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The Timberland Company stays a step ahead of the competition with AS/400

The Timberland Company designs, engineers, markets, distributes, and sells premium quality footwear, apparel and accessories for men, women and children who value the outdoors and their time in it. Timberland® products are sold in the U.S. and internationally through specialty and better-grade department stores, in addition to its own retail locations. "At Timberland, we believe that the formula to operational success is the ability to execute on a day-to-day level, but always with an eye to the future. And the AS/400 has helped us on both levels," says Paul Deguise, senior manager of Technical Services at Timberland. "At every critical juncture of our IT structure, we rely on the AS/400 to perform consistently at a very high level. In addition, as IBM® has evolved the AS/400 over time, it has always been one step ahead of the curve, enabling us to look to the future."

Day-to-day operations: helping the business run smoothly

Timberland has deployed the AS/400 throughout its entire global organization to fulfill a wide variety of ERP functions, including manufacturing control, order processing, retail systems, return authorization and more. "We really rely on this machine to run our business," says Deguise. "At essentially every point of the manufacturing-to-delivery process, the AS/400 is deeply involved."


Manage manufacturing, order processing, retail, financial, data warehousing and return authorization for global footwear and apparel company, across three platforms: Timberland, Mountain AthleticsTM by Timberland, and Timberland PROTM Series brands. High availability can increase profits; deployment in remote locations is made possible by high reliability; scalability and reliability can reduce cost of ownership compared to alternative server platforms. Seventeen AS/400® servers. IBM MQSeries® middleware, IBM DB2® for AS/400, and customized business systems.

Business Benefits



Helping a brand branch out

In 1999, The Timberland Company introduced two new sub-brands: Mountain Athletics by Timberland (gear for outdoor athletes), and the Timberland PRO Series (work boots for the professional). These two sub-brands present very different business models in terms of product manufacturing, retail distribution and overall business management. The AS/400 helped Timberland launch these two new sub-brands in the same year, while maintaining its core business operations, without a hitch.

Powerful applications thrive in the AS/400's scaled environment

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To support its various business processes, Timberland requires many different types of software. "Timberland utilizes a `best-of-breed' software selection methodology, and the AS/400 can support this strategy because of its strong interoperability," explains Paul Faxon, Timberland director of Technology. Many of the applications Timberland uses demand a significant amount of system resources, and the AS/400 has the scalability to meet those needs. "It simplifies deployment because we know the same family of machines will continue to work for us, and that keeps costs and complexity down," Deguise says. "The AS/400 easily has the capacity to meet or exceed the demands of our busiest shipping seasons."

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High reliability and repeatability make remote deployment practical

With products being continually shipped to dozens of countries from several manufacturing and warehousing centers, a failure at any point during the manufacturing-to-retail process could result in lost profits. "In my eight years at Timberland, I've witnessed firsthand the 99.9 percent availability the AS/400 is known for," says Deguise. "The out-of-the-box AS/400 allows us to do business without having to worry about an interruption in data processing."

The AS/400 fuels business growth

"The AS/400 is one of The Timberland Company's key strategic platforms. With the AS/400's ease of installation, scalability and reliability, it doesn't take a lot to deploy these machines-- and they give a lot in return."

Paul Deguise, senior manager of Technical Services, The Timberland Company The Timberland Company has deployed several AS/400s in remote locations. "When we put a server in a region that may have limited AS/400 technical support, we need to know that the machine will run reliably, and not require a lot of on-site administration," says Deguise. "I trust the AS/400 to hold up in remote environments, and that helps me sleep at night."

Even as it expands its operations, Timberland has taken advantage of the flexibility of the AS/400 to consolidate servers and applications. "The AS/400 has given us a real financial benefit," says Deguise. "Through logical partitioning and system consolidation, we've seen total cost of ownership savings of 25 percent, and 35 percent cost avoidance."

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The AS/400 simply excels

"The AS/400 has been a key component in the expansion of Timberland's business," says Faxon. "From a technology standpoint, it excels. It beats competing systems hands down in terms of performance and total cost of ownership. Scalability and reliability essentially eliminate the need for extensive support, especially in remote locations. "Looking ahead, we will continue to deploy AS/400s as we move into new markets. In fact, this machine will continue to be one of our key strategic platforms."


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