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Monohybrid Notes

Gregor Mendel Law of _______________________________: Each organism contains ________ factors for each trait; factors segregate in the formation of gametes. When two gametes combine during fertilization, the offspring have _________ factors controlling a specific trait. Law of ____________________________________________: states that factors for different characteristics are distributed to gametes ______________________________.

Name _____________________________ Period ______ Date________________

Genetics Vocabulary

·_____________ - the unit of heredity; a section of ______ sequence encoding a single protein ·Alleles - ________________ that occupy the same _____________ on ________________________ chromosomes and

cover the same trait

·Locus - a fixed ____________ on a strand of DNA where a gene or one of its alleles is located ·Homozygous - having ________________ genes (one from each parent) for a particular characteristic. ·Heterozygous - having two _________________ genes for a particular characteristic.

·________________ - __________________________ (description) ·________________ - ____________________________ (letter code)

·Dominant - the trait that ________________ in the heterozygous condition. ·Recessive - the trait that is _______________ in the heterozygous condition. ·___________________ Dominance - a form of intermediate inheritance in which one ·___________________ - A condition in which both alleles of a gene pair in a heterozygote are fully expressed,

with neither one being dominant or recessive to the other. If the trait is codominant it will be stated in the problem. Example Roan Cattle : Red RR, Red and White RW, White WW allele for a specific trait is not completely dominant over the other. If the trait is incomplete it will be stated in the problem.

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· Monohybrid cross - cross involving a single pair of genes, ______ trait · ___ ­ "parents" · ____ ­ "kids" · ____ ­ "grandkids" ·Punnett squares - used to aid in _____________________ the probability that certain traits will be inherited by ·______________________ - is the likelihood that a specific event will occur or is the likely outcome a given event

will occur from random chance Monohybrid Crosses 1. offspring







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Practice Problems A pure-breed white flower crosses with a pure-breed purple flower. Purple is dominant to white.

·Show the punnet square

·What is the genotype of the F1 generation? ______________________________________ ·What is the phenotype of the F1 generation? _______________________________________ ·Show the punnett square

A homozygous black rat is crossed with a heterozygous black rat. B = black b = brown

·What are the genotypes of F1? ______________________________________ ·What are the genotype ratio of F1? _____________________________________

If you had a black rat how could you tell it's genotype was homozygous or heterozygous? _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Possible Answer Formats

·% - chance out of total possible ______________________________ ·Fraction ___________________________ ·Ratio ­ ratio adds up to total possible __________________________________

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Monohybrid Notes

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