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Vocabulary Cartoon of the Day

Each includes 180 reproducible cartoons that expand students' vocabularies to help them become better readers and writers. 609. 2­3 191. 4­6 14.99 $12.00 275 Bonus Points

616. Vocabulary Tales Boxed Set Expand kids' vocabularies with these special books that teach unique program relies on the latest research to ensure that kids REALLY learn these must-know words. Includes a BIG teaching guide filled with lessons, worksheets, and reproducible versions of each storybook. $77.99 $62.00 850 Bonus Points

541. Teaching Vocabulary in the K­2 Classroom Easy strategies for infusing vocabulary learning into morning meetings, transitions, centers, and more. $18.99 $15.00 330 Bonus Points 2. Accelerated Vocabulary Instruction A comprehensive guide to developing a rich vocabulary that helps children access and understand the core curriculum. Within powerful units that focus on conceptual vocabulary and span the school year, the author provides strategies, graphic organizers, ready-to-use overhead transparencies, individual record sheets, and clear explanations of the current research that shows why good instruction is central to students' word acquisition and future success. $23.99 $19.00 370 Bonus Points

594. Using Context Clues to Help Kids Tackle Unfamiliar Words

Strategies and practice pages that teach students how to use context clues to build vocabulary and comprehension. $14.99 $12.00 275 Bonus Points

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610. Vocabulary Games & Activities That Boost Reading and Writing Skills 20 super-fun activities to make your students' vocabularies soar. 44. Building Vocabulary With Familiar Songs Introduce students to new words and their meanings using favorite childhood songs and rhymes. First, students sing or recite a familiar song or rhyme and discuss what it means. Then, they replace some of its words with synonyms. Students can learn 10 to 20 new vocabulary words per song or rhyme. $11.99 $10.00 250 Bonus Points

$17.99 $14.00 300 Bonus Points 612. Vocabulary Graphic Organizers & Mini-Lessons Help students make concrete, visual connections between words and their meanings with this collection of 20 highly motivating, reproducible graphic organizers. Mini-lessons introduce each organizer and provide directions for use. $10.99 $8.00 175 Bonus Points

Vocabulary-Building Card Games

634. Word Study Learning Packs 15 ready-to-use learning charts with lessons and activity sheets on Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, suffixes, overused words, and much more. $11.99 $10.00 250 Bonus Points 309. No Boring Practice, Please! Vocabulary Each page offers a quick overview of synonyms and antonyms, prefixes and suffixes, homophones, commonly confused words, analogies, and more. Includes crossword puzzles, word searches, and review pages to help teachers assess students' learning. $10.99 $9.00 195 Bonus Points

Each includes 20 reproducible card games that give children the repeated practice they need to really learn and use more than 300 words. 603. 604. 605. 606. 607. 608. $12.99 $10.00 250 Bonus Points

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613. Vocabulary Packets: Greek & Latin Roots Ready to-go learning packets that teach 40 key roots and help students unlock the meaning of dozens and dozens of must-know vocabulary words. $11.99 $10.00 250 Bonus Points 233.

Instant Word Lists for Teaching Reading and Writing

teachers build students' vocabulary and language skills. There are lists of homophones, acronyms, prefixes, suffixes, collective nouns, irregular verbs, Spanish-English cognates, and many, many more! $22.99 $18.00 365 Bonus Points 382. Read & Practice Mini-Books: Vocabulary 10 interactive mini-books that help students build and expand their vocabulary-independently. $11.99 $10.00 250 Bonus Points

502. Stretching Students' Vocabulary Best practices for building the rich vocabulary students need to achieve in reading, writing, and the content areas. $18.99 $15.00 330 Bonus Points

Engaging lessons and activities that help students expand and enrich their vocabulary. $12.99 $10.00 250 Bonus Points 543. Teaching

601. Vocabulary Activities Just for Young Learners

Vocabulary Words With Multiple Meanings

5-minute comprehension-boosting

180 Essential Vocabulary Words ...Grades

different meanings for 50 common words. $16.99 $14.00 300 Bonus Points

Each includes 18 reproducible, 4-page lessons provide kids with repeated encounters to learn key academic vocabulary that spans the curriculum and educational settings. 330. 331. 332. 333. $12.99 $10.00 250 Bonus Points

615. Vocabulary Packets - Prefixes & Suffixes Students sharpen their word-study skills and build vocabulary as they complete fun, independent puzzles and activities that introduce 50 essential prefixes and suffixes. Activities invite students to decode and acquire dozens of words they'll encounter in grade-level texts. Includes 10 word-building activity packets, ready to reproduce for independent work or homework. $11.99 $10.00 250 Bonus Points 614. Vocabulary Packets - No More Overused Words Students build vocabulary and sharpen their elaboration skills as they complete fun, independent puzzles and activities that help them acquire high-caliber synonyms for overused words, such as said, good, and went. Includes 10 word-building activity packets, ready to reproduce for independent work or homework. $11.99 $10.00 250 Bonus Points

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