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THE INTERACT LIBRARY. Interact simulations are written by teachers for teachers, and are easy to use and modify to fit the needs of students and your curriculum. Each Interact unit includes a teacher's guide, purpose and overview, daily lesson plans, student materials, time management guidelines, and support materials.You are guided through each unit so that you feel confident the first time and every time you use one of our products. This unique library is organized by subject--science, math, language arts, history, geography, and social studies--and comes with all projects in both print and digital forms. The site license grants full reproduction rights and unlimited sharing within the licensed school.

INT500 74 Active Learning Projects, 1 CD-ROM Complete library includes site license . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2950

Improves student comprehension and retention Builds reading, writing, and critical thinking skills Promotes collaboration and 21st-century skills Incorporates a range of multiple intelligences for differentiation Each unit provides up to 2­5 weeks of instruction

74 Active Learning Projects 2 sticker packs Guide to components

8 audio CDs

28 Maps, charts, and posters

1 CD-ROM with all 74 Active Learning Projects and site license

Interact 10200 Jefferson Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232

Contact: Phone: (800) 421-4246 ext. 229 Fax: (800) 944-5432 E-mail: [email protected]

Professional Development Included

INT500SELL v1.1



Classroom Campground (2­5) Fitness (3­6) Insect Island (3­8) My Backyard (K­3) Peterson's Pond (3­8) Taxonomy Trail (2­5) Zoo (2­5) INT510 Set of 7 $389

Language Arts

Book Mountain Expeditions 1 (3­5) Book Mountain Expeditions 2 (3­5) Enchanted Castle (1­3) Folk Tales (3­8) Forum (4­8) Fundamental Steps (3­6) Grammar Zones (3­6) King Lexicon (3­6) Missing Persons (4­8) Odyssey (3­7) Poetry 1-2-3 (4­7) Pop-Up Books (3­9) Rhyme Square (K­3) Sailor of the Stars (4­8) Spelling Wizards (3­8) INT580 Set of 15 $1019


Apple Valley School (2­5) California Missions (2­5) Discovery (5­8) Gold Rush (4­8) Net Venture (3­6) Pilgrims (2­5) Pioneers (3­6) Sail America (3­6) Symbols of Freedom (2­6) INT515 Set of 9


Earth Science Contracts (4­8) Pele's Peak (2­5) New Atlantis (4-8) Weather Detectives (4­6) INT520 Set of 4 $229



Little Red Riding Hood (K­3) Little Red Hen (K­3) Three Billy Goats Gruff-- Go Calypso! (K­3) Ugly Duckling (K­3) INT560 Set of 4


Invent (4­8) Mars (5­8) Mysterious Machine (4­8) Project Polaris (2­6) Roller Coaster (4­8) Skateboard Science (5­9) Space Probe (4­8) Space Race (K­3) INT530 Set of 8


Bones and Stones (5­9) Classroom City (5­9) Kid Town (K­3) Museum (4­10) INT590 Set of 4




$489 Climb High, Jack! (5­8) Friends (4­8) Teamwork (1­5) INT570 Set of 3

Mini Libraries do not include site license

Grade Ranges

Easily adaptable to meet your specific needs, each project is appropriate for a range of grades. See bracket beside each title.


A-Maze-Ing Shapes (4­8) Algebra: Into the Unknown (1­3) Algebra Mystery Maze (4­8) Architects of Learning (4­8) Athenian Secret (2­5) Capacity Converters (2­5) Game Factory (4-7) Hopscotch Math (2­6) Math Marvels (2­6) Math Quest (4-7) Money Masters (2­6) Tick Tock (K­3) INT550 Set of 12 $639



Amigos (4­8) Ancestor Adventure (2­4) Canada (5­8) Caravans (4­8) Flight (5­8) Internet Cruises (4­8) Lexigram Learns State Capitals (2­5) See the USA (4­6) INT525 Set of 8 $494



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