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name _______________________ period _____ Mousetrap Catapult Task 1. Construct a catapult using a mousetrap for power. 2. The catapult is to launch a ping pong ball. 3. Conduct an experiment about the catapult. Collect data of at least 5 launches for each change to your catapult. Measure how far the ping pong ball travels. 4. Any change to your catapult must be measured. Example: Test spoon lip at 5 cm, test spoon lip at 3 cm. 5. Find the MA and work done by your catapult, put the results on the "Catapult Lab" WS. See below. 6. Write the experiment up using the "Inquiry Lab" form. 7. Transfer the write up to a "Word" document, include a picture of your catapult. Make a spreadsheet or table of your data. Include a scale drawing of your catapult with parts and distances labeled. Catapult Lab WS 1. Measure the following of your catapult: a. Mousetrap bail length (from center pivot to the end of the bail) ____________________ cm b. Lever arm length (from center of pivot to center of ping pong ball) ________________ cm c. Force on mousetrap bail (at bail end) ___________________ N d. Mass of ping pong ball ________________g. e. Weight of ping pong ball (100 g =1 N) ________________ N f. Measure the distance the cup travels when the catapult is fired. _________________________ cm g. Measure how far the ping pong ball will travel, when it is still on the catapult _______________ cm 2. Find the mechanical advantage of the lever arm. MA lever arm =

mousetrap bail length catapult lever arm length

MA lever arm = _____________

3. Find the work done by the catapult on the ping pong ball. Force on ping pong ball = Force on spring Work ping pong ball = Force on ping pong ball MA lever arm Distance ball travels on the catapult Force on ping pong ball = __________N Work ping pong ball = ____________


Mousetrap Car Lab

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Mousetrap Car Lab