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Fetal Pig Dissection - Lab Report

A formal lab report is required for the fetal pig dissection. The lab must include the following components. Title page Introduction An overview of the respiratory, digestive and circulatory system. An explanation of why fetal pigs are used as a representative mammal. Purpose Materials Cautions Detailed outline of what precautions are done. Procedure You may refer to the page number in the text Observations Observations are to be grouped by internal system. Draw and label the organs as seen on opening the abdominal cavity. Draw and label the organs as seen on opening the thoracic cavity. Questions Answer the assigned questions. Include the question and your response.

Questions External Anatomy 1. How will you fasten the fetal pig in the dissection tray? 2. Describe the first set of incisions you will make to expose the abdominal cavity of the pig. 3. What structures divides the thoracic and abdominal cavities? 4. In the mammalian circulatory system, where does the blood exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen? 5. In the mammalian fetus, where does the fetal pig exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen? 6. What is the length of your fetal pig? 7. What is its approximate age? 8. What is the gender of your pig? 9. Does your pig have any teeth, eyelashes or hair? Digestive System 1. Describe the inner wall of the stomach and what is its function? 2. What would be the advantage of having a small intestine lined with villi as opposed to one with a smooth inner lining? 3. Describe the structure and function of the mesentery 4. How long was the small intestine? 5. Compare the length of the small intestine to the length of the fetal pig. Respiratory System 1. Describe the texture of lungs and why are they deflated? 2. What is the purpose of the cartilaginous rings of the trachea? Circulatory System 1. Why does the heart require its own special circulatory system? 2. Which side of the heart was thicker? 3. What structures provided protection for the heart?



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