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Quick Reference Card - Up to speed with Access 2007

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Download a database template

The fastest way to create a database is to download a template from Microsoft® Office Online. Templates are pre-built databases, with the objects, fields, data types, and layouts you need to get started in seconds. 1. On the Getting Started with Microsoft Office Access page, select a template category. 2. From the templates in the category, select the one that suits your purpose. 3. In the download pane, give your database a name in the File Name box. 4. Click Download.

The Ribbon

The Ribbon is organized around common activities. Each Ribbon tab contains the commands you need for that activity, gathered into logical groups. The Ribbon contains two kinds of tabs. One kind is always there: Home and Create, for example. The other kind appear only when they can be used. The tabs for Form Layout Tools

and for Report Layout Tools are visible when you are working in Layout view.

The Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane in Microsoft Office Access 2007 replaces the Database window in earlier versions of Access. To open the Navigation Pane if it is closed, click the double chevron (>>) at the top of the pane title or press F11. To choose what you see in the Navigation Pane, click the downward-pointing triangle in a circle at the top of the pane and choose from the list you see. Object Type is often a useful view. You can open any database object by double-clicking its name in the Navigation Pane. Right-click an object name to see more things you can do.

The Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar lets you customize Access 2007. Put commands that you use frequently on the toolbar so you can find them easily. The more you customize it, the more useful you'll find it. To add any command to the Quick Access Toolbar, right-click the command and click Add to Quick Access Toolbar. To remove any command, right-click it on the toolbar and then click Remove from Quick Access Toolbar. To add or remove several commands at once, right-click the toolbar and select Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

The Microsoft Office Button

Click the Microsoft Office Button


and you'll see:

A menu of basic commands for working with files.

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A list of your recent documents. A button that you click to view and select various program options.

If this menu reminds you of the File menu in previous versions of Access, then you know what to look for here.

Create a table from a template

1. On the Create tab, in the Tables group, click Table Templates. 2. In the list of templates, click the one that suits your need.

Create a form or report

On the Create tab, in the Forms or Reports group, click Form or Report.

Format a form or report and preview the results

After you create a form or a report, you will see Form Layout Tools or Report Layout Tools above the Ribbon. These tools provide tabs that contain commands for changing the look of your form or report. Access shows your changes as you try them out; you don't have to save, and you can make changes instantly. You can use these tools at any time by opening a form or report in Layout view. Use the View command on the Home tab.

Choose the file format that suits your need

For increased security, decreased file size, and useful new features, convert your databases to the Access 2007 .accdb file format. Open the older database, click the Microsoft Office Button and point to Save As. Click Access 2007 Database. To share your work with people who do not have Access 2007, save a copy of your database in and an earlier file format. Open your .accdb database, click the Microsoft Office Button point to Save As. Click Access 2002-2003 Database or Access 2000 Database, depending on what those other people are using. You cannot save an Access 2007 database in an earlier file format if the database uses features that require the 2007 file format. If you try, Access will show you a message including examples of such features. © 2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


Quick Reference Card - Up to speed with Access 2007 - Traini...

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