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Teach For America Seeks Undergraduate Campus Campaign Managers


Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates - of all academic majors and career interests - who commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools in the nation's lowest-income communities and become lifelong leaders for expanding educational opportunity. Our mission is to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity by enlisting our nation's most promising future leaders in the effort. Campus campaign managers develop and execute a campus-specific campaign designed to raise Teach For America's general visibility on campus and to recruit talented and diverse leaders to join the movement. In this position, campus campaign managers augment their professional skills in networking, marketing, and communication while gaining an understanding of how a successful nonprofit organization operates.

Campus Campaign Managers:

· Identify and reach out to top students on campus · Network with professors and student organizations · Conduct Teach For America class and student organization announcements · Plan high-impact visits for Teach For America staff, corps members, and alumni who visit campus · Execute high-visibility publicity campaigns For a complete job description and application instructions, go to:

Meet former Campus Campaign Managers Genevieve Quist

Cornell University, BS industrial and labor relations, 2005 Teach For America Campus Campaign Manager: 2004-2005 Teach For America Corps Member: Los Angeles, 2005 6th grade English and social studies 2007 Rhodes scholarship winner

Cornell joined the corps, and Cornell was the second largest producer of corps members in 2005. Our big goal was to have 50 Cornell students join the corps, and I felt overwhelmed, but I realized that the only way to reach ambitious goals is by setting them in the first place." How did the CCM position prepare you for what you are doing now? "Working as a CCM honed my organizational skills. I thought I had good organizational skills before, but then I realized that they had to be brought to a whole new level when working with all of the data. Being organized and planning ahead prepared me for the classroom. Also, being a CCM really solidified my passion for ending educational inequity." What else did you learn as a CCM? "As a CCM, you talk to people who might not be supportive of Teach For America. That helped me learn to relate to and communicate with people who have different opinions than mine. It was a big learning experience. Having that very strong experience as a 19 year old helped me so much in my Rhodes scholarship interview. They don't make those interviews easy! I remember being able to express my opinions in a respectful way during my Rhodes interview because of my experience as a CCM."

Genevieve and her team were very successful the year she worked as a campus campaign manager at Cornell University, increasing applications by nearly 43%. She is now a Teach For America corps member, and this year her students have improved one full year in reading in just four months. Recently, Genevieve was selected for a Rhodes scholarship to attend the University of Oxford, where she will be studying comparative social policy. How successful were your recruitment efforts as a CCM? "The year I was a CCM was one of the most successful recruitment years in Cornell's history. We saw a 43% increase in applications from the previous year, 51 students from

Matt Scherzer

Bates College, BA history 2003 Teach For America Campus Campaign Manager: 2002-2003 MBA Candidate, Yale School of Management

Kevin Anderle

University of Texas at Austin, BS communication studies, 2005 Teach For America Campus Campaign Manager: 2004-2005 Teach For America Corps Member: Atlanta, 2005, 4th grade Completing second year of teaching

Matt had a successful year as a campus campaign manager; application numbers grew nearly 38% from the previous year. Matt's manager was Kelly Harris-Perin, and she has this to say about his performance as a campus campaign manager: "Matt really took our campaign to the next level at Bates. He was totally entrepreneurial about making connections within the campus community and personally reaching out to top students. With Matt leading the charge, we had more events, more campus visitors, and more applications than ever before at Bates." What was the most rewarding aspect of the CCM role? "I think being a CCM was one of the most rewarding highlights of my undergraduate experience. It's an exciting challenge; you are the marketer, networker, and strategic planner all wrapped into one. When you see the application numbers coming in from your school, it's a wonderful feeling to know that all the hard work you did during the semester brought in applications from the best and the brightest students who will go on to make a difference in the lives of young people in low-income communities." How did the CCM position prepare you for what you are doing now? "Leading information sessions, creating effective action plans, and tailoring recruitment strategies to target various groups are all important skills to develop as a CCM, and those skills will serve you well no matter what you decide to do. CCMs give many presentations to student groups, and they target outstanding individuals and speak to them about the program. You're going to use those skills no matter what career direction you take. Furthermore, although I didn't pursue education as a career, I continue to be involved in the issue of educational inequity. Regardless of the professional direction you take, being a CCM will change you for the better; you'll understand the complexities of the achievement gap and be able to make an important contribution as an undergraduate and in the future."

Kevin has held many roles with Teach For America, working at Teach For America's summer training institute in 2004 and 2006, as well as holding the campus campaign manager position at the University of Texas at Austin. As a campus campaign manager, Kevin helped his team increase the number of University of Texas students who joined the corps by nearly 35% from the previous year. As a corps member, Kevin has made a measurable impact on his students. Last year he taught first grade, and his students made over a year and a half of growth in math and over two years of growth in reading in just one school year. What was the most rewarding aspect of the CCM role? "The most rewarding thing was learning more about Teach For America and its mission to close the achievement gap. We received so much education on educational inequity as CCMs, and we became the spokespeople on our campuses. Being a CCM was my way of impacting the mission before I even set foot in a school. I was able to raise knowledge and awareness of Teach For America on my campus and convince seniors to apply. It made me feel connected to the movement even before I joined the corps." How did the CCM position prepare you for what you are doing now? "It exposed me to the injustices of educational inequity, and so it opened my eyes to everything that was going on before I began teaching in a low-income community. As a CCM, you need to be really informed about causes of the achievement gap, what Teach For America is doing to address the problem, and what is expected of Teach For America corps members when they enter the classroom. I learned that being a corps member is not just about being a teacher; it is about closing the achievement gap. Knowing what I was getting into and what would be expected of me really helped shape my experience as a corps member."


Teach For America Seeks Undergraduate Campus Campaign Managers

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