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All About "Soul Surfer"

Answer these questions about the play "Soul Surfer." Choose the best answer to each question. 1. Bethany lives in __________. A maine C texas B florida D hawaii 2. What happens first in the play? A bethany goes to thailand. B bethany goes to the hospital. C a shark bites bethany. D bethany gets fan mail. 3. Alana is Bethany's __________. A cousin C mom B best friend D doctor 4. After the shark attack, Bethany can't __________ as well as she used to. A cut tomatoes B open a bag of bread C surf D all of the above 5. Why does Bethany want to go back to surfing? A She's brave, and she loves surfing. B her parents pay her to surf. C She wants to find the shark that attacked her and attack it back. D all of the above 6. Why does Bethany yell at Alana? A alana is mean to bethany. B bethany wants to be treated the same as everyone else, but alana keeps trying to give her extra help. C alana steals bethany's surfboard. D all of the above




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"Soul Surfer," p. 6

7. Helping people in Thailand probably makes Bethany feel __________. A proud and happy B confused and worried C angry and sad D bored and lonely 8. What does Bethany learn from reading her fan mail? A many people admire her. B many people like the beach. C many people admire alana. D many people are mean. 9. When Bethany says "Great job, Malina" at the end of the play, she shows that she is __________. A jealous B rude C a good sport D a good cook 10. Bethany's positive attitude inspires other people to behave differently. For example, __________. A people in thailand get over their fear of the water B a boy who lost his arm tries out for a soccer team C malina decides to share her win with bethany D all of the above

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