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GradeQuick Web Super User Recommended Weekly Maintenance

1) Check upload errors--correct any errors. (Elementary can ignore the numerous errors regarding a missing class/user id) a. Sign into Edline as a Super User b. Go to List View, click Upload History. c. Click the link to the most recent upload d. Scroll to the bottom and view the errors i. To correct a name discrepancy, change the name of the user in Manage Users to the "upload name". To do this, click Manage Users. Click Edit next to the existing user. Change the name to the Upload Name. 2) Check duplicate gradebook report--Tools > Teacher Gradebooks > View Multiple Gradebooks Report 2 options: a. Mark the gradebook that is NOT being used for grades so that it does not upload nor read by SiteReporter i. Go to List View and click Classes. Click Show All ii. Click the name of the class iii. Click the word Contents and then click *Gradebooks. iv. Click Edit next to the gradebook you do not want to use v. Uncheck the first 2 boxes. Click Save. b. Delete any duplicate gradebooks after making sure grades have been moved/or there are no grades i. Sign in to Edline as a Super User ii. Click Tools > Teacher Gradebooks > view Multiple Gradebooks Report. iii. Print the report iv. Check with the teacher as to which class is the class they want to delete. If grades are present, move as necessary using Gradebook to Gradebook copy within GradeQuick. v. Delete the duplicate gradebook. 1. Click Classes in List View. Click Show All 2. Click the name of the class 3. Click the word Contents then *Gradebooks. 4. Place a checkmark next to the gradebook you wish to delete and then click Delete. vi. If time is of the essence and you cannot determine which gradebook to delete, hide one of them from SiteReporter by clicking *Gradebooks, Edit, and then uncheck the box for SiteReporter (and Export if Secondary School) vii. To move grades using Gradebook to Gradebook copy: 1. Go to Teacher Gradebooks and click Gradebooks for the teacher and choose Edit mode (Make SURE the teacher is out of GQ) OR if signing in as the teacher, go to GradeQuick Semester 1 2. Sort by student number if there are no names Brevard Public Schools Office of Educational Technology January 27, 2012 Updated 10/4/12

GradeQuick Web Super User Recommended Weekly Maintenance

3. Check to make sure you are copying to a file that has the same students. 4. Choose edit > gradebook to gradebook copy 5. Choose the class to "copy from" and the class to "copy to" and then choose student roster in the "Copy What" window 6. Click the round button for "include student info data, attendance data, seating charts and test scores". 7. Click yes at the warning 8. Click select all when the select students box opens. Click OK 9. Click select all when the select tests box opens. Click OK 10. All the students and grades are now in the file you chose but now you have duplicate students. 11. Delete all students that have no grades. 12. Edit > add/delete student/test > delete students 13. Highlight the ones you want to delete and click ok. 14. Yes for warning 15. Close GradeQuick and then open it up again. All the student names should appear. 3) Check classes/students marked for deletion List View > Classes > Sort by Class Status > Go to last page. a. If any "omitted" classes appear that they have recently been updated, contact the teacher before continuing. b. Tools > Manage School > Classes and Students Not in Previous Upload. c. Delete classes. i. Let the teachers know that what classes have been deleted. ii. If they need any Edline files or grades from the gradebook, inform them that they can copy over any material from the "Old Class Materials" folder. _material.pdf iii. If they need the grades from that class, they should delete the blank gradebook in their new class (click *gradebooks when viewing the Edline class and delete the gradebook) and then copy the gradebook over from Old Class Materials. d. Delete students marked for deletion if they are no longer at your school i. The best way to do this is to print the list and review it with your data entry clerk. ii. If any student on the list is still at your school, their schedule should be corrected in the Student Information System so they will be removed from the list at the next upload. iii. Once satisfied all students on the list can be deleted, click Delete Students Now

Brevard Public Schools Office of Educational Technology January 27, 2012 Updated 10/4/12



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