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Church Prayer Mobilization Tool


Compiled by Eddie Smith

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Praying Through the 10/40 Window PrayWorld


National day of prayer National call to 40-days of prayer and fasting National Prayer Accord (Churches praying... · · · Monthly as a church Quarterly with other churches Annually as a nation

National Native American Day of Prayer National Day of Prayer for Children Denominational Leaders' Prayer Summit Denominational Prayer Leader's Network Weekly day of fasting and prayer for the nation


Church Prayer Mobilization Tool

National crusade of humility National concert of prayer National networks National day of solemn assembly Adopting a zip code (or a portion thereof) for prayer


Statewide networks


Prayerwalking every street and road in the county


Citywide networks Marches for Jesus Jericho drives Concerts of Prayer Prayerwalking Adopting portions of the city for prayer Corporate citywide prayer rallies Human prayer chain around the city T-shirt chain. (Similar to the above. Each person wears a shirt with one letter. Standing together beside a street they spell out a Scripture, etc.)


Neighborhood houses of prayer Lighthouses of prayer Prayerwalking Door by door prayer ministry


Church Prayer Mobilization Tool

Government Buildings:

Courthouses City Hall and Court House prayer events Prisons Jails


Student prayer groups Student gatherings (See You at the Pole) Mothers meeting to pray for schools Teachers meeting to pray at schools Teachers (privately/personally) prayerwalking their classrooms and campuses Christians prayerwalking the school campuses (when school is NOT in session)


Watchmen prayer walls Church staff prayer Joint corporate prayer for revival among area churches Korean-style prayer 5 Hours of Power (Corporate prayer, praise, testimonies, Etc.) (3 hours, 7 hours, etc.) Concerts of prayer Prayer rooms Family prayer Personal prayer Prayer chains (telephone, Etc.) Prayerwalking or drive-by praying to bless them Intercessory groups to pray for pastors and their families within a city


Church Prayer Mobilization Tool


International National Pastors Children Youth Women's Men's (Promise Keepers, Etc.) Student groups Children's prayer networks Business groups Prayer cells Prayer Triplets Women's prayer cells Men's prayer cells Pastors' prayer groups/networks Pastors' prayer summits Oil Field Prayer Network, Real Estate or Dentists Prayer Networks, Etc. Businessmen's & Businesswomen's prayer groups Professional prayer groups, (Dentists, teachers, Etc.)

Special Times of prayer:

Pre-worship service prayer Prayer at the 5 Muslim prayer times Noonday prayer Men's prayer breakfast Women's prayer tea or luncheon Crisis prayer meetings Special days of prayer Lunch-hour prayer fellowship Early morning, Predawn prayer, Etc.


Church Prayer Mobilization Tool

All-day prayer 24-hour prayer All-night prayer First Friday Prayer and Fasting (First Monday, Etc.)

Special Places for prayer:

Prayer journeys Prayer at spiritual trouble sites, occult centers, etc. Prayer Mountains Prayer at the high points of the city Prayer at the cardinal points Prayer at sea (Revival Cruise) Prayer in the air (Planes filled with intercessors flying the boundaries of an area) Mobile prayer teams (bicycle, scuba, air, cars, swim, Etc.) Monthly corporate prayer in city-council chambers

Special Prayer Foci:

Prayer/Evangelism 10/40 Window Prayer Identificational repentance Prayer on festival days Jesus Film Project partnership for prayer Prayer for governmental leaders Prayer for business and corporate leaders Prayer for Christian leaders Prayer for pastors Chain fasting (one person or church each day) Prayer for the nations Prayer for ethno/linguistic people groups Hospital prayer (Praying for the sick) Adults adopting children/teens as "prayer parents"


Church Prayer Mobilization Tool

Fasting & Prayer (1, 3, 7, 21 or 40 day, Etc.) Adopting policemen for prayer "Shield a badge" Adopting a fireman, a teacher Adopt a missionary for prayer

Healing the land prayers at massacre sites:

Prayer for persecuted Christians Doctors praying against abortion Reconciliation prayer meetings (Racial, gender, denominational, Etc.) Praying through the phone book Ramadan Prayer (Praying with and for the Muslim World) Prayer in mosques, around mosques

Special Training:

Spiritual mapping Spiritual warfare seminars Books and booklets Magazines Prayer consultations National prayer centers Training cassettes and video cassettes Prayer Conferences Prayer Seminars Prayer Retreats Prayer Banquets

Special Media:

Fax networks E-mail networks Telephone prayer chains, prayer hotlines


Church Prayer Mobilization Tool

Radio/Television prayer:

Mailings; prayer letters and bulletins (postal and email) Building and distributing prayer directories (national, state, city, etc.)



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