeneration facility


3.0 ppmvd - average annual basis

NI - reviewed and accepted but not issued



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