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Math Monkey See/Monkey Do Cooperative Groups We do this activity after reading Caps for Sale which is a about monkeys who copy everything. The children work in pairs to do this activity. One child makes a design of shapes and lines on a geoboard, and the monkey (the other child) copies the design. Then the children switch roles.


Baby Python Dance After reading the book, Verdi, we dance with Baby Pythons (a piece of yellow yarn). We like to dance to "The Bean Bag Boogie"[Greg & Steve] using the snakes instead of bean bags. Monkey Babies The children walk around the circle on all fours like monkeys, carrying a "baby monkey" (bean bag) on their backs. Caps for Sale This book is not about the rainforest, but it is a great book about monkeys. After we have read the story, we act it out. Our props are colored felt circles for pretend caps. One child is the peddler and the other children are the

monkeys. It's a lot of fun because we get to shake our finger, and stamp our feet, and pretend to be mad. :o) Site to use for reading buddies html

Community Helpers Unit

Getting Started

0. Which community helpers will you study? Before starting a unit on community helpers, it would be helpful for planning if you decide which occupations you would like to concentrate on. For my unit, we study the following community helpers: 0. Doctors and Nurses 0. Chefs, Bakers, and Cooks 0. Astronauts 0. Soldiers 0. Teachers 0. Dentists 0. Mail Carriers 0. Police 0. Artists 0. Firefighters 0. Special Speakers: Invite special speakers to your room to discuss what they do for a job. Collect information about your own classroom families and invite parents to come in and discuss their jobs. Local police and firefighters are almost always available for school visitations. :o) 0. Community Helpers Power Point Introduction: This presentation was made by one of my friends, Courtney Brown. She has so graciously allowed me to post it on this page for others to use. Enjoy! Click below to download: 0. Community Helpers Hats Presentation - (.ppt format)

Literacy Activities

Each day of our community helpers unit is focused on one occupation/helper. This is the

format that I use each day as a part of our unit: 0. Read a story about the focus community helper. 0. Do a language arts activity focused on the community helper. 0. Do a special activity involving the focus helper (make hats, listen to a special speaker, dramatize, play a game, etc.). The following activities are focused on each helper listed.

Doctors and Nurses

0. Make a Doctor/Nurse's Bag: As a fun extension activity, make a doctor or nurse's bag and fill it with items that a doctor or nurse needs. To make the bag, you will need a sheet of construction paper for each child in your class. Fold the paper in half the wide way (like a greeting card) and punch holes around three edges leaving the top open. Attach a piece of yarn to the end corner and have the children lace it around to make a "bag". (Photos will be coming soon!) Give each child a copy of the the printable below and have them color and cut. Place the items in the bag and you have a complete doctor/nurse's bag - ready to use for pretend play! Click below to download printable items for the bag. 0. Printable Items for Doctor/Nurse's Bag - (.pdf format) 0. Make a Nurse's Hat: As a part of your lesson, have each child make a nurse's hat. Download the printable nurse's hat below and attach it to a construction paper band. 0. Printable Nurse's Hat - (.pdf format) 0. Coloring Pages: Doctors and Nurses

Chefs, Bakers, and Cooks

0. If I Were a Chef Writing Activity: 0. Printable Writing Activity "If I were a chef..." - (.pdf format) 0. Make a Chef's Hat: As a part of your lesson, have each child make a chef's hat. Download the printable chef's hat below and attach it to a construction paper band. 0. Printable Chef's Hat - (.pdf format) 0. Coloring Pages: Food and Chef


0. Coloring Pages: Astronauts and Space


0. Coloring Pages: American Symbols and Soldiers


0. Coloring Pages: Female Teacher and Male Teacher


0. Coloring Pages: Dentists and Dental Health

Mail Carriers

0. Make a Mail Carrier's Hat: As a part of your lesson, have each child make a mail carrier's

hat. Download the printable mail carrier's hat below and attach it to a construction paper band. 0. Printable Mail Carrier's Hat - (.pdf format) 0. Coloring Pages: Mailman and Mailwoman


0. Make a Police Hat: As a part of your lesson, have each child make a police hat. Download the printable police hat below and attach it to a construction paper band. 0. Printable Police Hat - (.pdf format) 0. Coloring Pages: Police


0. Coloring Pages: Painter


0. Make a Firefighter's Hat: As a part of your lesson, have each child make a firefighter's hat. Download the printable firefighter's hat below and attach it to a construction paper band. 0. Printable Firefighter's Hat - (.pdf format) 0. Coloring Pages: Firefighters and Fire Safety


0. Shared Writing: 0. Make a "Helping Hands" Wreath: Before the activity, cut out a large hollow O shape (for the wreath) from construction paper or posterboard. Use an Ellison cutter to die cut about 20 hand shapes out of colored construction paper or have your students each cut out a hand from a reproducible. Collect the hands and get ready to brainstorm. Ask your students to brainstorm a list of community helpers and write each of the helpers on a hand. After all of the hands are filled, hand them out to your children. Take turns gluing the hands onto the wreath. When finished you will have a beautiful wreath made from "helping hands". 0. Hand Reproducible - (.pdf format) 0. Make a Helping Hands Venn Diagram: Compare two different community helpers. 0. Helping Hands Venn Diagram - (.pdf format) 0. Brainstorm a list of community helpers that you will study during the week. Each day, as you study a single community helper, add to the list by brainstorming items that the helper might need to do his/her job. 0. Independent Writing: 0. Helping Hands Writing: Make a predictable chart programmed with the sentence frame: "A ___ helps us _____." Fill in the chart with each child's answer in a differerent color marker than what you used to write the sentence frame. The next day, read over the chart and cut apart the sentences and give each child the sentence they completed. Give each child a copy of the reproducible available below and instruct them to fill in the sentence fram on the reproducible and draw a picture. Bind together to make a class book. 0. Helping Hands Writing Page - (.pdf format)

Songs and Poems

All Around the Neighborhood All around the neighborhood, People help each other. The driver on the bus, Helps a girl and her mother. What Will You Be? Doctor, dancer, office clerk, What's your favorite kind of work? Miner, designer, baking cake, What's the job that you will take?

Barber, farmer, animal vet, What position will you get? Tailor, sailor, engineer, What'll you pick The girl and her mother, See the butcher for for your career? meat. Work with people, Work alone, Work all day on The butcher gives a letter, To the carrier down the telephone. Work in an office, Work the street. outdoors, Where will you work? The choice is yours! The carrier asks the barber, To trim his mustache. The barber sweeps the hair Driver, diver, fighting fires, What's the job of your up, And puts out all the trash. desires? Teacher, painter, selling shoes, What's the job that you will choose? The trash collector stops, When a fire truck clangs its bell. Firefighters join the police, Who make sure all is well. All around the neighborhood, There's lots that people do. All around the neighborhood, Who helps you?

What Can We Send in the Mail? (tune: "Go In and Out the Window") (from Mailbox Magazine) What can we send in the mail? What can we send in the mail? What can we send in the mail? At the post office today? Oh, we can mail a letter. Oh, we can mail a letter. Oh, we can mail a letter. At the post office today.

Community Helpers Song (tune: "Skip to My Lou") (from Mailbox Magazine) Firefighters help in many ways, Putting out the fires everyday, To keep us safe throughout the day. Firefighters help us everyday! Mail carriers help in many ways, Picking up our mail everyday, Sending our letters on their way. Mail carriers help us every day!

Teachers help in many ways, Reading with Repeat second verse, replacing "letter" with children everyday, Teaching students throughout other words such as valentine, package, each day. Teachers help us every day! Policemen help in many ways, Patroling the

postcard, birthday card, etc.) Doctor Day

clinic. Hi-ho the derry-o, The Doctor in the clinic.

The doctor takes a nurse... The nurse takes a patient... The patient gets help... The patient gets My father said, "It's doctor day," Then he and I better... were on our way, To see our friend, the doctor who, Would check me out, as doctors do. She To The Hospital (tune: "Frere Jacques") had more things, than I can tell, To help her keep the people well. She checked me up and To the hospital, to the hospital, We will go, we will go. We will see the doctors. We will see the all the while, She wore a big and friendly nurses. Dressed in white, dressed in white. smile. So now I hope that someday you, May go to see the doctor too! In the Mailbox (tune: "Are You Sleeping?") (from HighReach) Five Police Officers Five police officers, standing by the store, One In the mailbox, in the mailbox, Look and see, directed traffic, and then there were four. Four look and see! A package or a postcard! A letter from my grandma! Just for me, just for me! police officers, watching over me, One took home a lost girl, and then there were In the mailbox, in the mailbox, Look and see, three. Three police officers, dressed all in look and see! A magazine that's dandy! A blue, One stopped a speeding car, and then valentine with candy! Just for me, just for me! there were two. Two police officers, how fast they can run, One caught a bank robber, and The Florist (tune: "My Bonnie Lies Over the then there was one. One police officer, Ocean") (from HighReach) standing in the sun, Sun went down, he went home, and then there were none. The florist arranges the flowers. The florist delivers them too. So if you need flowers for Keep Working (from HighReach) someone, The florist's the one to help you! When there's a job that's very hard, We know a Flowers, flowers! Call up the florist today, way to do it. We work and work and don't give today! Flowers, flowers! Call up the florist today! up And that's all there is to it! We Need a Plumber (tune: Yankee Doodle) (from HighReach) Pipes can carry water to The bathroom or the kitchen. But when the pipes aren't working, There are so many jobs to do. There is one then A plumber has to fix them. When the sink is that's right for you. Be a ___ if you please. Be backing up, When the faucet's drippy, When the toilet just won't flush, We need a plumber the best that you can be. There are so many quickly! jobs to do. There is one that's right for you. For any kind of job you choose, There are things that you must do. Study hard so you will know How to do your work just so. Find out how you need to dress. Come on time, and do your best. Many Jobs (tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star") (from HighReach)

your best.

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Printable Construction Worker's Hat - (.pdf format) Printable Farmer's Hat - (.pdf format)

Resource Links

Online Early Reader Books for Community Helpers - from Scholastic (AWESOME!) Heroes in My Community Unit Plans with Printables - from Georgia Learning Connections Great Coloring Pages for Community Helpers - from Coloring Book Fun Community Helpers Activities - from First-School Early Childhood Community Helpers Unit - from San Bernardino County Schools



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