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Play: The Legend of sleepy Hollow Skill: Reading comprehension

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The Legend of sleepy Hollow Quiz

1. This play is an example of what

genre? A romance B ghost story C memoir D nonfiction 4. How does the setting of the play influence the characters' actions and behavior? A It rains constantly in Sleepy Hollow; people are gloomy and stay indoors. B The dark and ominous woods make the townsfolk more 2. In scene 2, Brom describes the schoolcautious at night; a lot of them master as having "dinner plates where believe in ghosts. his ears should be and shovels for C The abundance of cemeteries feet." Why might Brom say this? inspires people to celebrate their A because Ichabod wears ugly heritage; there are many parades. shoes and can't hear very well D There's plenty of farmland B because Brom is envious of throughout the Hollow; barn Ichabod's appearance dances are a cherished pastime. C because Brom is envious of Katrina's affection for Ichabod 5. Which of the following is part of the D none of the above play's rising action? A Ichabod hears the Horseman's 3. When Brom enters the black steed behind him. ballroom at the Van Tassels' B Knickerbocker meets Ichabod estate, he puffs out his chest. Crane. What is he actually doing? C Ichabod dances with Katrina Van A slouching Tassel. B wearing a feathered jacket D Ichabod's old horse wandered C yelling a loud "Hello!" home, but Ichabod himself did D walking with shoulders and not return. head held high, showing off 6. Which of Knickerbocker's lines is the BEST example of foreshadowing? A He would have had a pleasant life, if only his path and young Katrina's had never crossed. B The wind's howl became the woman in white. C But Ichabod wasn't the only one interested in Katrina. D He cracked his whip wildly in the air, spurring his steed onward. 7. If Brom Bones were a character in a modern-day story, which of the following archetypes would he most closely resemble? A drama star B bully C teacher's pet D class president 8. The Headless Horseman could be seen as a metaphor for A fear of the unknown. B fear of death. C fear of fear itself. D all of the above

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Directions: read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. then answer the multiple-choice and short-answer questions below.

critical-thinking Questions

9. What role does suspense play in this story? Find three examples from the play to support your opinion. _______________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. What do you think happened to Ichabod Crane at the end of the play? Was he really attacked by the Headless Horseman? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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