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PROVIDER TEXAS COMMISSION ON FIRE PROTECTION COURSES Note: TCFP courses require completion of state exam to receive credit Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter Driver Operator-Pumper Fire Fighter I (component of Basic Structure certification) Fire Fighter II (component of Basic Structure certification) Fire Inspector I (component of Basic Inspector certification) Fire Inspector II (component of Basic Inspector certification) Fire Investigator Fire Officer I Fire Officer II Hazardous Materials Technician Instructor I (course completed after March 1, 2006) Instructor II Instructor III COURSE # N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

NATIONAL FIRE ACADEMY COURSES Advanced Analysis for Decision Making Advanced Fire Safety (Management/Administration of Public Fire Education) Advanced Incident Command (also Incident Command II) Advanced Leadership Issues in EMS Advanced Life Support Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents Advanced Safety Operations and Management All-Hazards Incident Management Team Training Analysis of Arson Management Applied Research Project (off-campus project, part of Executive Fire Officer Course) Arson Detection Challenges for Local Training Officers Changing American Family at Risk Chemistry for Emergency Response Chemistry of Haz. Mat. - Instructor's Program, Level I Chemistry of Hazardous Materials (also Hazardous Materials I) Code Management: A Systems Approach Command and Control Decision Making at Multiple Alarm Incidents Command and Control of Fire Department Operations at Target Hazards Command and Control of Fire Department Operations at Multi-Alarm Incidents

(also Command and Control of Fire Department Operations)

Command and Control of Fire Department Operations at Natural and Man-made Disasters

(also Command and Control ... at Catastrophic Disasters) (also Command and Control ... at Earthquakes and Catastrophic Disasters)

Command and Control of Incident Operations Communications for Emergency Services Success

(also Fire Service Communications) (also Executive Development II/Leadership and Communications)

COURSE # R493 R341 R304 R151 R247 OR N247 R154 OR N822 (unk) R213 N/A R200 N815 R348 R233 or N233 R239 R234 R101 R297 R314 or N825 R304 xxx R308 xxx xxx R312 or N831 R107 xxx xxx


(also Fire Service Leadership Communications)

Community Education Leadership Community Fire Protection: Master Planning Demonstrating Your Fire Prevention Program's Worth Developing Fire and Life Safety Strategies Discovering the Road to High Risk Audiences Effective Leadership Skills for Fire and EMS Organizations

(also Interpersonal Dynamics in Fire Service Organizations) (also Executive Development for Middle Management II)

Emergency Medical Services: Special Operations Emergency Medical Services: Management of Community Health Risks Emergency Medical Services-Administration for Volunteers Emergency Response to Terrorism - Incident Management Emergency Response to Terrorism: Adv Tactical Consequence Mgmt Evaluating Performance Based Designs Executive Analysis of Community Risk Reduction Executive Analysis of Fire Service Operations in Emergency Management

(also Strategic Analysis of Fire Department Operations)

Executive Development (Senior Executive Development/Fire Executive Development III) Executive Leadership (also Strategic Analysis of Executive Leadership) Executive Planning (Executive Information Planning) Fire and Emergency Services Pre-Disaster Long Term Recovery Planning Fire Arson Investigation (Arson Investigation) Fire/Arson Origin and Cause Investigations Fire Cause Determination for Company Officers Fire Command Operations Fire Dynamics-Fire Modeling Fire Inspection Principles (also Fire Prevention Specialist I) Fire Prevention Specialist II (also Fundamentals of Fire Prevention II) Fire Protection for the Built Environment Fire Protection Systems for Emergency Operations Fire Service Course Design (also Fire Service Course Development) Fire Service Financial Management Fire Service Information Management Fire Service Instructional Methodology (also Educational Methodology) Fire Service Organizational Theory

(also Executive Development II: Middle Management I (also Executive Development for Middle Management)

Fire Service Planning Concepts for the 21st Century Forensic Evidence Collection Hazardous Materials II Hazardous Materials Incident Management Hazardous Materials Operating Site Practices Hazardous Materials Operating Site Practices--Instructor's Program Hazardous Materials Tactical Considerations Hazardous Substance Specialist (also Hazardous Materials Substance Specialist) Interviewing - Interrogation Techniques and Courtroom Testimony

xxx R353 (unk) R378 R362 R359 R332 xxx xxx R152 or N152 R149 or N149 U153 R817 (unk) R108 or N108 R274 R306 xxx R123 R125 R506 R526 or N526 R205 R206 R811 or N811 R801 R203 R220 or N220 R222 R135 or N135 R227 or N227 R129 R333 R502 R113 R331 xxx xxx R802 or N808 R214 (unk) R243 or N814 R229 or N229 R404 R235 R237 R208


Introduction to Fire Safety Education Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Specialist I and II Leadership Leadership and Incident Command/Communications Course (also Incident Command I) Leading Community Risk Reduction Management for Arson Prevention and Control Management of Emergency Medical Services

(also Management of Emergency Medical Services for the Fire Service)

Management of Fire Prevention Programs Management Strategies for Success Managing the Code Process (also Codes and Ordinances) National Fire Incident Reporting System Program (Resident course-not online) National Fire Incident Reporting System: Program Manager Organization and Use of Instructional Materials Partnering for Fire Defense and Emergency Services Planning Planning for a Hazardous Materials Incident (also Hazardous Materials III) Plans Review for Inspectors (also Overview of Plans Review for Inspectors) Presenting Effective Public Education Programs Prevention Solutions for Small Departments and Communities Principles of Fire Protection: Structures and Systems Public Fire Education Specialist (also Public Information) Rescue Systems 1 Special Operations Program Management Strategic Analysis of Community Risk Reduction

(also Strategic Analysis of Fire Prevention Programs)

Strategic Analysis of Fire Department Operations Strategic Management of Change Strategic Organizational Issues in Fire and EMS

(also Organizational Theory in Practice)

Strategies for Community Risk Reduction Training Program Management Use of Microcomputers for Fire Service Management VIP: Leadership and Administration Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Protection: A National Problem with Local Solutions

R115 R628 R301 R280 R207 R150 xxx R225 R824 R101 R499 R491 (unk) R508 or N508 R236 R102 R116 or N826 R823 R222 R340 (unk) R254 R309 xxx R306 R130 R331 xxx R274 (R342) R500 R810 R600

TEEX COURSES Advanced Structural Collapse 3 Advanced Structural Collapse 4 Advanced Structural Collapse 5 Collapse Rescue Operations (also Structural Collapse Technician 1) Disaster Medical Specialist Disaster Technical Search Specialist Hazardous Materials Transportation Specialist Training Structural Collapse Technician I (also now called Collapse Rescue Operations) Structural Collapse Technician 2 Trench Rescue Technician



OTHER PROVIDERS (provider in parentheses) Confined Space Resuce (Tarrant County College) Hazardous Device School (U.S. Army) NIMS Train the Trainer (GDEM) Rope Rescue (Tarrant County College) Swiftwater Technician (Tarrant County College) Technical Rope Rescue: Technician Level (Rescue 3 International) Trench Rescue (Tarrant County College) Vehicle and Machinery Rescue (Tarrant County College) COURSE # FPTA-1000 N/A G-449 FPTA-1002 FIRS-1091 TRR:TL FIRS-1091 FPTA-1004


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