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Quicken 2010 Windows Name Change from Carolina First or Mercantile Bank to TD Bank Online Banking

Create a Back up for your current Quicken Data file. 1. Backup your Quicken file as you normally do. If you have not backed up, select file and then backup.

2. Select the "On my computer" option. Click browse and choose a destination folder for your backup and click "ok". Click "ok" again to confirm your backup.


Steps to update your Quicken from Carolina First or Mercantile Bank Accounts to TD Bank Online Banking. 1. Click the accounts tab, right click your Carolina First or Mercantile account, and choose edit account.


2. Click the online services tab. Click remove from one step update.

3. Click yes.

4.Click yes.


5. Click on deactivate online payment (if you use Carolina First or Mercantile Bill payment).

6. Click yes.

7. Click yes.


8. Click ok.

9. Verify this now is a manual account, and that one step update, and online payment are available.

10. Select the general information tab. In the financial institution section, highlight, and then delete Carolina First or Mercantile Bank.


11. Type in TD, and then select TD Bank Online Banking. Ensure you are selecting TD Bank Online Banking without the "-". If you do not see this name in the list, please skip to the bottom of this document for instructions regarding updating your FI list.


12. Repeat steps 1-11 for all Carolina First or Mercantile Bank accounts that are activated. Verify all accounts have been deactivated by checking your account list for any accounts still marked with a lightening bolt. 13. Close and reopen Quicken. 14.Click on the accounts Tab, Right click the account and choose Edit Account


15. Go to Online Services, Click on Activate One Step Update.

16. Select "log in using my TD Bank Online Banking username and password". Enter your TD Bank Online Banking user name one time, and password twice.


17. Wait.

18. Match your bank account number(s) with your existing account(s) in Quicken. Press next.


19. Wait.


20. Verify information, and press done. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at 888-751-9000

Updating FI list

1. Click the "Online" drop down menu, and choose "One Step Update". 2. Remove the check mark from all boxes in the One Step Update menu. 3. Run the update. This should bring your FI list up to date, and complete any available software updates



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