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Name ____________________________________ The Bunsen Burner and Bending Glass:

Directions: Read together how to use a Bunsen burner. While reading, find the adjustments on your burner. Then, answer the following questions. How to use a Bunsen Burner: 1. The Bunsen burner should be connected to a gas source with the rubber hose. 2. All group members must have safety glasses on. 3. The teacher will come over with a lighter or sparker and turn the gas jet handle so that it is parallel (in line) to the gas jet. Do NOT keep turning the handle as that will just shut the gas off again. Leave the gas jet handle in the parallel position while using the burner. 4. To adjust the flame, use the two controls: a. Gas Adjustment: This valve is located at the very bottom of the burner and is used to regulate the amount of gas used for combustion. Turning this knob clockwise increases the gas flow making your flame bigger. (But, not necessarily hotter!) b. Air Adjustment: This valve is located at the base of the barrel of the burner. Turning this knob clockwise increases or decreases the amount of air entering the barrel. This should be adjusted so there are two cones of flame and creating a whooshing noise. (This is the hottest set up for your burner.) c. Do not use the gas jet knob on your lab table to adjust the amount of gas entering your burner. Leave this one on full. 5. The hottest part of the burner is the tip of the inner blue cone. Questions: 1. Which adjustment is the most important to use to achieve a good, hot Bunsen burner flame? Where is it located? (Perhaps a diagram to help ...)

2. Where is the hottest part of the flame located? (Again, a diagram ...) Should it be making any noise?

3. Is the gas jet knob on the table ever used to adjust the flame level in your burner?

Activity: 1. Obtain two glass tubes per lab group from the teacher. 2. Start your Bunsen burner. 3. Have every person in your group find and turn the two adjustments. Observe and know what these adjustments do. 4. Adjust your burner to the hottest setting. 5. Hold the tube with one hand and use a tongs to bend the glass. 6. LET IT COOL BY SETTING IT ASIDE; DO NOT COOL IT WITH WATER. 7. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOUR FINGERS! HOT GLASS LOOKS LIKE COLD GLASS! If you burn yourself, let me know and immediately run water over your finger.


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