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Technip India Limited (TPIL) provides the full range of solutions in Engineering, Procurement and Conshuction (EPC) business with expertise and significant experiencein processPlant Design.



TPIL is the member of Technip Group, which is among the top 5 players in fuIl-service engineering and construction in the field ofhydrocarbons and petrochemicals,has an annualrevenueof almost 7 billion Euros, a workforce of 22,000 people worldwide, and a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies and operational bases spread over 5 continents.

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TPIL's professional activities are ruled by Technip Group's code of businessethics, the main guidelines of which are a service-to-client oriented policy, backed by quality and professional excellence, the highest standardsofhonesty, integrity, transparancyand with the global compactprinciples. fairnessin accordance

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. . Ethylene Poly Propylene'LDPE i LLDPE / HDPE' PTA' EDC / VCM / PVC . . Phosphatic Methanol'Acetic Fertilisers Nitric Acid / SulphuricAcid'Caprolactum' Cracker Acid .Ammonia/Urea.Ethvlene

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. Oil & Gas Processing ' Refining ' Petrochemicals ' Chemicals ' Fertilizers . Infrastructure

India, at in with headquartersChennai, incorporated 1998 PublicLimitedCompany Workforce:800+ annum millionper Manhours:1.5

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. LumpsumTumkey (LSTK) . Lumpsum Services ( LSS) Reimbursable Contracts (RC) . Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management(EPCM)




Office Automation: Work Group computing ' Security: Intnrder Alarm in sensitive areas. Vdeo conferencing . l0MBPS DedicatedDatalVoice Links to Technip Group and other clients asrequired ' Backup data link with Technip Group . Fully connectedMail network' State-of-the-art storage area network . All TPIL offices connected with high speed data links with redundancyin place adequate


. Trained, experienced and committed engineers . Hardware includes Servers, Workstations, Microstations, Desktops, Plotters, Scanners & Printers ' Design Software includesboth proprietary and latestcommercially availabletools like: Process: Htri, Lihou Tech, Hiysis, Pipenet, Flarenet Civil: Staad III & Gt - Sttudl, Speed Icon, Foundation 3d, Sacs Mechanical: Microprotol, Tank, Bjac, Compress Piping: PDS-by Intergraph, CeaserII, Isogen,Marian, Pelican Forge Electrical: Etap, Caneco, Spelec Instrumentation: Intools, Instrucalc, Cable Soft, PDS-Raceways Project Planning: S I 6, Primavera,Janus . Confidentiality ManagementSystems

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Quality objectives govern the way TPIL conductsits businessand the quality system1s as Technipgroup has been selected a componentof as per ISO 9001:2000guidelines. Dow Jones Sustainabilify Index (DJSI) for the sixth consecutive year for having achievedbest performancesin Oil & Gas Sector in terms of sustainabledevelopment. The Index is one of the most widely recogonisedInternational benchmark for assessing a company's sustainabledevelopment. The health & safety aspectsare given greater importance and theseconcemsare taken into accountat the earliest stageduring design and appropriatemeasuresare strictly applied at each stageofproject execution.TPIL is certified for ISO 14000:2004 andOH SAS 1800 1: I 999.

. JAMPehochemical l.4MEthyleneCracker,Iran . QatarPetroleumGastoLiquidComplex . OMIFCO UreaComplex . GNFC -AceticAcidRevamp


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. TOTAL-AKPO-FPSO . NIKO Resources 5.6 MM' / day Dew Point Control Unit, Hazira, India . ChemplastSanmar 4000 T Cap. Ethylene StorageTerminal . Cairn Energy - ProducedWater Re-inj ection Facilities . ChemplastSanmar- 7500 TCap. VCM StorageTerminal . ChemplastSanmar- EDC/VCM/PVC complex in Egypt ESSAR Refinery Expansion Dow Chemical Company,USA LeverageProduction Centre


'MAC House', 4, SardarPatel Road, Guindy, Chennai 600 032, India Tel +91-44-22303 100,Fax:91-44-22300017, e-mail: [email protected]


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