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Problem Solving

2. Find the surface area of a regular pentagonal pyramid with base area 49 square meters and slant height 13 meters. Round to the nearest tenth.

10-5 Surface Area of Pyramids and Cones

1. Find the diameter of a right cone with slant height 18 centimeters and surface area 208 square centimeters.

3. A piece of paper in the shape shown is folded to form a cone. What is the diameter of the base of the cone that is formed? Round to the nearest tenth.

4. The right cone has a surface area of 240 square millimeters. What is the radius of the cone?

22 mm


14 in.

Choose the best answer. 5. A square pyramid has a base with a side length of 9 centimeters and a slant height 1 that is 4 centimeters more than 1__ times 2 the length of the base. Find the surface area of the pyramid. A 162 cm2 C 315 cm2 B 243 cm2 D 396 cm2 8. A cone has a base diameter of 6 yards. What is the slant height of the cone if it has the same surface area as the square pyramid shown? Round to the nearest tenth. 6. A cone has a surface area of 64 square inches. If the radius and height are each 3 multiplied by __, what will be the new 4 surface area of the cone? F 36 in2 H 60 in2 G 48 in2 J 96 in2

7. Find the surface area of the composite figure. Round to the nearest tenth.

4 cm 12 cm

7 cm

A 238.8 cm2 B 260.3 cm2

C 311.0 cm2 D 361.3 cm2 F 8.1 yd G 8.5 yd H 11.3 yd J 25.6 yd Holt Geometry

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