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Name:____________ Date:____________ Hour:____________ Eyewitness: Weather Video Study Guide 1. ____________________ is the average temperature, winds, and rainfall a place experiences over a period of years. 2. ____________________ is what happens on a particular day. 3. The ______________ drives our weather. 4. ____________ ________________ means freak freezes are less widespread now than in the past. 5. The ______________________ is the layer of atmosphere nearest to us and the layer where the weather action occurs. 6. Who invented meteorology? ______________________ 7. What is the basis for all forecasting? ____________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 8. ____________ is simply air rushing from one place to another. 9. What occurs as strong winds stream past the top of a rising column of warm air and is whipped into a spiral? ______________________ 10. Weather forecasting accuracy is greatest for a period of _______ hours in advance and quite good for _______ hours. 11. What is essential, the key to all life? ___________ 12. There is no new _____________. What we have goes round and round in a ____________. 13. What cost more lives than any other weather catastrophe? __________________ 14. __________ air holds much more water vapor than ____________ air. 15. What does water vapor need to condense on? ___________________________ 16. Stormy weather is often due to weather patterns known as __________________. These are born out of the clash of ______________ damp air over the tropics and _____________ dry air from the poles. 17. The edges of air masses are called _______________. 18. __________________ is the greatest natural force we know.

Eyewitness Weather Study Guide Key 1. Climate 2. Weather 3. Sun 4. GLobal Warming 5. Troposphere 6. Aristotle 7. Observing weather around us 8. Wind 9. Tornado 10. 12, 45 11. Rain 12. Water, cycle 13. Floods 14. Warm, Cold 15. Tiny particles in the air 16. Depressions, warm, cold 17. Fronts 18. Weather


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