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A native of Chicago, Illinois, Gloria Iglesias was born to Mexican immigrants who came to the United States in hopes of providing their family with a better quality of life. Her parents put in long days working very hard to accomplish this. Not having very much time at home with them, Gloria turned to sports where she excelled quickly and became a top performing athlete. As team captain, she toured the United States playing on a Division-I NCAA team. Shortly after graduating college, Gloria relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a model and actress. After working consistently, she became eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild. While work seemed to be slowing down already, things went from bad to worse very quickly. SAG declared a strike and Gloria was out of work with no clue how she was going to pay her bills and make a living. It was during that strike in 2000 that a close friend of Gloria introduced her to ACN. After attending a briefing on the ACN opportunity, Gloria quickly recognized it was residual income she would be creating. Similar to many acting jobs, she liked the idea of doing something once and getting paid for it over and over again. Having only experience as an athlete and a struggling actress before ACN, neither of which provided any type of business background, Gloria's first eighteen months in ACN proved to be very challenging to put it mildly. After a year and a half of failing forward, Gloria earned the position of Team Coordinator and was consistently recognized as a top producing member of the esteemed President's Club. As her business began to build momentum, she was even recognized as the #1 Team Coordinator in North America. In spite of all her challenges, she was committed to building and owing her own business and within three short years in ACN, she achieved the prestigious position of Regional Vice President. Since becoming an RVP, Gloria has been recognized as a top 10 Global Regional Vice President while regularly being a part of the President's Club in ACN. Today Gloria enjoys a thriving business that spans all over the world with a multitude of top producing Team Coordinators and Regional Vice Presidents in her organization. The ACN opportunity has provided Gloria with the extraordinary gift of financial freedom, personal development and a platform to grow as a business owner and leader. As a result of her success, she has been able to invest in real estate and further compound her success in business. Gloria aspires to become a Senior Vice President and looks forward to the journey she will face in reaching this goal. Gloria credits her success to the ACN system and the amazing people behind it that provide the structure and support for anyone to succeed if they so desire. One of Gloria's favorite quotes comes from Hannibal, a revered leader in his time...

"We will either find a way, or make one!"


Microsoft Word - GIglesiasfinal.doc

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