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One bath. Two drinks of water. Three bedtime stories. Four tickle spots. Five wishes upon a star. Six silly secrets. Seven hugs and squeezes. Eight big kisses. Nine I love you. Ten goodnight.

By Jodie Black

Reprinted with permission of Jodie Black 2010

Teaching points for the poem Night:

1. Counting book style of poem tells of bedtime activities. 2. Writing Trait tie in: Ideas--students must think of their bedtime rituals. 3. Sight Vocabulary: Number words from one to ten. 4. Organizer for the poem Night on the next page. Brainstorm things you do before going to bed.

Topics for discussion with students:

1. What activities do you need to do before you go to bed? 2. What things must your parents do with you before bed? 3. What time do you have to go to bed? Do you go right away without complaining?

Reprinted with permission of Jodie Black 2010


______________________________________________ (Author)

One ___________________________. Two____________________________. Three___________________________. Four____________________________. Five ____________________________. Six______________________________. Seven__________________________. Eight___________________________. Nine___________________________. Ten____________________________.

Reprinted with permission of Jodie Black 2010


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