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TCS Eclipse Tube Chassis

For the Axial AX-10 Required Parts:

· · · · · Axial Kit/RTR/ARTR Eclipse tube chassis Shock oil ­ 80wt recommended Internal Shock Springs Included hardware

Required Tools:

· · · · · Phillips screwdriver 2.0mm hex driver 2.5mm hex driver Pliers Wheel wrench

Additional recommended parts & tools:

· · · 6" of fuel tubing Shock pliers or small piece of rubber Paper towels

Stage 1 - Disassembly

Step 1 ­ Unscrew the upper and lower links from the chassis, leaving them attached to the axles.

Lower Links Upper Links

Step 2 ­ Remove the upper shock mounts from the chassis. The axles will now be free from the chassis.

Shock Mounts

Step 3 ­ Remove the skid plate, leaving the transmission attached. This is what you should have at this point.

Step 4 ­ Remove the wheels from the axles.

Stage 2 ­ Installation and Reassembly

Step 1- Remove the screw holding the lower link and shock to the axle. Remove the shock and place the screw back in the link mount.

Remove Screw Remove Shock & Replace Screw

Step 2 ­ Remove spring retainer and drain shock oil

Remove Retainer and Spring Drain Shock Oil

Step 3 ­ Remove shock end and install internal spring. Fill shock with desired shock oil.

Tips: · It is recommended to use shock pliers or a piece of rubber to grip the shock shaft. This is to prevent scars on the shock shaft from damaging the shock seals during use. Limit your flex - If your shocks do not have the black rubber bushing on the inside already or you would like to further limit your suspension travel it is recommended that you use fuel tubing on the shock shaft to reduce travel.

Remove the lower ball end


Disassemble shock

Install spring and fuel tubing

Step 4 ­ Reinstall shock onto the axle.

Step 5 ­ Install skid plate with transmission and Install lower links

Place skid plate into chassis Screw lower links to skid plate

Step 6 ­ Hook up driveshafts and install upper links. Make sure to use the stock spacer between the link and the chassis.

Install spacer on hardware Install upper link

Step 7 ­ Install shocks onto chassis.

Use stock hardware to attach shock Use included 3mm locknut to retain screw

Step 8 ­ Repeat steps applicable steps for the rear axle installation.

Step 9 ­ Install wheels and tires.


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