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Tyee 8th Grade AVID Syllabus 2009-2010

Teacher: Ben Evans Tyee Middle School ­ Room 222 Telephone: 425.456.6839 Email: [email protected] Class notes: Topic: AVID Back to School Questions/Main ideas What is AVID? : Name: Mr Evans Class: AVID Elective ­ Room 222 Notes: AVID (Advancement Via Individual determination) is a program designed to prepare students in the middle for a college preparatory path. AVID students will be learning and developing skills to achieve academic success. 1. Agenda Use 9. Oral Presentation Skills 2. Organizational Skills 10. Listening Skills 3. Peer Study Groups 11. Goal Setting 4. Note Taking 12. Time Management 5. Writing Process 13. Research Techniques 6. Study Techniques 14. Career Awareness 7. Test Taking Skills 15. College/University Planning 8. Reading Process 16. College Field Trips Assignments are weighted differently and the points will vary depending on the length and depth of each activity. WIC-R assignments, homework, quizzes Binder Organization - Agenda up-to-date; daily notes; papers organized in each section; all required materials Peer Study Groups (PSG) - Preparation for PSG; full participation in PSG; completions of reflection; Cornell notes Enthusiastic Daily Participation (Varies) (30 points/week) Date: August 31st 2009 Period: 5

What are the topics and skills to be covered?

How will I be graded?

(30 points/week)

(25 points/week)

Expectations and General information for 8th Grade AVID with Mr. Evans ­ Tyee Middle School 2009/10

What is the AVID homework policy?

All assignments are submitted on the due date. As per 8th grade policy, late assignments will not be accepted. It is YOUR responsibility to obtain all assignments after an absence.

What will I need for this class?

Your 3 ring binder with agenda and other usual materials (same as for your other classes) A Composition Book (Not spiral bound!) A portfolio binder - to be left at school Your determination to succeed!!!

How can I contact Mr. Evans?

The best way to contact Mr. Evans outside of school is via email, telephone or one of the options below: Website: Forum:

When do I return this letter signed?

Parent signature needed to verify by Friday, September 4th. Parent Signature: ________________________________ Student Name: _________________________________

Summary This year in AVID we will learn new skills to help us succeed, like maintaining an organized binder, and our grades will be based on our performance.

Additional note to Parents and Guardians: Email is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with me. I will try to return emails or phone messages within 24 hours. Please email or call to set up an appointment to meet with me. This ensures that I will be in the building and will have time to prepare materials and information so that we may have a productive meeting. I look forward to meeting each of you in the coming year! - Ben Evans

Expectations and General information for 8th Grade AVID with Mr. Evans ­ Tyee Middle School 2009/10

Student Expectations Signature and Parent Contact Information


Student Name (please print): ___________________________________________ Guardian Information (please print neatly): Contact 1 Name & Relationship Home Phone Work Phone Email* Contact 2

*Participating in a class email distribution list is highly recommended. To receive class information please send an email to your teacher with your language of study and student name "Spanish/French/Chinese email list for Student Name" in the subject line so that we can add you to our address book. I have read and understand the course expectations. I am ready to begin the intellectual journey in this class.

Student signature: _________________________________Date_______________ Parent signature: __________________________________Date_______________

Expectations and General information for 8th Grade AVID with Mr. Evans ­ Tyee Middle School 2009/10


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