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What is Probability? And Independent and Dependent Probabilities Worksheet

Complete each of the following problems on a separate sheet of paper. Show all of your work!! For questions 1-3, Ebony has 4 male kittens and 7 female kittens. She picks up 2 kittens to give to a friend. Find the probability of each selection. 1. P(2 male) 2. P(2 female) 3. P(1 of each)

For questions 4-12, Bob is moving and all of his CDs are mixed up in a box. Twelve CDs are rock, eight are jazz, and five are classical. If he reaches in the box and selects them at random, find each probability. 4. P(3 jazz) 5. P(3 rock) 6. P(1 classical, 2 jazz) 7. P(2 classical, 1 rock) 8. P(3 classical, 2 rock) 9. P(1 jazz, 2 rock) 10. P(1 classical, 1 jazz, 1 rock) 11. P(2 rock, 2 classical) 12. P(2 jazz, 1 reggae)

For questions 13-15, use the table below that shows the college majors of the students who took the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) in April 2000. If a student taking the test were randomly selected, find each probability. Express as decimals rounded to the nearest thousandth. Major Students Biological Math or Physical Social Humanities sciences statistics sciences sciences 15,819 963 179 2770 2482 Specialized health Other sciences 1431 1761

13. P(math or statistics) 15. P(physical sciences)

14. P(biological sciences)

For questions 16-21, a die is rolled twice. Find each probability. 16. P(2, then 3) 17. P(no 6s) 18. P(two 4s) 19. P(1, then any number) 20. P(two of the same number 21. P(two different numbers)

For questions 22-27, the tiles A, B, G, I, M, R, and S of a word game are placed face down in the lid of the game. If two tiles are chosen at random, find each probability. 22. P(R, then S), if no replacement occurs. 23. P(A, then M), if replacement occurs. 24. P(2 consonants), if replacement occurs. 25. P(2 vowels), if no replacement occurs. 26. P(B, then D), if replacement occurs. 27. P(selecting the same letter twice), if no replacement occurs. For questions 28-32, state whether the events are independent or dependent. Then find the probability. 28. There are 3 miniature chocolate bars and 5 peanut butter cups in a candy dish. Judie chooses 2 of them at random. What is the probability that she chooses 2 miniature chocolate bars? 29. A bowl contains 4 peaches and 4 apricots. Maxine randomly selects one, puts it back, and then randomly selects another. What is the probability that both selections were apricots? 30. A bag contains 7 red, 4 blue, and 6 yellow marbles. If 3 marbles are selected in succession, what is the probability of selecting blue, then yellow, then red, if replacement occurs each time? 31. Joe's wallet contains three $1 bills, four $5 bills, and two $10 bills. If he selects three bills in succession, find the probability of selecting a $10 bill, then a $5 bill, and then a $1 bill if the bills are not replaced. 32. What is the probability of getting heads each time if a coin is tossed 5 times?


Microsoft Word - what is prob and indep-depen probability worksheet.doc

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