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HOLLANDIA 500 Service Parts

Hollandia 500 Parts List

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Parts included

Part no. 33S3MR0001

33S3MR0002 33S3MR0003 33S3MR0028 33S3MR0005 33S3MR0006 33S3MR0007 3391077A


Glass panel Glass panel fixation Guide insert Set mechanism LH/RH Seal Trimshell gray + rollo Trimshell beige+ rollo Motor

Price AI

Price Jobber

Price Retail


10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 24 25 N/A


33S3MR0010 33S3MR0011 33S3MR0012A 33S3MR0013 33S3MR0015 33S3MR0016 33S3MR0017 33S3MR0020 33S5MR0002 33S5MR0003 33S5M1005A 33S5MR0004 33S5MR0005 33S5MR0007 33SSLR0000

Sunroof Control Unit Stratos 300 Medium

Cover control panel Upper frame Clamp frame Wind deflector Wire harness Drive cables + Gearwheel/housing Mounting Set Retainer Ring Soft Wrap Edge Finisher Fixed panel assembly set Connecting Cable Interior light set Middle panel set (275mm) Middle panel set (175mm) Set Side Parts Spoiler roof RSR-system

Tool Tool

33S3MR0019 33S3MR0018

Plastic inner template Rubber outer template


Spare parts book

3 pages

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