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TEC® InvisionTM Ready To Use Sanded and Unsanded Caulk


TEC® InvisionTM Ready To Use Caulk, Sanded and Unsanded


FIRST AID MEASURES. In all cases, seek medical attention if symptoms develop or persist. EYES: Flush with water for 20 minutes. SKIN: Wash with soap and water. IF VAPORS INHALED: Remove to fresh air. IF SWALLOWED: Do not induce vomiting. WARNING! This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. For Medical Emergency Information, call 1-888-853-1758. This Product Data Sheet has been prepared in good faith on the basis of information available at the time of publication. It is intended to provide users with information about and guidelines for the proper use and application of the covered TEC® InvisionTM brand product(s) under normal environmental and working conditions. Because each project is different, Specialty Construction Brands, Inc. cannot be responsible for the consequences of variations in such conditions, or for unforeseen conditions.


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TEC® InvisionTM ready to use caulk provides a tough, flexible and water resistant seal. Digitally color matched to TEC Invision Grout colors, it is mold and mildew resistant, and suitable for either interior or exterior use. It contains a special silicone additive to promote greater adhesion and longer life. Dries to a tack free finish in one hour. Meets ASTM C834 standards for exterior grade caulks. Available in both sanded and unsanded versions.


Applicable Standard Meets ASTM C834.

TEC® InvisionTM Ready To Use Caulk, Sanded and Unsanded Description ASTM Requirement Extrudability > 2 grams /sec Low Temperature Flexibility No cracking through to substrate or adhesion loss Extension > 75% recovery and < 25% adhesion loss, with no cohesive cracking Slump < 0.15 inch (3.80 mm) Staining < Stain Index 3 Tack Free Time No material adhering to plastic strip after 1 hour Volume Shrinkage < 30% maximum shrinkage

Tested in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials--ASTM C834

Key Benefits and Features

· · · · · Designed to match TEC® InvisionTM Grouts Caulk is mold and mildew resistant Flexible Paintable with latex paint after fully cured. Interior/exterior use

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10.5 fl. oz. cartridge Available colors: Unsanded: White (36011) Sanded: Camel (36009), Casual Beige (36008), Croissant (36007), Smoke Gray (36010), Vintage White (36006), White (36005)

Physical Properties Coverage

Approximately 25 lineal feet with 1/4 inch bead.

Description Physical State Color Odor Open Time [at 72°F (22°C)] Tack Free Set Time before Water Exposure Set Time before Freezing Temps Wt./U.S. Gallon VOC/Liter Less Water Storage Soft paste Unsanded: White Sanded: 6 colors Nil 20 to 30 minutes 1 Hour 48 Hours 72 hours 12.0 to 13.5 lbs./gallon Sanded: 36 grams (calculated) Unsanded: 27 grams (calculated) Store in cool, dry location. Cartridge spout may be wrapped with plastic tape after opening. Freeze/thaw stable. Thaw gradually before use. Maximum of 18 months from date of manufacture in unopened package.


Store in cool, dry location.

Shelf Life

Maximum of 18 months from date of manufacture in unopened package.


· Do not apply at temperatures below 40°F or above 105°F . · Not for use on shower floors or pans, in steam rooms, in steam showers, swimming pools, or any place that will receive standing water or extreme high humidity. · The caulk can stain other surfaces such as paint and wall paper, so mask these areas prior to caulk application. · If sealing grout, mask over the caulk first.

Shelf Life

product data


TEC® InvisionTM Ready To Use Sanded and Unsanded Caulk


Surface Preparation

Surfaces should be clean and dry. Remove all loose particles, dirt, and old caulk. Ceramic surfaces should be free of soap film and hard water stains.


For details about our limited warranties, see your sales associate or


Technical assistance

Information is available by calling the Technical Service Helpline. Toll Free: 1-866-773-7047 Fax: 1-847-776-4452


1. Trim tip to desired bead size. 2. Load into caulk gun. 3. Apply bead along seam, toward you. 4. Smooth with wet finger or putty knife. 5. Clean off any excess caulk with wet cloth immediately. Color match is complete when caulk is fully cured. Wet sealant will appear lighter in color.

Technical and safety literature

To acquire technical and safety literature, please visit our website at


Clean tools, hands, and excess material immediately with warm soapy water.


Allow to set 48 hours prior to water exposure, 72 hours prior to freezing temperatures. Higher humidity and cooler temperatures will extend cure time.

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