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then & now : "when fans go wild" · sKill: reading Comprehension

Directions: See how much you remember from the article "When Fans Go Wild." Put your knowledge to the test with our crossword puzzle.

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Scope Crossword Puzzle

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6 7

8 9 10





9. If you are full of 10. Both the Beatles

5. In Liverpool, at least

two overly excited Bieber fans were taken to the ___. Beatles songs

adulation for a star, you are a ___. and Justin Bieber have required ___ protection from their wild fans.

13. Justin posted a ___

asking the loud crowd outside his hotel to quiet down.

4. Crying and fainting

are symptoms of "Bieber ___."

7. Some Justin Bieber


6. the subject of many 7. The Beatles' good

1. The Beatles and Justin

Bieber are known for this type of music. Beatles grew up

concerts have been ___ because of unruly crowds.

looks and ___ helped them become famous.

11. the phenomenon of hysterical love for the Fab Four

8. Justin is from ___. 12. The Beatles were

known for their "___-top" haircuts.

2. the city where the 3. McCartney's first name

sCholastiC SCOPE activity · september 19, 2011


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