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Cat on the Mat

Early Reader No. 1

Story by Jennifer Cooper-Trent Illustrations by Anthony Mitchell

Cut `n Staple

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Page 1a

Sound the Words : pronounce each letter separately, then blend the separate sounds into a continuous word (c--a--t, c-a-t, c-aaa-t, cat). Whole Words: - Explain that these must be memorized/recognized. Punctuation : Explain "full stop" ( . ) - Stop, take a breath, then start new sentence. Short Vowel : `a' as in `cat' ---- Whole Words : `The', `the'

Single Syllable Words

cat rat fat bat mat The the a

Try These New Words

Page 2

The cat.

Cut `n Staple Page 2a

The fat rat.

Page 3

The fat bat.

Cut `n Staple Page 3a

The fat rat sat on a mat.

Page 4

The bat and a rat sat on a mat.

Cut `n Staple Page 4a

The cat sat on a mat.

Page 5

The bat and a fat rat sat on a cat.

Cut `n Staple Page 5a

The fat cat sat on a mat.

Page 6

pat hat


1. What animal sat on the mat first? 2. How many animals are in this story? 3. Who sat on the mat next to the fat rat? 4. Who sat on the cat? 5. What happened to the rat and the bat?

Parents : download stories from, or get the `hi-rez' CD version with 60 stories, worksheets and more. Educators : apply for a license to reproduce the stories for your students. Contact [email protected]

Cut `n Staple

Extra Words

Page 6a

Complete the sentences with these words.

rat, mat, bat, rat, cat The fat ___ sat on a ___. The ___ and ___ sat on a cat.


6 pages

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