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Lesson 6 ­ Checks and Balances Date: Monday, April 7, 2008 Course Name: Grade 8 Social Studies Period: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 Length of Instructional time: 47 Minutes Co-operating Teacher: Jason Burr Objective: Following the learning activity, all students will be able to list at least one check each branch of the government has on the other two branches. Following the learning activity, most students will be able to understand why a system of checks and balances is necessary for our nation's government to function properly. Following the learning activity, some students will be able to explain and interpret each check and balance of our government and be able to explain why each branch has each check. New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards: 6.4.8 A. Civic Life, Politics, and Government o 1. Discuss the sources, purposes, and functions of law and the importance of the rule of law for the preservation of individual rights and the common good. o 2. Describe the underlying values and principles of democracy and distinguish these from authoritarian forms of government. o 3. Discuss the major characteristics of democratic governments. 6.4.8 C. The Constitution and American Democracy o 1. Discuss the major principles of the Constitution, including shared powers, checks and balances, separation of church and state, and federalism. o 2. Compare and contrast the purposes, organization, functions, and interactions of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of national, state, and local governments and independent regulatory agencies. Materials: Agenda Books Writing Utensils Social Studies Notebooks Bill of Rights Case Studies Worksheet Checks and Balances information sheet Checks and Balances graphic organizer Instructional Approaches and Learning Activities: Anticipatory Set: Estimated Time ­ 10 minutes Preview o Do you feel that the student handbook is effective? Why or why not? Discussion of Preview o The teacher will ask students to read their responses and defend their position against the responses of other students.

Pair Work: Estimated Time ­ 10 minutes Review HW o Students will pair up and exchange copies of their completed homework o Students will have 8 minutes to look over and discuss their partner's graphic organizer This is done to reinforce understanding of the Bill of rights as well as to share memorization and summarizing tips and strategies. o After the 8 minute period is up, students will switch to a new partner and have another 8 minutes to discuss their new partner's graphic organizer. Pair work: Estimated Time ­ 20 minutes Checks and Balances o Students will switch to a new partner and using the Checks and Balances information sheet, they will work together to fill out the graphic organizer for Checks and Balances o If they are unable to finish the graphic organizer in class, it will be assigned for homework Conclusion: Estimated Time ­ 7 minutes Answer any questions and address any comments about the lesson. The teacher will give a brief glimpse as to what the rest of the week's lessons will involve The teacher will explain the Assignment for the day. Assessment and Evaluation Student Preview answers will be discussed in class to ensure that all students are completing the assignment as well as participation. The teacher will walk around the room to as students work to ensure that all students are completing their work as well as to answer any questions the students may have. The teacher will ask students questions to ensure an understanding of the material. Assignments o The students will be reminded to study for the assessment on Friday as well as finish any work that was left incomplete from class


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