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Sentence Completion (The sentence is taken directly from the week's vocabulary list.) I always feel ______________ on Mondays. Grammar Sentence (Students must identify the parts of speech, and correct the sentence (in this case, they must tell whether it is a fragment sentence or a runon). The parts of speech that the students will identify will be dependent upon the parts of speech covered in class. For example, if you have only covered nouns and pronouns, then students will only identify nouns and pronouns. As the year progresses students will be able to identify more and more parts of speech.) Under the table. Literary term I use this section to either introduce a new literary term, or review a literary term. If it is a new literary term, I give the page number where the definition can be found in the book. Define and give an example of dialect. Journal Students write at least four sentences about a topic that is interesting and relevant to their lives. It is a nonthreatening way to get students to write. How was your weekend?


Microsoft Word - Sentence Completion

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