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TECHTOM Flash programming system is a very sophisticated tuning tool for advanced automobile tuners. The system consists with interface unit and control programs designed for specific ECU and car applications. TECHTOM also supplies program to adjust check sum if the application requires. The interface unit connects PC to the OBDII port on the vehicles. The device flash program your modified data into the ECU in few minutes. It is a one of the most flexible and reliable flash programming system available today. Features: Rugged design is tough enough for garage and field use. Easy connection to both PC and vehicle. Simple and straight forward GUI for easy and safe operations. Checks and shows data ID code and check sum as well as battery voltage from the ECU at initialization before reprogramming to prevent trouble of miss choice of data.

New features of Windows version: Better compatibility with newer PCs. Faster uploading time than DOS version. Automatic disconnect from ECU after programming. Long file name support and easier file management

TECHTOM is a leading manufacturer of tuning devices for automobile ECUs in Japan. The company has been producing a variety of products to help engine tuners for 20 years. TECHNOSQUARE is the U.S. based company responsible for the distribution of TECHTOM products as well as localizing their product line to foreign markets and applications.

Following are the most common questions asked by customers. If you have any other question, please contact us. Q. Can I download data from the ECU? A. No. TECHTOM Flash Programming System DOES NOT come with the function to download data from the ECU. Q. How can I get base data to start tuning? A. The original stock program can be obtained from TECHTOM or TECHNOSQUARE. The majority of Japanese and U.S. data is available; however, if you are working on a newer model or are from another region of the world, the data may not yet be available on either TECHTOM or TECHNOSQUARE database. If that is the case, you will have to send the target ECU to TECHTOM for downloading of base data. Q. Is flash software upgradeable? A. In many cases, it is not. Flash programmer software is specifically designed for each ECU. If the manufacturer changes the specification of the ECU (CPU type, memory type or communication protocol) then new software will have to be developed for that particular ECU. Q. Does the system come with instruction? A. A manual is included with the system, however, instruction is limited to the usage of the flash programmer device. ECU tuning and/or data modification instruction is not offered through TECHTOM or TECHNOSQUARE, however, information regarding the actual modification of data and/or tuning of the engine can be obtained by contacting Tadashi Nagata at [email protected] Q. Is there a limitation in number of ECUs I can flash or number of times to flash? A. No. You can flash as many ECUs as you want. Although, there is a hardware limitation in number of time you can flash the ECU by the CPU manufacturer suggests. Q. What are the requirements for the PC and OS? A. PC has to be able to run Windows XP comfortably. We suggest Pentium4 or greater CPU with at least 512M of RAM as minimum specification for the PC. USB port is required for HASP key. A Serial Port (Native COM Port, NOT a simulated COM port from USB device) is a must for connection with interface unit. To avoid any conflict of software and interruption of flash, we suggest that OS should be as clean as possible. We have experienced some difficulty with PCs running multiple programs. Especially software that uses COM port (such as control program or drivers for standalone ECU) is problematic.

Q. What is the HASP key? A. HASP key is a hardware component developed for the prevention of software pirating illegal copy of software. The HASP key must be inserted into the USB port in order to run the control software or Mighty Map, therefore, you should take care not to misplace or damage it. It is also important to note that the HASP key will need to be replaced every 3 or 4 years due to the life of the battery in the unit. The cost to replace HASP key is $450.00. Q. Is there a chance to fail flash programming? What happens to the ECU in that case? A. There are few reasons that you may fail to flash the ECU. The most common one is draining the battery on the vehicle. On some cars, the radiator fan will start running when the ECU goes into the programming mode. If the battery is not fully charged, communication may be interrupted due to the low voltage. The second most common problem is accidental cable disconnection. Another issue of concern is with the PC, should another program hang up or interrupt the process for a period of time. If you do fail to flash the ECU, the ECU will no longer be functional. In some cases, you can send damaged unit to TECHTOM for recovery; otherwise it will be necessary to obtain a replacement ECU from the manufacturer. Q. Can I return the product and get refund if I found it too difficult to use, or it didn't work on our application? A. As each device and software are specially made to order, we do not accept ANY returns. Prior to delivery we will ensure system compatibility for your specific application by verifying ECU part number, CPU type and other vital criteria. We will replace defective products.


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