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Answer these questions in complete sentence.

1. Who wrote a letter on a star shape piece of paper? (page 34) ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________


2. Where did Officer Buckle take Gloria after every speech? (page 37) ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________

3. What happened when Gloria went alone to Napville School? (pages 45 and 46) ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 4. Who knew more safety tips than anyone else in Napville? (page 21) ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________


1. _________ Officer Buckle is a fireman. 2. _________ The name of the Napville School principal is Mrs. Toppel. 3. _________ Every time Officer Buckle tells a safety tip Gloriea acts it out. 4. _________ At the beginning of the story the students pay attention to Officer Buckle. 5. _________ Officer Buckle and Gloria visited 313 schools. 6. _________ Claire thinks Officer Buckle and Gloria make a good team. 7. _________ The students send an enourmous envelop with thank you letters to Officer Buckle.

Copyright (c) 2006, María Cristina Rabat

Circle the correct answer.

1. The students of Napville School loved Officer Buckle and Gloria because: a. They told long stories b. They were a good c. They danced together 2. Officer Buckle safety tip #101 was: a. Always stick with you buddy b. Always wipe up spills before someone slips and falls c. Never leave a thumbtack were you might sit 3. When Officer Buckle saw the 10 o`clock news he saw Gloria: a. sitting down and not moving b. dancing and singing c. acting out the safety tips 4. The name of the author of the book is: a. Arnold Lobel b. Dr. Seuss c. Peggy Rathmann

Draw a picture and write the name of the 2 main characters in the story.

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Copyright (c) 2006, María Cristina Rabat


Microsoft Word - Officer Buckle and Gloria 2.doc

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