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All About "Day of the Dead"

After reading the article "Day of the Day," see how well you understood what you read. Choose the best answer for each question below.


SkillS activity

Skill: uSe with: "day of the dead," p. 16


reading-comprehension test prep

1. The Day of the Dead is a national holiday in __________. A the united States B mexico C australia D korea 2. What does pan de muerto mean? A beautiful altar B candlelight C fresh tortilla D bread of the dead 3. During the Day of the Dead, children eat tiny __________ made of sugar. A cupcakes B flags C skulls D sandals 4. __________ is not a common Day of the Dead tradition. A making altars B cleaning and decorating graves C gathering in the streets D hiding colored eggs 5. Each year, the Day of the Dead takes place right after __________. A halloween B thanksgiving C cinco de mayo D christmas

6. Which statement is a fact? A the dead are scary. B marigolds are the prettiest flowers. C hernán luna honored his grandfather. D dressing up is fun. 7. Which statement is an opinion? A tortillas are delicious. B day of the dead is celebrated for two days. C Mariachi is a traditional mexican music. D to many mexicans, the dead are welcome visitors. 8. What makes this holiday popular? A it helps people deal with losing a loved one. B it's fun and social. C it includes music and candy. D all of the above 9. Hernán Luna said, __________. A "mexicans believe that on this day, the dead come back to visit." B "i'm really good at decorating graves." C "dressing as a skeleton is cool." D "this is my all-time favorite holiday." 10. there was __________ on Jesús Sánchez's grandmother's altar. A a pair of ballet slippers B an apron C a model airplane D a bag of jellybeans

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