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Industrial Control Trainer Model: ICT3 and ICT3GH

Image is of the ICT3GH including Gauging Head


The Industrial Control Trainer (ICT3) is a flexible, modular training system that facilitates the instruction of students in the control of product assembly and inspection as used in real-world manufacturing processes. The students are introduced to a variety of industrial sensors and the methods in which they can be used, together with actuators, to sort components, assemble them and test for correct assembly followed by acceptance or rejection. The unit can be controlled from a PC or a Programmable Logic Controller and thus it provides a flexible training system which enables a range of courses to be covered. The two components that are assembled by the unit are a plastic ring and an aluminium `peg'. A chain conveyor lifts the components to a sorting area where signals from an inductive sensor and an infra-red reflective sensor are used to determine which type of component is being sorted. If it is a plastic ring, a solenoid is activated to push it down a chute and into the assembly area. At the assembly area a further sensor is used to determine whether or not a ring is present ready for assembly and, if not, a rotary solenoid is activated to index the ring into the assembly position. The pegs are allowed to continue along the chain conveyor until they are deflected down a chute to the belt conveyor, which transports them to the assembly area. If a ring is present, assembly takes place. However, if a ring is not present or it falls incorrectly, an occasional assembly error occurs. The combination of the signals from a capacitive sensor, an infra-red through beam sensor and an inductive sensor is used to determine whether or not correct assembly has taken place. If not, the defective element is subsequently rejected by a reject solenoid while good assemblies are allowed to pass into the finished parts tray.

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FEATURES: · Industrial quality hardware designed to accommodate a wide variety of configurations · A slipping clutch is incorporated into the motor drive of the chain conveyor to maximise safety · Fault insertion capabilities, with 64 switch selectable combinations of possible faults. · Four different types of industrial sensor. · Industry standard 24V system. · Can be controlled from a PC or a PLC OPTIONAL Gauging Head Module: - Model ICT3GH The Gauging Head is provided as an optional module. It is mounted on the belt conveyor and is used to measure the diameter of the pegs. A solenoid operated clamp momentarily holds the component whilst its external diameter is measured and compared with the tolerance band previously set by the student. Components which are out of tolerance will subsequently be rejected even if they are correctly assembled, thus introducing quality control based on measurement. Technical Specification. Electrical Characteristics Power Supply Requirements Outputs Inputs Analogue Input Mechanical Characteristics Chain conveyor 24V d.c. Motor Belt conveyor 24V d.c. Motor Assembly hopper solenoid Reject solenoid Sorting solenoid Clamping solenoid Physical Characteristics Dimensions Weight Ordering Information Model Number: Consisting of:

Gauging Head ICT with Gauging Head Option 24V d.c. @ 3A 6 x 24V d.c. requiring 2A source 12 x 24V d.c. inputs 1 x 0-5V 3125:3 gearbox giving 7 rpm with 70 Ncm slipping clutch 500:1, gearbox giving 14 rpm 24V d.c. 25% rating rotary solenoid 24V d.c. 25% rating linear solenoid 24V d.c. continuous rating linear solenoid 24V d.c. 25% rating linear solenoid 96x70x41cm 22 Kg

Industrial Control Trainer 24V d.c. @ 2A 5 x 24V d.c. requiring 2A source 11 x 24V d.c. inputs

3125:3 gearbox giving 7 rpm with 70 Ncm slipping clutch 500:1, gearbox giving 14 rpm 24V d.c. 25% rating rotary solenoid 24V d.c. 25% rating linear solenoid 24V d.c. continuous rating linear solenoid

96x70x41cm 22 Kg

ICT3 1 x Industrial Control Trainer 1 x Power Supply Unit 8 x Standard plastic rings 8 x Standard pegs 1 x Manual 1 x Software CD ICT3GH 1 x Gauging head module (installed) 1 x Set of rings and pegs in varying diameters 30mm to 32.5mm in 0.5mm steps

Model Number: Additional Items: Notes.

1. 2. 3.

Specification is subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in mm unless specified otherwise. Warranty 1 year.

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