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Gift Card Raffle Instructions

1. Sell raffle tickets to anyone you like (nobody is excluded). Cost is $5 for one ticket or $20 for five tickets. 2. Fill out the raffle ticket: Have the purchaser write their name and phone number on the raffle ticket. Write your name and phone number on the reverse side of the raffle ticket. 3. Give the completed tickets back to your mentor or team captain: The purchaser gets to keep the stub. Mentors please return all raffle tickets to Meg. 4. How to process payment received: a. Checks should be made payable to LLS. Process these like any other check donation (mail directly to LLS with your name noted on the check). b. Cash ­ you can keep the cash and use your own credit or debit card to make a donation online into your own account, or write a check to LLS and mail it in like any other donation. c. Credit Cards ­ If the purchaser wishes to use a debit/credit card, direct them to your website, and have them enter their credit card information. 5. If your purchaser wants a receipt: You can fill out the attached "donation receipt" for them. 6. Flyers: You can make as many copies as you like of the flyers, or send me an email and I'll e-mail you a copy of the flyer ([email protected]). At the very bottom of the flyer, write in the remaining portion of your website. Example: 7. Drawing Date and Location: We will draw the winning ticket after training, at Market Street, on September 13th, around 9:00 am. Need not be present to win! We will call the lucky winner. 8. If this is successful, we will have another gift card fundraiser, with the drawing sometime in November. 9. Questions? Call or e-mail me! 972-854-2040([email protected])


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Microsoft Word - Raffle Instructions.doc